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So, just beat Portal 2 this morning. That was a lot of fun and seemed a lot longer than the first game. And I beat Wheatley by shooting a portal onto the friggin' MOON! How awesome is that? xD

It was interesting how many twists and turns there were this time. First GLaDOS comes back to life when I try to escape and puts me through more test, then Wheatley helps me escape from that and we make it to GLaDOS's chamber and perform a core switch so that he's now the one in charge. Then the power goes to his head and he puts GLaDOS in a potato battery and throws us both down a pit into the bowels of the facility. Then I have to rescue potato GLaDOS from a bird while doing more tests from way back in Aperture Science's past. We make it back up to the surface and now have to do Wheatley's tests while trying to get to him so we can do yet another core replacement and put GLaDOS back in charge. Because while she's a sociopath, at least she's not stupid and will stop the facility from exploding. xD

It was really weird having her as a companion when we're mortal enemies, but she pulled me back from the moon and actually kept her word and let me finally escape for real. Although for a second though I thought she double crossed me when I was riding the elevator and it stopped and there were turrets standing there pointing their lasers at me. But then they started singing and everything was okay. ^^;

I feel sorry for Wheatley though... it's not really his fault he went mad with power, and he did his best to try and help me early on. He's rather stupid, but hilariously so. So yeah, overall it was a pretty cool game.
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Bought Portal 2 recently on Steam and it's been pretty fun so far. I enjoyed the first game and the second one has some interesting new additions to the puzzles, like the bridges of light and that spring thing on the ground you can bounce off of up into the air. And it's pretty cool seeing how different the facility looks now that it's all destroyed and overgrown, and being able to recognize some of the rooms from the first game. Like the final chamber where I killed GLaDOS, for example. I walked in there and was like "Hey, I know this place!" :)

I also tried out one of the new heroics in WoW today. Well, okay, it's not actually new really, since it was just Zul'Gurub. But the fights are different than before, so I guess that counts as new. I've been having horrible framerate problems since the patch though, to the point where I tried queueing for a dungeon twice before and as soon as I would get in there and a fight would start, my frame rate would drop to nothing and I couldn't do anything at all. Which is not a good thing when you're the healer. -_-;

I disabled some of my addons though, and I guess one of them was the problem because things are working much better now. But anyway, it was pretty interesting seeing the changes in Zul'Gurub but I was also in there for a really freakin' long time too. I ended up in an incredibly patient group though, where miraculously no one started screaming insults or obscenities when we died multiple times or when people died to stupid things like the fire gauntlet. More than once. Or facepulled stupid things, which I was guilty of a couple of times. ^^; But we somehow were finally able to make it to the end and beat the last boss.

It was exhausting being in there for so long, but overall not too bad I guess.
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So I got the original Dissidia a couple of weeks ago and only really got around to actually playing it this weekend... It's kinda an odd game. Not really sure what to say about it either. The story seems to be pretty much "find crystals so you can save the world". You know, typical Final Fantasy stuff. :p

The battle system seems... really friggin complicated though. I'm not sure I really understand it at all. Break and the HP hit I think I get, sorta, but mostly I just kind of push buttons and hope I don't die. :\

I've played through Cecil's story so far, and that was pretty cool. I like how he can easily shift back and forth from Dark Knight to Paladin depending on the kinds of attacks you do. Dark Knight is for ground attacks while Paladin is for air attacks. He should totally be a KH character, using darkness and light in balance like that. :) I like the design of his Dark Knight armor too, it looks really cool. I like the confrontation between him and Golbez throughout the scenario too. Golbez has been called to fight for Chaos's side, but he's obviously not a stone cold villain and still has a connection to Cecil as his brother. Good grief, is he ever tall though. Like a frickin giant. Well okay, granted, he was a giant in FFIV as well but still... o.O

Also, I thought Exdeath was supposed to be a tree or something? But he was a guy in armor when I fought him. I dunno, I never actually got all that far in FFV because it bored me, but I thought I heard that he was a tree... *shrugs*

I'm almost to the end of Cloud's scenario now, and he'll be facing Sephiroth of course. Cloud's been looking for a reason to fight and being his usual emo self about it. I mean seriously, the things he says after every battle... are you ever happy about anything at all, Cloud? -_-; Still, his moves are pretty cool though.

I like how the music for the battles so far has come from the previous Final Fantasy games. I definitely recognized some of the boss battle music from FFIV in there. And the music for each map in Cecil's stage was the overworld theme from his game. Likewise, the map music for Cloud is from his game as well. And his maps seem to have the whole Lifestream thing going on too.

I'm confused about what happened after I finished Cecil's story though... There was suddenly a cut scene and everyone had found their crystals already, and then Cosmos lets Chaos destroy her apparently? What the heck was that about?

But holy crap, Chaos is the same guy who did the voice for Goliath in Gargoyles! That man has the greatest voice ever. <3<3
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I just beat Twilight Princess this morning! I'm very sad now that the game was over, because it was so awesome and such fun to play. The ending was rather sad, too, with Midna saying goodbye and destroying the Mirror of Twilight once and for all. The last fight with Ganondorf was pretty cool, though. I like his new design, he looks very intimidating and evil. And then he turned into a giant demonic pig who ran me over a lot while I was trying to shoot his forehead with arrows. :p There were several part to the battle, and by the time I got to the last one I had used up both my potions, so I was kinda worried I might end up dying. But fortunately it all turned out okay.

I haven't been posting a game log like I did with Suikoden because... well, I don't know why, really. Maybe I'll make some more posts soon about what my favorite parts of the game were.


Jan. 24th, 2007 01:03 am
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Twilight Princess is awesome! The graphics are gorgeous and I love the character designs. It's also been quite funny in parts, like near the beginning with some of the things the townspeople would say. And the twilight world is pretty cool and otherworldly looking. That Midna chick is really strange though. She agreed to help Link escape when he was imprisoned in the castle, but she's obviously got some other goal in mind, too. Speaking of the twilight world, though, being a wolf for awhile was really cool. :) And it's interesting how when I freed the light spirit of the forest, he said something about how Link had the power of a previous hero sleeping inside him, and that it had now awakened. Apparently it was because of that power that he turned into a wolf in the twilight world instead of a spirit like everyone else. Y'know, actually that kind of reminds me of that dark world place in A Link to the Past, where Link would turn into an animal unless he had a special item with him that would let him keep his human shape. Not exactly the same thing, but similar.


Jan. 22nd, 2007 11:39 am
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Brian and Mariah were finally able to get ahold of a Wii for us! Now I just need to go out and get Twilight Princess so I can finally play it. :) And it's great that there's finally a system that Mom and Dad can play with ease again. They haven't played any video games at all since the days of the Atari 2600. Mom's certainly excited about it.
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So... anyway, I got a DS Lite for Christmas. It's pretty neat, although I don't really have any games that actually require using the touch screen feature, yet. Right now I have Children of Mana and Final Fantasy III. The graphics in Children of Mana are really pretty, and I like how the intro and the cut scenes make use of both screens for showing the visuals. In fact, gameplay makes use of both screens too, with the map of the dungeon on the bottom one and the actual playing part up top. I was rather surprised that you get to use the elemental spirits and Flammie so quickly in the game, though. That's definitely a lot different than in Secret of Mana.

As for Final Fantasy III... eh, I guess it's okay so far. I'm not thrilled with how there's no shop anywhere so far that sells any Phoenix Downs. The graphics are fairly nice, but extremely pixalicious if you try and zoom in close, which is kinda annoying. I hope maybe the game'll get more interesting once I can move out of the small area I'm stuck in now and build up some more spells or whatever. It's strange... I grew up on the old NES and SNES Final Fantasys, but the remakes of the old ones that never made it over here the first time around just don't really seem to do much for me. To me that's proof that old school ought to stay where it belongs, in the past.
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So, I went out with my relatives last night to see the new James Bond movie. I've never actually been much of a Bond fan, mainly because all the political spy stuff goes right over my head and the movies usually drop you into middle of the action at the beginning without explaining what the heck is going on. This movie wasn't any different, so I spent most of it being horribly confused about who the heck all of these bad guys were and what they were trying to do. Still, it's a pretty good movie. The chase scenes are all very exciting, and I think the new guy (I think his name is Daniel Craig?) does a good job as Bond. I enjoyed it. :)

And before we went to the movie, my brother invited everyone over to his house to see his new videogame system, the Nintendo Wii. He got our parents, who haven't played a video game since the days of the Atari 2600, and our aunt and uncle to play the Wii Sports game, and they really enjoyed it. The controllers for the system are so easy to use and intuitive that anyone can get into it easily. I bet my grandparents would have liked to play it too, if they were still alive today. Especially Nani, since she used to play PacMan all the time and had a higher score at it than anyone else in the family. I bet she would have loved the Wii bowling game. :)

The weather here has finally turned cold again after feeling like spring for a week, and everyone in the neighborhood has their Christmas decorations out. Except for us, because we're apparently slow like that. Personally, I wish the year would just hurry up and end already. I always get depressed and sluggish at this time of year, and I'm tired of it. And it's not really helping my mood that my current part-time job is so frustrating and draining. I'm just so tired all the time lately that I'm having a hard time keeping up with anything. I've actually been having a hard time keeping up with my LiveJournal friendslist for months now, and it's only gotten worse lately. I feel like such a horrible LJ acquaintance for not really commenting on anyone's posts for so long. :(
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Damn you, Raven! Why the hell did you have to go and die in battle? I was so close to victory too! Now I've got to do the whole thing over again. *grumbles*

Speaking of Raven, his recruitment was rather amusing. He was the one who was going around stealing the family trees of nobility. I told Oboro about it, and he told me that he had caught Raven before, so he would help me catch him again. We used Egbert's family tree as bait and trapped him in the storeroom, and then he said he would join only if Oboro begged him to do it. So Oboro did, without any hesitation. That took the wind out of Raven's sails. :) Oboro said he had no use for shame, so begging wasn't humiliating to him at all. Hee!

I also found out more about Oboro, Sagiri, and Shigure when I took them to see Nakula in Sable. Nakula was a captured Armes soldier who was looking to avenge the death of his father, who was murdered by Nether Gate. It turns out that Sagiri was the one who killed him, and that Shigure and Oboro are former members of Nether Gate as well. Now I really want to know more about their backstory, and how they eventually quit the cult. That would make a great fanfic, I think.

So anyway, the night before the Queen's Campaign, I ran around and talked to everyone who was left in the castle. Kyle asked me where Sialeeds was, which disturbed me. I found out where some of the others were from by talking to them: Cius is From Doraat; Roy, Faylen, and Faylon are all from Rainwall; Takamu is from Sol-Falena; Marina was born in Stormfist (and Egbert too, of course); and poor Belcoot doesn't know where he's from since his earliest memories are of being a slave.

Roy and Lyon had a scene together too, where he told her she should come with his decoy group instead of the real Prince, so it would be easier to fool the enemy. Poor boy obviously has a crush on her. :) He definitely wasn't too happy when she turned him down.

And this part when Zerase said she'd go with Roy's group made me laugh:

Roy: I guess I'm glad for the help, lady, but how about a little respect here?
Zerase: Try earning it.


And then, when I had the Prince go to bed, I finally found out where Sialeeds was. Dolph appeared in the castle grounds and she told him that it was working just like he said it would and asked what they should do next. ..... Oh Sialeeds..... why? Why do you have to turn against me like this?! ;_; I just don't understand. She's been solidly on the Prince's side all this time..... what on earth could Dolph have said to her to make her work with him at all?
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Hee! Georg was eating a piece of cheesecake in the cut scene with Boz after we got back from Nirva Island. That's too awesome. :)

So, the Godwins went through with the coronation, and now Lymsleia is Queen. And I tell you, watching Gizel walk with her down the aisle towards the throne and holding her hand was more than a little creepy. Both Lym and Miakis looked devestated, poor girls. They were obviously hoping the Prince would be able to save them before it came to this. And Gizel needs to stop wearing that Commander of the Queen's Knights uniform, because it looks rather good on him, and since I hate his guts I don't want to find him attractive in any way. Also..... I really hope that they're not actually married now as well. That would be way too much for me to handle. *shudders*

I ran around and collected Stars for awhile after that, and had another run-in with Euram in Haud. He had hired Isabel and Mathias of the Maximillian Knights to kill me, but fortunately Isabel was smart enough not to believe his version of events and turned against him. What's up with Mathias and his obsession with dumping corpses into bodies of water, though? He's one really weird guy.

After that, Lucretia suggested our next move would be to keep pushing westward and take Doraat, which was the Godwin's second greatest stronghold. She sent Taylor, Oboro, Shigure, and Sagiri ahead to spread the truth about the Lelcar fire amongst the townspeople and get them worked up about it. Then, when we came to attack the town, Oboro and company sent up a big plume of smoke, which made the townspeople think that the Godwins had betrayed them just like they did to Lelcar, and they all started fleeing and scattering the enemy troops. One thing I didn't expect, though, was that Alenia had the Twilight Rune. As soon as she used it on us, everyone was like "Oh crap!". Zerase was furious that someone so unworthy was in possession of it and insisted on coming with me to confront Alenia once we got inside the city.

Actually, the battle with Alenia wasn't quite as bad as I expected, which I'm grateful for because I couldn't find a save spot anywhere and didn't want to have to do the whole thing over again if I lost. And I'm extremely glad that I put Belcoot at the head of my formation, 'cause that man can block and counter like nobody's business. :) I panicked when Alenia used the Twilight Rune again, but all it ended up doing was putting Lorelai to sleep. Whew! I guess she couldn't use the full power, like Zerase said, because she chose the rune and it didn't choose her.

Dolph came swooping in out of nowhere before we could capture Alenia and carried her away, and when we chased after them we found Miakis guarding the door. She wouldn't let us pass because she said all she had left now was being a Queen's Knight, and I ended up having to duel her. I misjudged some of her attacks and came close to losing, but managed to pull through. I just about lost it during the scene afterward, though, when Miakis was crying and apologizing to the Prince for failing to protect Lym, and he just hugged her. So very sad. ;_;

And, umm, also Sialeeds ran into Dolph in Doraat (she had gone around the back of the fortress to try and make sure no one excaped), and then back in our castle afterwards she seemed rather distracted. I wonder what exactly happened in that encounter?

I've got to talk to Zerase now to try and find out what she knows about the Twilight Rune. She seems to be the all-knowing Leknaat replacement in the game. Or heck, she could actually be Leknaat in disguise for all I know. Hopefully I'll find out soon.


Apr. 19th, 2006 10:17 pm
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So, Leknaat finally showed up. Apparently the use of the Twilight Rune has kicked the destiny of the Sun Rune into motion, which is what caught her attention. And she got Zerase to give my my Star Stone, so now I finally have the list of everyone's names. Those two seem to know each other, too. I wonder what their connection is?

On our way back down, we ran into Georg in the hallway and Miakis tried to attack him. It seems that she actually saw him kill Arshtat. That was.... hard to hear, even though I already suspected as much. I had figured that that was what Ferid asked him to do back in the beginning, if Ferid couldn't do it himself. He must have been afraid that someday the Sun Rune would take his wife over completely and he would have no choice but to stop her before she destroyed everything. But....if Georg killed Arshtat, then how did Ferid die?

And Lym.... Oh, Lym...... She's going to fight against her brother herself now to try and end the war. She feels that now that she's Queen, her first duty is to ensure peace for her people, even if it means helping the Godwins to win. Poor girl. ;_; And unfortunately Gizel confirmed that they are indeed husband and wife now. Although.... well, okay my immediate reaction to that is "Yuck!", but it could certainly make an interesting fanfic told from Lym's perspective. I mean, what would it feel like to by 10 years old and suddenly find yourself married to a 23 year old man and being the queen of an entire country as well?

ETA: I just remembered something else... Both Kyle and a random guy in the castle have mentioned that Bernadette looks familiar, but they can't place where they've seen her before. The random guy thinks he might have seen a painting somewhere that looked like her..... Hmmm..... I wonder if Oboro can dig up anything about that...... She is from the Island Nations, so maybe she's related to Ferid somehow?
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So, I wasn't sure what else I should do, so I headed up to the war room and found that Georg was back. He had brought the news about Lym's upcoming coronation and how the Godwins had invited delegates from the neighboring nations to attend, hoping to get their support. Lucretia said that we should try to get to the Island Nations ambassador first, because since it was Ferid's homeland it would be a tragedy if the Prince had to fight against them. (And by the way, Sialeeds was there in the war room, so I guess I don't have to worry for now. Whew...)

So Georg decided to come with me (YAY! It's about time!) and Boz provided us with a ship to get to Nirva, which is a halfway stopping off point between the islands and Falena. The scene on board ship with Lyon and the Prince looking extremely ill was hilarious! Ahh, Georg, how I've missed your snarkyness. :)

Admiral Skald Egan is quite funny, and he certainly knows how to use reverse psychology effectively against his daughter. When dealing with the pirates who have barricaded themselves in the lighthouse, he tells her they'll negotiate and stall the pirates until nightfall, because the lighthouse will be much more impressive if it's on fire at night. Bernadette is horrified by this and says she'll handle things instead, and then when she can't come up with a plan immediately the Prince volunteers to help and she has to accept, which is just what Skald wanted in the first place. And then later, he says that even though the official position of the Island Nations Federation is neutrality in regards to the Falenan war, he'll sail day and night until he gets to Godwin and defeats him. Bernadette once again objects and offers to go with the Prince and help him, which, again, was what Skald wanted her to do. He's a sly old fox all right. :)

I was quite happy to see a lot of references to Suikoden IV. One sailor mentioned the war 150 years earlier when the King of Obel had been instrumental in forming the Island Nations Federation. Ever since then, every flagship of the Federation navy has been named the Lino En Kuldes. :) Another sailor mentioned the Rune Cannons, and there was that puppet play starring Princess Flare and Pirate Brandeau. Although apparently everyone has forgotten that the pirates helped form the Federation as well. And I wonder if anyone still remembers the boy who bore the Rune of Punishment and saved them from Kooluk?

ETA: I just wanted to check first and make sure, and I was right. The music during the fight with the pirates is a remixed version of the Suikoden IV battle music. Very cool! I wouldn't be surprised if the town music and Skald's theme were from SuikoIV as well. I really like the town music, btw. Very bold and adventurous sounding.
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Kingdom Hearts 2 is love. :)

Although I'm kind of annoyed how they had to go and release it within a week of Suikoden 5, because now I'm drowning in videogames that need to be played. So, umm, yeah, that's pretty much all I've been doing lately. No worries, though. I won't be spamming everyone with my useless blather. I've already made a separate gaming journal for that.

Also, my kitten turned a year old this month. I ought to put some more pictures of her up one of these days, just to show how big she's grown.
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For my own reference, some lists:

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (3/14/06)
Lost Worlds: Adventures in Archaeology (3/30/06)
Colors in the Dreamweaver's Loom (6/17/06)
The Professor and the Madman (10/2/06)
Krakatoa: The Day the World Exploded August 27, 1883 (12/9/06)
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (1/1/07)
Last Chance to See (1/21/07)
Under the Tuscan Sun (3/24/07)
Portuguese Irregular Verbs (3/29/07)
Old Polish Legends (4/2/07)
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Vol. 1 (4/9/07)
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (4/19/07)
Water: Tales of Elemental Spirits (5/20/07)
Jamestown, the buried truth (6/23/07)
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (7/15/07)
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (8/10/07)
Howl's Moving Castle (11/23/07)
The Last Unicorn (1/25/08)
His Majesty's Dragon (2/24/08)
The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency (3/18/08)
The Finer Points of Sausage Dogs (4/2/08)
Ella Enchanted (4/12/08)
Hope Diamond: The Legendary History of a Cursed Gem (5/11/08)
Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden Vol. 1 (6/8/08)
Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden Vol. 2 (6/10/08)
Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden Vol. 3 (6/12/08)
Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden Vol. 4 (6/14/08)
Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden Vol. 5 (6/16/08)
Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden Vol. 6 (6/18/08)
Fushigi Yuugi Vol. 9 (7/12/08)
Signspotting: Absurd and Amusing Signs from Around the World (7/13/08)
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass (7/26/08)

Currently playing: Re:Coded, Dissidia
Beaten: Twilight Princess (;_;) (2/9/07)
Phantom Hourglass (6/5/08)
Knights of the Old Republic (6/15/09)
Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days (;_;) (5/1/10)
Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (;~;) (10/15/10)
Dragon Age: Origins (6/6/11)


Dec. 12th, 2005 06:30 pm
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As if this game wasn't going to be cool enough already for giving us:

Captain Jack!
Cloud and Squall fighing back to back!
The Lion King!
Steamboat Willy!

But now I've just discovered that Tron will be in there as well! Tron! I love that movie, even though it's special effects look horribly cheesy nowadays. Dude, there better be some light cycle riding in there somewhere.

And I am totally in love with this screenshot. That's a really freakin' cool looking move. Why is this game not out yet? Whyyyyyyyyy!?!!


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