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... Wow, this day was awful. Seventy-six damn articles to xerox and mail tonight and who ended up having to do it? Me. Not to mention that there was an issue to go out to the customer today and yet somehow the team had managed to forget about it and no one output the confirmation pages. I feel guilty because I should have remembered to check what was going on with it sooner, when I noticed that it hadn't been put in the tray to be xeroxed. But then I was busy standing in the copy room with my 70 million articles. :(

Anyway, I'm not sure I even want to go in tomorrow because I'm kinda afraid of what the customer will say when they realize they didn't get their pages on time.

I need to go find something to cheer me up. Or possibly go to sleep...
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OMG I HAS A JOB!!!11!11

Finally got a call from Human Resources lady this morning and I'm scheduled to start on the 26th. I shall no longer be poor and penniless! W00t!
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Damn, how long does it take to make a decision about who gets a job anyway? I thought maybe I would hear something today but it's 5pm now and there's been no word. :( I hope I didn't screw the second interview up... The lady asked what one thing I disliked about my previous job was and I said that entering articles could get annoying sometimes. Entering articles is the main duty of the job though, so I hope I didn't get disqualified on the grounds of that or something. I'm going to be extremely upset if that's the case...

*sigh* I'm so tired of being nervous and waiting...
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Second interview down. She said that she'd let me know one way or the other by at least the end of this week. Now I'm really getting nervous... I don't know if I can make it that long... o.O

Pleeeeaaase let me get the job. Pleasepleaseplease...
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... I just got a call today from an HR person asking me to schedule another interview for the job I applied for. This is the second interview I'll have and I'm so nervous because it's starting to look promising that I'll get the job, but I'm still so afraid I'll jinx it somehow. She's calling back to interview me by phone tomorrow morning, so I guess we'll see how it goes. I hate interviews though. I never know how to answer the questions and always end up bumbling my way through. Well, I managed to make a favorable impression on the first interviewer, so maybe my luck will hold out tomorrow. *crosses fingers*
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I don't know if I should even post about this, because I'm half afraid that I might jinx it... But for the first time in awhile now, I feel like I finally might have some hope. My interview seemed to go pretty well, and Suzanne actually told me about where they were in the interview process and how long I could expect to wait before hearing anything, which is far more than anyone else has ever told me in other jobs I've applied for. I really, really hope that I'll get this one. I have an advantage in that it's basically the exact same job I used to do part time, only now it'll be full-time. But I'm nervous about what other people might be applying for it and if the decision makers will like them better than me. There are only two openings available, so I guess I'll have to wait and see.

If I don't get it though, then I really don't know what to do. Please oh please let me get this job. I don't want to lose the last piece of hope I have left...
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Hunh... well, that was strange. For like five minutes or so, there was some kind of wrestling match playing on every single channel on the t.v., but there was no sound. Apparently someone at the cable company must have fallen asleep on the controls or something. Never seen that happen before, though.

I'm about to fall asleep on the keyboard myself, because this stupid article will not end. I hate it when I have to do all these freakin' equations. Stupid scientists and their stupid scientific journals. Bah.


Mar. 14th, 2007 02:33 am
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I'm beyond angry right now. I'm downright murderous. Windows is a giant pile of horse manure. I just lost six and a half hours worth of work because I accidently hit some random key and the program I was working in started screwing everything up. I didn't have the faintest clue what to do to fix it and I hadn't made a backup file, so now I have no choice but to start over again. I've never had this kind of crap happen when I'm in the MacOS.

You suck, Microsoft. Your OS is crappy and clunky and if I had a choice in the matter I wouldn't ever touch the stupid thing with a 100 foot pole. Unfortunately, I'm stuck with having to use the stupid thing to work. I hate you. And I also hate this goddamned job more than words can express.
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So, it's nearly 4 in the morning and I'm still up because of this stupid 167 page article I was unlucky enough to assign to myself to work on tonight. It's been like, 10 hours since I first started on it, but fortunately I'm almost at the end now so hopefully it won't be too much longer before I finish and I can finally go to sleep. Sooooo tired.... :(

And yes, at the moment I am procrastinating by making this post. I need a break from this stupid job for at least a few minutes.

So, what else..... I haven't been around much recently because I've been obsessed with the Wii version of the newest Zelda game. It's awesome and tons of fun to play. :) I've beaten it now, though, so I guess I ought to move on to the enormous backlog of games that I still haven't beaten yet now.

I also started reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix not too long ago. I'm not even halfway through yet and I loathe Umbridge already. I hope she dies horribly in a fire by the end of it and takes Draco Malfoy with her. I just cannot for the life of me understand why on earth he has such a fan following when he's nothing but a scumbag and a two-dimensional bully. I hate him more and more with every book I read. He had no redeeming qualities at all that I can see. At least with Snape, there's a bit of depth, even though he's as much of a bully as Draco is. I don't like Snape at all, but I do find him interesting and I'm curious to see if he really is one of the good guys or if he turns out to be a double agent.

I hope I'll be able to finish the 5th and 6th books before the last one comes out. I've still got like 600 freakin' pages to go in OotP, and I have no idea how long HBP is. The way the book sizes keep increasing, it wouldn't surprise me if Book 7 ended up being 2000 pages long and came packaged with a miniture wagon to cart it around in. :p

Anyway, enough procrastinating, I guess. Time to get back to the grindstone.
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Errghh.... Why is it that every potential job offer I've had recently (all three of them) has ended up being for a call center? I don't want to work at a freakin' call center! I can barely even talk to people through writing, so there's no way I would survive for long if I had to talk to customers on the phone all the time. Plus, I've read the horror stories about stupid customers enough times to know that I don't want to have to deal with that crap. :(

*sighs* There is a small bright spot, though. I got an e-mail recently from the company I was working for before, saying that a new project was starting up and they needed more people to help out with it. It's still only a part-time job, and I think the assignment is only supposed to last 'til March, but at least I'll be getting money for it so that's something at least. I'm supposed to start training for it next week.

However, now my car is in the shop because the air compressor for the air conditioning unit is apparently screwed up and has been making rattling noises. The shop told me it would cost over $1000 to fix it. The guy told me he could disconnect it instead, though, so it wouldn't work at all, so I told him to go ahead and do that since it's not like I need air conditioning in the middle of winter or anything. I'll get it fixed next year when I hopefully have more money. And apparently I've got an oil and antifreeze leak somewhere, too. Damn it.
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Still absolutely nothing happening on the job front. I'm kinda depressed now. I send applications in and apparently they all go directly into the trash or something 'cause no one even bothers giving me the time of day. Maybe it's cause I never graduated from college and can't do anything particularly useful. I don't know. I just don't know what to do. :(

Also, I just finished watching an interview with Terri Irwin a few minutes ago, and that made me sad. If ever there were two people who were truly made for each other, it was Steve and Terri. But she's a real trooper and she managed to hold together fairly well while talking about their life together and their children, even though it was obvious how devestated she was. Poor gal. :(

Anyway, in less depressing news, I'm currently reading The Professor and the Madman by Simon Winchester, about the making of the Oxford English Dictionary. It's really pretty interesting. I remember hearing somewhere before about how a patient at an insane asylum had helped make the dictionary, but I never knew the full story before or about how much work and time actually went into making the thing.

Holy cow!

Sep. 1st, 2006 02:41 pm
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I just got a call a little while ago from someone who saw my resume on and wanted to talk to me about an administrative position. I wasn't here when the call came, but I just called her back a few minutes ago and she wasn't at her desk. So now I'm extremely nervous and wondering if it will be a job opportunity that I'll actually be any good at or what.

Now I'm getting even more nervous because this is the first potential job offer I've gotten period. I've been without a job for so long that I'm just about ready to scrub toliets with toothbrushes if it means I'll get some money out of it.
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::contemplates smashing computer with sledgehammer and shooting self in head for good measure::

There are times when I really, really hate this job.
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I've been thinking about this lately, and I was just wondering... do you guys think it would be horribly selfish of me to ask for people to send me bookmarks? I know that people would probably be happy to donate things if I had a kid and needed them for a school project or something, but since I don't and I just want them for my own collection, I wasn't sure if it would be appropriate to ask or not. And just to be clear, I wouldn't be asking for people to spend money on me. You can usually get bookmarks free from the public library or sometimes from non-chain bookstores, or even if you just have unused one lying around the house, that would be cool too. I was just hoping that maybe I'd be able to get some bookmarks from places that I'll probably never be able to visit myself, because the regional kind are always my favorite. But if you guys think it would be too much to ask, I'll just drop it and move on, no harm done.

In other news, work has been kicking my ass lately and I haven't felt like doing much else but sleeping afterwards. I'm very quickly learning that working from home is not as great as it sounds at first. :p And I know I've said this a billion times before, but I feel so bad about posting again when there are comments from my other posts that I still haven't gotten around to responding to. I swear, one of these days I'm really going to have to pull my act together, because I've been completely scatterbrained for months now. *sighs*
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Well, I finally know the answer about the work situation. Turns out that I'm still not working quite fast enough or accurate enough to be considered for full time yet. They say that I'm doing fine for a part-timer, but I'm still making a few too many mistakes and forgetting to do things that I should. Which is frustrating since I have been trying to improve my accuracy for months now, and yet there always ends up being something that I forget, no matter how thourough I think I'm being. And the other part of the problem is my own fault really, because I've found that it's way to easy for me to get distracted while working from home. I need to start trying to concentrate more and put in more hours, and then maybe the rest will eventually fall into place.

Also, I've started entering icon contests lately, just for fun. I've finally gotten to the point where I think my skills are good enough for the challenge, even though I still don't have the ingenuity a lot of other icon makers have. I haven't won anything yet, but there are still two that haven't ended yet so we'll see. But mainly I did it just to see if I could, not because I really thought I'd win. :)

And finally, a music meme from [ profile] sharelle, with added song links because I like sharing things regardless of whether anyone else is interested or not. ;)

My Recent Song Interests )
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Gah! I can't believe it's August already! Only a month left to the con! Now I'm starting to get really nervous. If I wasn't spending my own money on this thing, I might have chickened out by now and just stayed home. The fact that I'm making the trip by myself, in spite of my extreme shyness, is quite clearly a sign that I've completely lost my mind. :P

I also got a new job recently. Sadly, it's still just a part-time job but hopefully I'll be able to work a full 6 hours everyday instead of the 3 to 5 hours I've been getting from my old job lately. Our company recently got a job from a government contractor to convert a whole bunch of printed manuscripts into an online format so they can be put into a searchable database. If we do a good job with the first batch that they send us, then we'll probably be getting more of the same, and some of it might even be the classified stuff with required background checks and everything. This is potentially a very big break for our company and could mean more jobs in the future, maybe even full-time ones, because obviously all this sensitive Government material can't be outsourced overseas. So that's what I'll be doing from home and I've been in training for it for the past week. It's been pretty interesting so far, although the article I was practicing on today was very annoying because it had 130+ references that I had to spell check and code. Talk about tedious. Ugh.
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Why is it that everytime the other girl who helps log articles in is off for the night, I end up getting slammed with work? We've barely had anything at all come in in the night delivery this week, and now all of a sudden I end up with 40 some articles to do by myself. Not that I'm really complaining about having work to do, because, hey, money. But I just wish they could have distributed the articles out more evenly over the week instead of sending a large bunch all at once. Thank goodness today is Friday, or else I'd probably be here most of the night.

Ehh, don't mind me. I'm just taking a break to try and inflate my post count since I'm so close to having 200. Only 1 more left to go! And I swear I'll get to any previous comments I haven't responded to tomorrow. I have been so horrible at being timely lately. ::goes on major guilt trip::
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Remind me to never complain about work being slow again. I ended up getting slammed with manuscripts last night, and the other girl who normally comes in is sick so I'm the only one left to do them. And yes, I'm procrastinating right now by posting this. But I've been here for at least 9 hours so far, so I think I deserve a bit of a break. I'm also kind of sad at the moment. I found out when I came in this afternoon that one of my co-workers died suddenly yesterday. Apparently he had either a stroke or a heart attack. I didn't really know him very well, but I saw him every day since his desk is just one row over from mine. It's just strange to think that I'll still be walking past there all the time, but he'll never be coming back.

Back to the grind now. :(
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Guess what I just found while cleaning up my room? A notice telling me that my vehicle registration expired in December. Yep, I've been merrily driving with illegal plates for the last month. ::headdesk:: Thank goodness I haven't done anything to draw the attention of the cops to it. I just paid my fee online at the DMV website, though, so hopefully my new stickers will be here soon. I swear, it's times like this that make me think that I need a new brain. Or at least someone to manage my life for me, since I'm apparently incapable of doing it myself. :p

Oh and speaking of cops, I went to the front door yesterday morning to see if our cat wanted to come in and found 4 police cars parked on the street. Apparently something was going on at the house next door to us, but I couldn't tell what. I'm still not sure what that was all about, but at least there's no crime scene tape or anything, so it couldn't have been too serious. Or at least I hope not.

My boss came up to me on Friday and asked if I would start working from 4 to 8 to help out another team, which was getting slammed with work. Since the manuscripts that come in to my team are drying up fast and most days I usually run out of stuff to do by 2 or 3, I agreed to do it, even though I don't particularly want to work on the night shift. But I figured maybe it wouldn't hurt to do it for awhile at least, until I can find another job. I was going to go in around 2:30 or 3 this afternoon, but my mom called to say that I shouldn't come in until 7. They couldn't get ahold of the girl who's supposed to train me to ask her to come in early, so now I have wait until she gets in at her usual time, which is around 7. Ugh. I'm starting to regret my decision already. :(
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Ahh, Rabbit Hole day was so much fun! There's been so much bad moodiness and kerfuffles going around lately, that I think a day of crazyness was just what LJ needed. Unfortunately, everything's back to normal today, and my worries are back again.

Work-related Angst )


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