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Damn it Blizz, why do you do this to me? I've felt like my time in WoW has come to an end for quite some time now, as playing an online game just doesn't really have much appeal anymore to me. I've certainly enjoyed playing it over the years but I've also been burnt out for a long time now. I cancelled my subscription. I was finished.

And then you go and do this. I've wanted a turtle mount ever since I saw the ones the Tuskarr had back in Wrath. ;-;

Erggghhhh... this is almost enough to tempt me to come back for Mists. I don't know, maybe I will. Maybe I should just retire my other characters and try starting over again somewhere with a new one. Maybe that would help alleviate my burnout.

For turtles, I might just do it.... >.>

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Bought Portal 2 recently on Steam and it's been pretty fun so far. I enjoyed the first game and the second one has some interesting new additions to the puzzles, like the bridges of light and that spring thing on the ground you can bounce off of up into the air. And it's pretty cool seeing how different the facility looks now that it's all destroyed and overgrown, and being able to recognize some of the rooms from the first game. Like the final chamber where I killed GLaDOS, for example. I walked in there and was like "Hey, I know this place!" :)

I also tried out one of the new heroics in WoW today. Well, okay, it's not actually new really, since it was just Zul'Gurub. But the fights are different than before, so I guess that counts as new. I've been having horrible framerate problems since the patch though, to the point where I tried queueing for a dungeon twice before and as soon as I would get in there and a fight would start, my frame rate would drop to nothing and I couldn't do anything at all. Which is not a good thing when you're the healer. -_-;

I disabled some of my addons though, and I guess one of them was the problem because things are working much better now. But anyway, it was pretty interesting seeing the changes in Zul'Gurub but I was also in there for a really freakin' long time too. I ended up in an incredibly patient group though, where miraculously no one started screaming insults or obscenities when we died multiple times or when people died to stupid things like the fire gauntlet. More than once. Or facepulled stupid things, which I was guilty of a couple of times. ^^; But we somehow were finally able to make it to the end and beat the last boss.

It was exhausting being in there for so long, but overall not too bad I guess.
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Heh, you know it's kinda funny. My raid group has spent so much time wiping on Cho'gall but we finally managed to get him down last Sunday for the first time, after wiping at 1%. On Friday we went in again to kill him, and it was a perfect one-shot. :) I think having two Boomkins in our group now has made a big difference in our ability to control the adds. Before they would start rampaging through the melee group at about the third or fourth wave, but now it's so much easier for the ranged to get them down and keep them from hitting anyone.

And being able to successfully two heal that fight makes me rather happy. I've been feeling rather down about priest healing because I'm always way below our shaman and druid on healing done in Recount. Although it seems like everywhere else I read they're always saying that priests outheal most other healers, so apparently I must be doing something horribly wrong to suck this much. But the Cho'gall fight does make me feel a bit better about myself in that regard. I may be mediocre overall, but at least I'm not bad. ^^;

As for anything else going on... I dunno. I saw today that Portal 2 is available to buy on Steam, so I might do that. The first game was pretty cool, although some of those puzzles got frustrating at times.
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Geez, LJ sure has been borking up a lot lately. Would be nice if they could get that fixed. :\

Anyway, not much going on as usual. I've been buying LJ Vgifts and sending them to RPers whose threads I've enjoyed lately, and it's actually kinda fun trying to find something that seems appropriate. I thought about sending them logged in but then chickened out and went anonymous instead. ^^; I dunno, I guess I didn't really want to weird anyone out by them seeing some random journal they've never heard of sending them gifts. But it made me smile to do it anyway, and I hope maybe they enjoyed them too.

Raiding tonight in WoW... I don't really feel like it but I have to go. :\ We're trying to get Cho'gall down, but coordination on that fight is kinda hard. Doesn't really help that I have to dps, which I'm not used to doing at all. I hate priest dps... so boring.

Also, the weather's being really weird lately. Last week it was cold enough to snow and this week it' feels like it's in the 80's. Make up your mind already, Mother Nature.
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Came very close to rage-quitting WoW entirely last night, after their completely worthless excuse for a random Dungeon Finder put me into Stonecore three effing times in a row. Never mind that there are other dungeons that I'm eligible for. Of course it can't pick one of those. No, every damn time I queue myself it's always like "LOLSTONECORE LOLSTONECORE LOLSTONECORE LOLSTONECORE". I hate that place so much.

So yeah, add to that the fact that I have to wait 15 to 20 minutes for a normal dungeon as a healer and it's pretty much killing my enjoyment of the game. I'm almost to 85, but I'm not sure whether I even want to bother at all or not anymore. I'm probably just going to stop doing dungeons at all, which is a shame because some of the few others I've managed to get into seem pretty cool. Vortex Pinnacle in particular is the prettiest dungeon they've ever done, I think.

But I just don't think I can do it anymore. Because if I get Stonecore one more time, I'm going to have to kill somebody. B(
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I do not even recognize Orgrimmar at all anymore. This is crazy. o_O

I keep getting disconnected every time I try and log into my characters in the Eastern Kingdom though. That's kinda annoying. I'll have to look on the help forums I guess to see if anyone else has the same problem.

I still don't understand why they decided to have the Shattering now. Kinda makes the actual expansion release seem rather anticlimatic... Still, it's nice to have a change at last I guess. Even though it's kinda hilarious how everyone apparently rebuilt their cities in less than a day. XD

I also love how the Pilgrim's Bounty tables are unaffected by the Cataclysm. Who cares about the apocolypse when there's turkey to eat! ;)
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... Why the hell is Garrosh's head suddenly so small? Did he have a bad encounter with a witchdoctor or something? Actually, that might explain why he doesn't seem quite as aggressive as he's been throughout the rest of Wrath. His head got shrunk and his brain along with it, so now he's nicer. XD
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It makes me kinda sad that I haven't felt like playing WoW at all for months now. Sometimes I'll log in and do a few things and then I log off again out of boredom. I felt this way at the end of Burning Crusade too, but for some reason it feels so much worse this time. I'm even starting to wonder whether it's even worth buying Cataclysm or not, since I'm feeling so down about it right now. I... really don't like the changes to the talent trees and I just feel lost every time I log in and just don't want to bother with trying to learn how things work now. So I dunno... I'll probably still buy it anyway just because I actually am interested in trying out worgen. I just hope it will be fun again.

Game stuff

Sep. 7th, 2010 09:55 pm
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So, Birth by Sleep came out today I guess... Haven't got a copy yet, but I probably will one day this week, if I can work up enough energy to go to the store after work. I'm going to have to buy a PSP too though, since I don't already have one. That sucks. :\

I'm a little afraid of playing this game though, mainly for one reason. Ventus. Given the fact that we already know that he looks and, presumably, sounds exactly like Roxas, I'm worried that they're going to end up revealing that Roxas actually is Ven. And that would really bother me on some level. I dunno, it feels almost like it would be diminishing Roxas in some way if he turned out to be someone other than Sora. It's weird and kind of stupid on my part, and maybe there's really nothing to be afraid of. I'm just speculating really, since I've been avoiding spoilers and know nothing at all about the plot of the game. Hopefully it will all make sense once I actually play it.

... Wait, this is Square I'm talking about. Of course it won't make sense. ^^; Oh well, I'm sure I'll enjoy the game overall anyway though.

And speaking of enjoying things, I was rather surprised to find out that Blizz finally released the Echo Isles and Gnomeragan events today. Especially since I hadn't heard a peep anywhere about when they were going to do it. They're going all ninja stealthy on us now apparently...

The Gnomer questline seems to be bugged at one point, so I haven't finished that yet. Taking back the Echo Isles was really cool though. It reminded me of the whole Battle for Undercity, back at the beginning of Wrath. And there were a lot of people there doing it too, so it was even more epic looking :) I couldn't tell what the heck was even happening half the time once the attack began, but it was a lot of fun!
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I'm sure we could have done it a long time ago if there hadn't been so many setbacks with tanks and healers leaving or ninja transferring for friggin stupid reasons, but that's all water under the bridge I guess. I'm just very happy that we finally got it done! There was so much yelling in vent when we got to 10% and all automatically died. ^_^ The whole scene afterwards was pretty cool, including Bolvar becoming the next Lich King. I knew that he would after that scene with Uther and Jaina/Sylvanas in Halls of Reflection, plus the fact that he was even still kicking around at all meant that Blizz had plans for him.

But anyway, yeah, I is happy now that I'm a Kingslayer. Woo!! :D
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So, I decided to try and do at least one dungeon tonight on my paladin for badges and went to Heroic CoS. I've tanked it once before and did fairly well, we even made it to the optional boss with plenty of time to spare. Tonight however was a very different story. Tonight was my first real experience with a really crappy healer. :\

I think I died like at least three times that run. I'd be tanking along and then suddenly notice my health is in the red, and then I die because the healer is doing God only knows what. According to recount he was healing me, but it just wasn't enough. And I don't see how it could have been my fault since I'm well over defense cap for heroics and my gear really isn't lacking. Wasn't making any really big pulls either. I'm glad he eventually dropped group though, 'cause that was just a painful experience all around.
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You and your stupid ass idea of putting pvp into a raid instance can bite me. This is completely effing ridiculous.

Big bunches of nerdrage directed at you from me.

WoW stuff

Oct. 19th, 2009 12:23 am
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Well, I'm glad things are going better on the WoW front now. At least it didn't take me too long to readjust to playing again, and it's nice to be able to raid again. I feel kinda bad for my poor hunter though... She's still in Naxx gear and I apparently suck at dps in general, so she's fallen way behind. I should probably just transfer her over to the Alliance side, but I don't know... she's been Horde for so long at it would feel so strange. :\ Then again, it's not like there's anything really left for me Hordeside. Everyone I used to play with there has moved on, so there's no real reason not to make a faction change. And I can't join a Hordeside raiding guild because trying to raid in two guilds would just be way too stressful. *sighs*

Oh well. I can't even actually afford to make the change now anyway so I have some more time to think about it.
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I reinstated my WoW account tonight, but now I'm having doubts about whether it was the right thing to do or not. :\ I've been wanting to play, and yet when I finally did log in it just felt so weird. I felt completely lost, like I didn't know what the heck I was doing anymore. And I'm irrationally scared of contacting someone from Salvation and asking if I can join the guild. I don't know, it just feels so different all of a sudden and I really wasn't expecting that. Guess I should have though, it's been two months since I last played after all...

*sighs* Well, maybe this feeling will blow over if I give it some time. :\
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I miss playing WoW. I wish I could go in and see what's changed in the two months I've been gone. I wonder if my guild will still have a spot for me? They'll probably end up finding another healer for Group 1 before I can go back, and then I'm not sure what I'll do. I mean, I'm not expecting them to hold a spot for me or anything. It makes perfect sense that they should find someone else who's available to run with them. But if I don't have a spot anymore, I wonder if I'll have any chances at raiding again and finally being able to finish Ulduar? Or even ToC?

*sigh* Guess I'll just have to wait and see...
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I'm kinda worried about what seems to be going on with my Alliance guild recently... Stupid of me, I guess, since I'm not actually even playing right now since I can no longer afford it, but I can't help it. I noticed the other day on the Armory that apparently all the raiders have left the guild and merged with Salvation, and that brings back bad memories of what happened with my old raiding guild back on Exodar... I don't know, I'm probably just being paranoid. We've been raiding with Salvation for quite some time now and they're great people, but then again I once thought the same about Schism, the guild that Zen used to raid with. And when we merged with them, things were great for awhile until the officers had some sort of falling out and everyone from Zen got gkicked without a word of explanation.

Still, I do at least trust the Salvation leaders far more than I did the leaders of Schism. But having been burned before, I can't quite bring myself to really trust guild mergers. And if I can ever afford to play again, I'm not sure what exactly I'll find left when I go back. I just hope everything will be all right. :\
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After being stuck for like a month on Freya, it made me extremely happy to see that my guild got both Hodir and Thorim down on the second night of attempts! Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling well yesterday so I didn't go to the raid. And both of them dropped Conqueror too, damn it. ;_;

Ah well, hopefully they'll drop it for me when I next go in there. After almost never seeing anything other than Vanquisher tokens out of Naxx, it's nice to see that Ulduar loves my class more. ^^;
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Took forever, but I finally did it!

My dinosaur look like he's about to eat the camera though. o.O


Apr. 23rd, 2009 03:06 pm
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Ulduar is turning out to be kind of a pain in the ass. :( We got the Leviathan down without too many problems and it was actually a really fun fight. But we've been beating our heads against the next three bosses for two nights now and it's really getting annoying. In fact, Ari was more pissed off at the end of last night than I've ever heard her before... o.O Can't say I really blame her though.

*sigh* I think the main problem this week was that our group was very melee heavy. The only ranged dps we had on Tuesday was Ari raiding as shadow and last night we had Zy, but that's pretty much it. The rest of the dps were death knights, a rogue, and an enhancement shaman... Imo, that's really making these battles a lot harder than they might normally be. We'll probably get it eventually, our best try on Razorscale was 50% and our best on XT was 38%. But I'm still glad I won't be able to go on Saturday though... I think I need a break before trying again.


Apr. 14th, 2009 02:57 pm
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So it's patch day at last, but for some reason unlike previous times I now have to download the entire patch all at once and it's going to take forever... I don't know, maybe I accidentally changed the game settings so it didn't end up downloading stuff over time like it usually does. Which means I may not even be able to play at all tonight and I'll have to wait even longer to go to Ulduar.

16.8MB out of 742. ;_;

ETA: Okay, I think the crisis has been averted. I went to Blizzard's support page and changed my firewall and router settings the way they said to and now the download is going a heck of a lot faster. It did say 10 hours before and now the current estimate is around 60 mins. Thank goodness for that! ^^;


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