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I quit my job today. It's a job that I completely despised because it was so boring, so I'm not sorry that I did. But I don't know what to do now. I'm hardly qualified to do anything. I never graduated from college because I hated that. I have no goals, no ambitions in life. No one wants to hire me for anything it seems. What's the point of even trying. I'm completely useless.
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Hunh... well, that was strange. For like five minutes or so, there was some kind of wrestling match playing on every single channel on the t.v., but there was no sound. Apparently someone at the cable company must have fallen asleep on the controls or something. Never seen that happen before, though.

I'm about to fall asleep on the keyboard myself, because this stupid article will not end. I hate it when I have to do all these freakin' equations. Stupid scientists and their stupid scientific journals. Bah.
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Errghh.... Why is it that every potential job offer I've had recently (all three of them) has ended up being for a call center? I don't want to work at a freakin' call center! I can barely even talk to people through writing, so there's no way I would survive for long if I had to talk to customers on the phone all the time. Plus, I've read the horror stories about stupid customers enough times to know that I don't want to have to deal with that crap. :(

*sighs* There is a small bright spot, though. I got an e-mail recently from the company I was working for before, saying that a new project was starting up and they needed more people to help out with it. It's still only a part-time job, and I think the assignment is only supposed to last 'til March, but at least I'll be getting money for it so that's something at least. I'm supposed to start training for it next week.

However, now my car is in the shop because the air compressor for the air conditioning unit is apparently screwed up and has been making rattling noises. The shop told me it would cost over $1000 to fix it. The guy told me he could disconnect it instead, though, so it wouldn't work at all, so I told him to go ahead and do that since it's not like I need air conditioning in the middle of winter or anything. I'll get it fixed next year when I hopefully have more money. And apparently I've got an oil and antifreeze leak somewhere, too. Damn it.
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::contemplates smashing computer with sledgehammer and shooting self in head for good measure::

There are times when I really, really hate this job.
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Ahh, Rabbit Hole day was so much fun! There's been so much bad moodiness and kerfuffles going around lately, that I think a day of crazyness was just what LJ needed. Unfortunately, everything's back to normal today, and my worries are back again.

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Jan. 13th, 2005 07:08 pm
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I'm rather annoyed right now. Last night, the t.v. schedule said that Lost was being pre-empted in favor of a college basketball game, but supposedly it would be bumped to the 1 a.m. slot. So my dad stayed up to hit the record button at 1 o'clock and then went to bed. This morning, he checked the recording and found that it was of some other show entirely. And then we found out that Lost actually was shown at its normal time after all, and the basketball game was moved somewhere else. So now I've got to download the daggone thing, and probably won't get to watch it until tomorrow at the earliest. And now I've got to try my best to avoid the spoilers all over my friends list, which seem to be more numerous than usual so I'm guessing that it was a really good episode. Damn. Stupid tv scheduling people. :p

I also woke up sick this morning, probably because I left my fan blowing on me all night. So I've just been laying around all day either sleeping or reading Little Women. I've loved that book ever since I was a kid and my mom gave me the copy that she had had since she was young. Unfortuantely, I read that one so much that the cover eventually fell off of it, so I had to buy a new copy before I destroyed the old one anymore. I think reading older stories is more interesting than reading newer ones in some ways, because it's rather fascinating to get a look at how people used to live long ago and see how the writing styles differ from the way they are today.
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Oh God, I don't want to go back to work tomorrow. The end of last week was absolutely horrible. We had well over forty articles on the shelf to do and only two of us available to process them all on Thursday. Friday wasn't much better. There weren't quite as many articles, but all the ones I tried to work on ended up having problems and I ended up getting so frustrated that I came close to crying. I obviously don't deal very well with stress. :P

So anyway, that's why I've been so quiet the last couple of days. I've been trying to avoid the computer and spending my time watching the Olympics and reading instead. And seriously considering the idea of taking a week off from work soon before I end up exploding.

I also noticed that I seem to have a new friend now. *waves hello to [ profile] freak_momma* I'm a bit confused as to why, since this is the first time someone has friended me without me friending them first, but I certainly don't mind in the least. :)
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I've been in a seriously foul mood lately. I found out a few days ago that the copy of Wednesday's Angel episode that I downloaded was missing the memory flashback scene, so ever since then I've been trying to download what I thought was another version to see if it had the missing scene. Simple, right? *rolls eyes* Yeah, right. First, there was the loading time from hell. Seriously. The speed I was getting was so excruciatingly slow that it made Chinese Water Torture look like a fun and pleasant way to spend an afternoon. Then when it finally gets over 50% complete, the entire download decides to crap out on me and refuse to reconnect to the server at all. I've been fighting with this stupid thing for three damn days, and when it finally finished downloading today? The same scene was still missing. *bangs head repeatedly against wall*

Anyway, sorry for the whining, but I just had to get that out of my system.


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