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Damn it Blizz, why do you do this to me? I've felt like my time in WoW has come to an end for quite some time now, as playing an online game just doesn't really have much appeal anymore to me. I've certainly enjoyed playing it over the years but I've also been burnt out for a long time now. I cancelled my subscription. I was finished.

And then you go and do this. I've wanted a turtle mount ever since I saw the ones the Tuskarr had back in Wrath. ;-;

Erggghhhh... this is almost enough to tempt me to come back for Mists. I don't know, maybe I will. Maybe I should just retire my other characters and try starting over again somewhere with a new one. Maybe that would help alleviate my burnout.

For turtles, I might just do it.... >.>

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Wow, I just realized that I never even put up my booklist for 2011 last year. Meh, not that it actually really matters at all but since I do it every year I suppose I might as well do it now.

1. House of Many Ways by Diana Wynne Jones
2. The Magician's Nephew by C.S. Lewis
3. The Ladies of Grace Adieu by Susanna Clarke
4. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis
5. The Horse and His Boy by C.S. Lewis
6. Once Upon A Time In The North
by Philip Pullman
7. Alanna: The First Adventure by Tamora Pierce
8. Dragons in the Stars by Jeffrey A. Carver
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From this site:

This weapon is a bow made of a dark rose-stained wood. It is designed with a solar/dragonfly motif and has been accented with intricate designs and an egg-shaped crystal.

That actually sounds pretty cool, although I have no idea what a solar/dragonfly motif would look like. Hmm...

Also, this:

This weapon is a bubble wand made of gold. It is designed with a comet/stone/dragon motif and has been accented with intricate designs and a round crystal.

A bubble wand? You mean that thing you blow bubbles with? Hunh... well, that would certainly be a different kind of weapon I guess.

Oh what the hell, here's some more since this is rather fun:

This moody knight is female. She has bright orange eyes, a pale complexion, and wavy amber hair neatly braided. She is tall, a bit pudgy, and her duty attire resembles an elaborate police uniform in saffron and purple. Her preferred weapon is a saber and her mission is to stop a megalomaniacal sorcerer and find a powerful artifact. She is a really picky eater and is a horrible artist.

This rebellious knight is female. She has dusty red eyes, a fair complexion, and straight pastel yellow hair worn loose about the shoulders. She is a little tall, quite heavy, and her duty attire is a suit of light armor in pastel colors. Her preferred weapon is a rifle and her mission is to find the four mystic talismans and save a duke. She is terrible at keeping secrets and is a rather poor singer.

This outspoken knight is female. She has dusty blue eyes, a fair complexion, and wavy pastel rose hair worn mid-length. She is tall, quite thin, and her duty attire is a suit of heavy armor in dark colors. Her preferred weapon is an energy sword and her mission is to protect the seven mystic talismans. She tends to gossip too much and is a rather poor singer.

Your magical pet is an average-sized rainbow-colored male moth with the ability to look really frightening. He is a really picky eater, is extremely protective, and is extremely friendly.

How exactly does a moth manage to look frightening? o.O

Your magical pet is a large light gray female rabbit with the ability to turn into a mecha. She tends to be forgetful and is not very curious.

Your magical pet is a huge pastel blue and light gray female cat with the ability to heal injuries. She is very fond of eating and is extremely neat.

This symbol puts you in mind of a question mark combined with a dragonfly and an @. It is drawn with elegant, flowing lines.

This symbol is shaped sort of like an icicle combined with a sickle and a slice of bread. It is quite elaborate in design.

...What the heck would that even look like?

Gif meme

Jan. 26th, 2012 09:55 pm
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You are going on a quest to find the Holy Grail. The 7th gif in your folder is the monarch that asked you to get it, the 8th gif is your trusty steed, the 16th gif is your companion on the quest, and the 9th gif in your folder is your reaction to being successful.

Had to change the numbers since I don't have that many gifs in my folder. Anyway...


Well, this quest is certainly off to a lovely start. Way to show confidence in me there, Your Majesty. ^^;

Trusty Steed

Lol, even Ghirahim wants nothing to do with this quest. Or maybe it's just the idea of being used as a horse substitute that pisses him off...


Yes indeed, we're all so enthusiastic about this mission. Can't you tell?


Lol, that's pretty much the perfect reaction to top it all off.

And another one, just for fun. Changing the numbers again for this too.

Imagine you're back in school! The 6th gif in your folder is your P.E.-teacher, the 20th is your secret crush, the 12th is your prom date, the 34th is the school-bully and 45 is the classclown!
P.E. Teacher

At least he's epic! :D

Secret Crush

...Apparently I'm crushing on all of them. At the same time. o.O

Prom Date

*coughs* Well, he may be jail bait but I can't say I mind at all. >.>

School Bully

Totally the most squishy, adorable "bully" ever.

Class Clown


Your school dance party is coming around!
Your 3rd gif is the trustworthy friend who helps you choose a dress. Your 11th gif is the chauvinist guy who first asked you to go to the dance with him but you refused. Your 19th gif is the shy boy who could never muster up the courage to ask you. Your 29th gif is your actual date. Your 2nd gif is your friend with whom you end up getting really drunk and make out with.

Trustworthy friend

Well, that certainly must have been an interesting shopping trip. XD

Chauvinist Guy

Commander Sisko does not approve of this role.

Shy Boy

...Or monkey, as the case may be. ^^;

Actual Date

...I'm afraid to ask which of them it is.

Made out with

Again, I"m afraid to even ask. XD


Jan. 25th, 2012 01:01 am
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"ah, autism, that explains all of your annoying traits so well. I suggest you hand the blog off to a normal person and go back to the padded cell where you belong."

...And tonight I come across a perfect example of what I was talking about in my last post. I mean seriously, what the hell?! What kind of  person even says this to someone else over some stupid blog? My only hope is that maybe this person is a teenager who will someday grow up and realize what a colossal jackass they were as a kid. :\
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I was just thinking about random stuff today and suddenly realized that I've been on the internet for 17 years now.


Seventeen years. From 1995 to 2012. That's almost half my life so far. I just... wow... it's hard to believe it's been that long....

Has it been worth it? I honestly don't know. It's absolutely amazing how much things have changed since I first discovered that the library computers at my university were connected to the internet. There was no Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, YouTube, Tumblr. LiveJournal, Wikipedia, TvTropes, or whatever the hell else is popular nowadays. Ebay was only just getting started. Amazon wouldn't exist for another year. People mainly talked to each other on message boards or newsgroups. Websites were also really kind of horrible ugly compared to what they can look like today.

But has it been worth it?

There's a lot of great information on the internet. I've learned about things I never would have known otherwise here. Reading fanfic and discussions about fandoms I love has been fun and interesting for the most part. I do have a lot of fond memories from over the years. But I've seen a hell of a lot of ugliness here too. Anonymity brings out the absolute worst in people, without a doubt. People will fight over the absolute stupidest things at the drop of a hat, cursing and foaming at the mouth all the way. I've seen egos the size of galaxies, slurs thrown every which way, depravities of every kind. People seem to think that because it's the internet that means it doesn't matter how they behave. Because the person on the other side of the screen that they're screaming at apparently isn't real and doesn't have real feelings. Or something. I know there are probably plenty of people who act this way in their daily lives as well, but it just seems like this kind of behavior is so much more prevalent and magnified on the internet because it brings together so many people from so many different places.

There are good people here too, of course. The people who band together and start charity drives to help disaster victims, the people who are kind and respectful of others in debates, who show sympathy to the problems and tragedies of others. Too often though they seem to be drowned out by the bad and the jackasses, and it's sometimes so easy to forget that they even exist at all. I know I'm sometimes guilty of that, and then I'll see or read something to remind me that there are a lot of decent people still.

So no, overall I'm still not sure whether my experiences of the past decade+ have really been worth it or not. Maybe all the countless hours I've spent in front of the computer could have been put to better use. Maybe not. I guess I'll never really know for sure.
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Since the WoW forums were down all day yesterday, i spent some time reading The Old Republic forums instead even though I've never played the game.

... Remind me to never, ever do that again. -_-  

I swear, there is just so much whining about how 'Oh noes, LFD finder will ruin everything! Oh noes, dual spec ruin everything! Oh noes, addons ruin everything! EVILEVILEVIL!1!11' I mean, if people don't want to use those things that's perfectly fine. But the selfishness in insisting that no one should have the option of using them and everyone must play the game the way that the naysayers want them to play just drives me right up the damn wall. They complain about how they don't want elitists telling them how to spec or play and yet they then turn right around and try to dictate the exact same thing to others and are completely blind to their own hypocrisy.

Ugh... I shouldn't be surprised though. General forums for MMO's are always a cesspit of stupidity. It's why I tend to stick to realm forums, at least people there have some semblance of sanity.
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So... earthquake happened today. The floor at work started vibrating like crazy and I had no idea what was going on at first. Then I remembered that I felt that happen once before several years ago and realized what it was. The last one I experienced was definitely not a 5.8/9 though.

It's pretty crazy that the effects were felt for hundreds of miles though. I've read that people as far north as Ontario felt it. o.O

I find it hilarious that people from California have felt the need to post and point out that they're still the King of Earthquakes though. Because obviously the rest of the country is incapable of remembering that unless they remind us of it every chance they get. /eyeroll
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So, I saw the final Harry Potter movie tonight with the family and it was pretty awesome! I thought they did a good job of keeping most of the important stuff from the book in. Although I was afraid for a moment there that they were going to change Neville's big moment in killing Nagini, since they moved it back a bit and he got knocked out at first. I was like, "NOOOO! Harry's not supposed to kill it!" and "NOOOO! Ron and Hermione aren't supposed to either!" And then Neville swooped in and whacked its head off and looked really awesome while doing it, so I was happy. :)

And thankfully they also kept in Mrs. Weasley's line to Bellatrix, and the whole scene with Harry realizing he had to die and the Resurrection Stone made me tear up again. The whole battle at Hogwarts was pretty awesome and definitely worth the wait, and so was the final confrontation between Harry and Voldemort. I kinda wish they would have kept it with everyone gathered around watching them instead of them being alone out in the courtyard, but it was still very effective anyway.

So overall, yeah, great movie and a great way to end the series. :)

Edit: Just looked at my post about the first part of the movie from a year ago and realized that my first sentence in both posts is almost exactly the same, word for word. LOL!
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Opening Credits: The Prayer - Josh Groban and Charlotte Church
Waking Up: Life and Death - LOST Soundtrack (... this would be much more appropriate for the death scene :\)
Falling in Love: Riding with Private Malone - David Ball
Fight Song: Final Battle - midi from Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
Breaking Up: Theme of Love - Final Fantasy IV Piano Collection (lol, not very appropriate for a break up >.>)
Prom: Lufia, The Final Reunion - Sonic Blade (fan remix)
Life is Good: Ebay - Weird Al Yankovic
Mental Breakdown: Reflection - Mulan Soundtrack
Driving: Cecil's Jinn and Juice - SquareDance (Project Majestic Mix)
Flashback: Don't Let Go - Breaking Point
Getting Back Together: Crazy For This Girl - Evan and Jaron
Wedding: Melodies of Life - Final Fantasy IX Soundtrack
Night Before the War: Iris - Goo Goo Dolls
Final Battle: Charlie Hangs Around - LOST Soundtrack
Moment of Triumph: Savages (Part 2) - Pocahontas Soundtrack
Death Scene: Ultema, The Perfect Body - Final Fantasy Tactics Soundtrack
Funeral Song: Main Title/Rebel Blockade Runner - Star Wars: A New Hope (Disc 1)
End credits: The Skies of Alexandria - Final Fantasy IX Soundtrack

... I obviously have way too many soundtrack on my playlist. >.>
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... So Peter Falk just died yesterday. As a huge Columbo fan, this makes me very sad. He was a terrific actor, and there's really no one else who ever could have pulled that character off as well as he did. He was also a rather intelligent and interesting person, from what I've seen from interviews with him on that 'Inside the Actor's Studio' show. Unfortunately he developed Alzheimer's several years ago and had forgotten a lot about his career, which is such a shame. At least he died peacefully though.

R.I.P. Mr. Falk. :(
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So I had birthday dinner and watched Tangled with the family tonight. I had never seen it before but it was really great. The animation was stunning and I love all the various expressions the characters go through. Computer animation has come such a long long way since the early days and the range of expressions it can produce now is so lifelike that it's wonderful. There were even a couple of moments where it almost looked like it actually was real. The horse definitely stole the show, but the movie was really funny overall. Especially those scenes in the tower when Rapunzel was trying to stuff Flynn in the wardrobe. XD

The songs were really great too. Especially that reprise of "Mother Knows Best" in the forest, when the mother was challenging Rapunzel to give the crown to Flynn. I was like "Wow, well that was powerful and evil. o_O" And the whole lantern scene and the song there was really beautiful. Heh, kinda made me wish I could experience something like that too. Anyway, yeah, I really liked it a lot. I'll have to get it myself one of these days so I can watch it again.

Also, I'm convinced that Maximus must be related to Prince Phillip's horse, Samson. The two have pretty much the same build and such similar expressions. ^^;

I also got an XBox 360, which I wasn't expecting at all. I have no idea where I'm going to put it though. My room's still a wreck and I don't really feel like trying to figure out what the crap is going on with all the connections I already have in here just to hook up another system. Maybe I'll just put it on the tv downstairs, that might be easier. It's a better tv than the one in my room anyway. Mine is like from... 1993 I think. -_-
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So, just beat Portal 2 this morning. That was a lot of fun and seemed a lot longer than the first game. And I beat Wheatley by shooting a portal onto the friggin' MOON! How awesome is that? xD

It was interesting how many twists and turns there were this time. First GLaDOS comes back to life when I try to escape and puts me through more test, then Wheatley helps me escape from that and we make it to GLaDOS's chamber and perform a core switch so that he's now the one in charge. Then the power goes to his head and he puts GLaDOS in a potato battery and throws us both down a pit into the bowels of the facility. Then I have to rescue potato GLaDOS from a bird while doing more tests from way back in Aperture Science's past. We make it back up to the surface and now have to do Wheatley's tests while trying to get to him so we can do yet another core replacement and put GLaDOS back in charge. Because while she's a sociopath, at least she's not stupid and will stop the facility from exploding. xD

It was really weird having her as a companion when we're mortal enemies, but she pulled me back from the moon and actually kept her word and let me finally escape for real. Although for a second though I thought she double crossed me when I was riding the elevator and it stopped and there were turrets standing there pointing their lasers at me. But then they started singing and everything was okay. ^^;

I feel sorry for Wheatley though... it's not really his fault he went mad with power, and he did his best to try and help me early on. He's rather stupid, but hilariously so. So yeah, overall it was a pretty cool game.
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So after 10 years of this so-called "war on terror", Osama bin Laden is finally dead. On the one hand I say good riddance. He was a horrible person. On the other hand, how is this going to change anything? I bet there's probably already someone stepping up to take his place as I type this. This whole thing is just ridiculous because waging war on terrorists doesn't work. I've heard news reports saying that Al Qaida's influence is even more widespread now than it was back in 2001. Know why that happened? Because of this stupid war. We've been giving the terrorists exactly what they want all this time.

Why this seems to be so impossible for our government to grasp though is beyond me.
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Bought Portal 2 recently on Steam and it's been pretty fun so far. I enjoyed the first game and the second one has some interesting new additions to the puzzles, like the bridges of light and that spring thing on the ground you can bounce off of up into the air. And it's pretty cool seeing how different the facility looks now that it's all destroyed and overgrown, and being able to recognize some of the rooms from the first game. Like the final chamber where I killed GLaDOS, for example. I walked in there and was like "Hey, I know this place!" :)

I also tried out one of the new heroics in WoW today. Well, okay, it's not actually new really, since it was just Zul'Gurub. But the fights are different than before, so I guess that counts as new. I've been having horrible framerate problems since the patch though, to the point where I tried queueing for a dungeon twice before and as soon as I would get in there and a fight would start, my frame rate would drop to nothing and I couldn't do anything at all. Which is not a good thing when you're the healer. -_-;

I disabled some of my addons though, and I guess one of them was the problem because things are working much better now. But anyway, it was pretty interesting seeing the changes in Zul'Gurub but I was also in there for a really freakin' long time too. I ended up in an incredibly patient group though, where miraculously no one started screaming insults or obscenities when we died multiple times or when people died to stupid things like the fire gauntlet. More than once. Or facepulled stupid things, which I was guilty of a couple of times. ^^; But we somehow were finally able to make it to the end and beat the last boss.

It was exhausting being in there for so long, but overall not too bad I guess.
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Heh, you know it's kinda funny. My raid group has spent so much time wiping on Cho'gall but we finally managed to get him down last Sunday for the first time, after wiping at 1%. On Friday we went in again to kill him, and it was a perfect one-shot. :) I think having two Boomkins in our group now has made a big difference in our ability to control the adds. Before they would start rampaging through the melee group at about the third or fourth wave, but now it's so much easier for the ranged to get them down and keep them from hitting anyone.

And being able to successfully two heal that fight makes me rather happy. I've been feeling rather down about priest healing because I'm always way below our shaman and druid on healing done in Recount. Although it seems like everywhere else I read they're always saying that priests outheal most other healers, so apparently I must be doing something horribly wrong to suck this much. But the Cho'gall fight does make me feel a bit better about myself in that regard. I may be mediocre overall, but at least I'm not bad. ^^;

As for anything else going on... I dunno. I saw today that Portal 2 is available to buy on Steam, so I might do that. The first game was pretty cool, although some of those puzzles got frustrating at times.
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So I turned on the t.v. tonight while I was eating supper and it happened to be on a channel showing an episode of Top Model. Not a show I actually watch, but I left it on for a few minutes anyway. People were saying stuff but I was laughing so hard that I couldn't tell what was going on.

...It's like he glued tiny beanbag chairs to his shoulders or something. XDXDXD

And speaking of hilarious things, I also came across a blog recently, Hyperbole and a Half, that has rather hilarious drawings. I laughed so hard at the most recent one about the simple dog's adventure. Especially at the pictures from the dog's point of view. XD
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Spell your full name without an E,F,R,S,K,I,M,L,C,A,Y,N

h Pott

Obviously this means that I'm secretly Harry Potter. >.>

...And yes, I do stupid stuff like this when I'm bored.

Anyway, looks like LiveJournal is a bit more stable lately. Sort of. Still takes a lot longer to load pages sometimes than it normally does. Hopefully this means the people behind the attacks got tired of it and went away or something.

Watch, now I've probably gone and jinxed it. :\
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Geez, LJ sure has been borking up a lot lately. Would be nice if they could get that fixed. :\

Anyway, not much going on as usual. I've been buying LJ Vgifts and sending them to RPers whose threads I've enjoyed lately, and it's actually kinda fun trying to find something that seems appropriate. I thought about sending them logged in but then chickened out and went anonymous instead. ^^; I dunno, I guess I didn't really want to weird anyone out by them seeing some random journal they've never heard of sending them gifts. But it made me smile to do it anyway, and I hope maybe they enjoyed them too.

Raiding tonight in WoW... I don't really feel like it but I have to go. :\ We're trying to get Cho'gall down, but coordination on that fight is kinda hard. Doesn't really help that I have to dps, which I'm not used to doing at all. I hate priest dps... so boring.

Also, the weather's being really weird lately. Last week it was cold enough to snow and this week it' feels like it's in the 80's. Make up your mind already, Mother Nature.
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So I got the original Dissidia a couple of weeks ago and only really got around to actually playing it this weekend... It's kinda an odd game. Not really sure what to say about it either. The story seems to be pretty much "find crystals so you can save the world". You know, typical Final Fantasy stuff. :p

The battle system seems... really friggin complicated though. I'm not sure I really understand it at all. Break and the HP hit I think I get, sorta, but mostly I just kind of push buttons and hope I don't die. :\

I've played through Cecil's story so far, and that was pretty cool. I like how he can easily shift back and forth from Dark Knight to Paladin depending on the kinds of attacks you do. Dark Knight is for ground attacks while Paladin is for air attacks. He should totally be a KH character, using darkness and light in balance like that. :) I like the design of his Dark Knight armor too, it looks really cool. I like the confrontation between him and Golbez throughout the scenario too. Golbez has been called to fight for Chaos's side, but he's obviously not a stone cold villain and still has a connection to Cecil as his brother. Good grief, is he ever tall though. Like a frickin giant. Well okay, granted, he was a giant in FFIV as well but still... o.O

Also, I thought Exdeath was supposed to be a tree or something? But he was a guy in armor when I fought him. I dunno, I never actually got all that far in FFV because it bored me, but I thought I heard that he was a tree... *shrugs*

I'm almost to the end of Cloud's scenario now, and he'll be facing Sephiroth of course. Cloud's been looking for a reason to fight and being his usual emo self about it. I mean seriously, the things he says after every battle... are you ever happy about anything at all, Cloud? -_-; Still, his moves are pretty cool though.

I like how the music for the battles so far has come from the previous Final Fantasy games. I definitely recognized some of the boss battle music from FFIV in there. And the music for each map in Cecil's stage was the overworld theme from his game. Likewise, the map music for Cloud is from his game as well. And his maps seem to have the whole Lifestream thing going on too.

I'm confused about what happened after I finished Cecil's story though... There was suddenly a cut scene and everyone had found their crystals already, and then Cosmos lets Chaos destroy her apparently? What the heck was that about?

But holy crap, Chaos is the same guy who did the voice for Goliath in Gargoyles! That man has the greatest voice ever. <3<3


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