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Oh, Sialeeds, I still don't understand what you're up to. And your sudden change in hair color is kind of freaking me out. Turns out that she only dyes it brown, and that her natural color is the same as Arshtat, Haswar, and the Prince's. And damn, the Prince's expression when he confronted her in Gizel's room just about broke my heart. He even held Georg back from attacking her. ;_;

And I'm still rather shocked that Sialeeds just up and killed Salum Barows. I know he's done despicable things, and I certainly wasn't expecting her to ever forgive him for it, but still...... I don't know, I guess it's just that he was already a broken and powerless man, thanks to us revealing that he was the one who stole the Dawn Rune. I don't think he would ever have been able to build his reputation back up after that, so killing him just seems a bit overboard at this point. I wonder how Luserina will feel about that when she finds out?

I wonder if Godwin's researchers will ever get anywhere with the Sun Rune? I hope not, 'cause we're going to be in big trouble if we attack Sol-Falena and they manage to use that thing on us.

I hate to admit this, but Gizel's concern for Sialeeds when she returned from Stormfist was rather touching. She tried to blow it off as him just worrying about her because she was the only one who could use the Twilight Rune, but I think it's obvious that he's never really completely gotten over his feelings for her. It's kind of screwed up that he still loves Sialeeds to a certain extent and yet he's married to her niece. o_O;
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Ohhhhhhh yes, that fight was so worth waiting all this time for! A bit of justice has finally been served. And the bonus of getting to watch Belcoot fight makes me want to squee like the obsessive fangirl that I am. :)

I'm getting ahead of myself, though. Anyway, I fought the battle to take back Sable, although I kind of wish now that I had chosen to do Doraat because I found out afterwards that I missed out on Bahram Luger's death scene. Poor Bahram.... he may have been loyal to Godwin's cause, but he wasn't really that bad of a guy, and he certainly had a lot more honor than most of Godwin's flunkies.

Anyway, after that I ran around collecting a few more stars, then went to talk to Lucretia in the war room and found out that Shula Valya had sent a message from Yashuna Village saying that he wanted to meet there and talk to us. Lelei and Cius were convinced that it had to be a trap and insisted on going there with me and Lucretia. Turns out that Shula's superiors feel that it's in Armes' best interest to support the Prince's cause, and so he, his second-in-command, and his bodyguard came to offer to help us. I also found out that Godwin had tempted the Southern Mountain Corps into helping him by offering to give them the Barows family lands. It was all just a ruse, though. Gizel only enlisted their help as a way to keep the Prince's army occupied so that he could have more time to research the Sun Rune. He never really intended to give them any land at all. So anyway, since Shula is a cool guy, I happily accepted his offer. Also, it was rather funny how there were little hearts surrounded the Prince when Nifsara, Shula's bodyguard, looked at him. Hee!

When I got back to the castle, all the city leaders were already gathered in the war room and said that they had received a report from our spies trying to penetrate Stormfist that they were repelled by some sort of extremely strong magic. Zerase came in and said it had to be the Twilight Rune. She feared that this time, the rune had chosen a host and that's why the magic was much stronger than when Alenia had tried to use it. And I have a dreadful, sinking feeling I know who it is, too. I forgot to mention that earlier in a scene in Sol-Falena, Gizel asked Sialeeds to do him a favor, although I didn't find out what that was at the time. I think I know now, though. He wanted her to bear the Twilight Rune. It would probably be much more willing to accept her as a host since she's of the royal blood.

So we decided to attack Stormfist and see what was going on. And then Shoon and his Gladiator Brigade suddenly appeared in the middle of the battle to help us out. Man, it's been a long, long time since I last saw him! He joined my army after the battle, and we all decided to sneak into Stormfist through the underground passageways. The Godwins had closed them off before, but the gladiators dug them out again in secret. Zerase and Georg joined the party as well, and we came out in the arena and right into a trap Childerich had set. There were a ton of soldiers waiting there for us, but then suddenly the Twilight Rune was used again and cleared all of them out. Childerich was definitely not happy about that.

And now comes the part I've waited so long for. Belcoot vs. Childerich, Round 2 for the win! Just thinking about it is still making me grin like an idiot. Even Childerich's Raging Nostrum drug couldn't help him. He only got one hit in, and that was because I misinterpreted "Graaaaah!" as being a normal attack instead of a Special Attack. And at last the psychopath is dead. Booya!

I had to fight Dilber Novum after that in order to get into the castle, and he died as well. That made me sad, because like Bahram, he really wasn't a bad sort of guy either. I wish they could have come over to my side instead of dying. :(
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Dude, Lucretia really just pwns everything in sight with her intellect. She sent Zweig with me back to the Ceras Lake ruins to close the floodgates, and since the way to the underground water vein was still blocked, the water had nowhere else to go but up and started flooding the castle again. The Godwin and Armes soldiers started panicking and many of them left their weapons behind while excaping, so they were easy pickings after that. And now my castle is even bigger than before and I'll probably get lost in it again while trying to find everyone! Yay! And that was obviously why she was so willing to easily abandon the castle, as well. She knew that it wouldn't be hard to get it back. :)

I like Shula Valya. Anyone who's so easy-going and can frustrate Alenia is good in my book. :) His Western Marine Corps pulled out of Estrise without doing any fighting at all, and it cracked me up how he referred to the whole thing as a vacation. Now the only thing left for us to do at the moment is take back Sable and Doraat. My, how quickly the tide doth turn.

And Georg has finally officialy joined me. Poor guy has been feeling so guilty about what he did all this time, and he was so sure that the Prince would hate him for killing the Queen. Which must have been the reason he kept finding excuses to go off on his own; he was running away from the problem instead of just facing it and finding out that the Prince doesn't hate him at all. Oh Georg, he knows that you would never have killed his mom without having a damn good reason for it.


Apr. 28th, 2006 11:14 pm
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Bwahahahah! Rahal dressing as a woman to fool those two Godwin soldiers guarding the Dragon Horse cave was just too funny. And also kind of disturbing that he can pull it off so well. Heh. Although it's even funnier that if you talk to Roog afterwards he says something like, "Those were Rahal's sister's clothes. Where the heck did they come from?" :)

And also.... GEOOOORRRGGGGGG!!!! Welcome back! Please don't leave me again! I'm getting close to the end of the game and you have yet to join my Stars of Destiny, damnit!

At least the mystery of why the Dragon Cavalry wouldn't help us is solved now. Nether Gate was holding their dragon horse eggs and babies hostage. So hopefully they'll join up with me now and I can get my castle back. I lost it after the battle at Lelcar, since Lucretia advised that we abandon the castle for the time being since the enemy forces were pushing in. So right now I think half the army is at Raftfleet and the other half is in the dwarf caves.

There was another cut scene with Sialeeds and Lym, too, and I still can't figure out what she's up to. It sounded like she still wanted the Prince to win, though. I'm still so confused. :(
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Gizel made Childerich a Queen's Knight? What the hell?! Have you completely lost your flippin' mind, Gizel, or are you really just that evil? And apparently Childerich must have graduated with top honors from the Luca Blight School for Meglomanical Mass Murders. "Die, pigs! Muhahahahahah!!" Oh, just you wait, Childerich. You won't be laughing for much longer, I guarantee it. :p

In other news, the Deep Twilight Forest is EVIL! I swear I was running around the same damn tree for at least an hour trying to find the path that led back to the entrance. On the bright side, though, at least the enemies weren't too tough, and I was 900,000 potch richer when I finally came out than when I went in.

So, we had to go to the ruins in the Twilight Forest to find a way to heal Lyon. The Dawn Rune got an upgrade there, and Leknaat appeared to say more cryptic stuff to us. And then Zweig got pissy when she wouldn't tell us anything. "She won't answer our questions but we have to listen to her inane babbling?" Heh. You're a jerk, Zweig, but I love you anyway. :) And then after we got back and healed Lyon, we found out that the Godwins had allied with Armes and launched a three pronged attack against Doraat, Estrise, and Sable. Strangely, though, the Dragon Cavalry hasn't come to our aid yet, even though they promised to do so if a foreign nation invaded. So my next mission is to find out what's up with that.
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......... Wow, that was just..... I don't even know where to start. Everything just suddenly exploded right in my face. Lym and Sorin were so happy to finally see each other again, and then Dolph appeared and stabbed Lyon and Sialeeds grabbed the Princess and told her she was taking her back to Sol-Falena. The Dawn Rune activated on its own and stabalized Lyon's condition, so thankfully it doesn't look like she's going to die.

And then when I got back to the palace, Galleon wanted to tell me the truth about Arshtat's death. He was there in the throne room when it all went down. The assassins burst in and everyone was fighting them off, and then Arshtat saw a soldier standing up by the wall and aiming a crossbow at Ferid, so she used the Sun Rune to turn the soldier into ash. It took her over again, and Ferid tried to snap her out of it but she used the Rune on him as well and killed him. His expression right before he died and how he said her name silently made me cry..... And the sad music and Arshtat dropping to her knees and sobbing didn't help matters any either. ;_; Then she went crazy again and said she'd had it and was going to destroy all of Falena and started to create a giant destructive sphere. And that's when Georg ran her through with his sword.

And then the last cut scene before I saved and stopped playing for awhile was back at Sol-Falena with Sialeeds and Gizel. Sialeeds said some rather odd things, though. She said that she had never switched sides, and when Gizel said he was glad they were now working towards the same goals, she told him to dream on. Her last words were to herself: "Just a little longer.... just a little longer..." I'm so confused. What on earth is she up to? Have her loyalties really changed, or is she trying to bring an end to things her own way?

So, umm, yeah... I'm kinda still in shock over here. I love this game so much, but damn does it ever make me cry a lot. And I really want to give the Prince a hug now because he desperately needs one, poor kid. :(
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Damn you, Raven! Why the hell did you have to go and die in battle? I was so close to victory too! Now I've got to do the whole thing over again. *grumbles*

Speaking of Raven, his recruitment was rather amusing. He was the one who was going around stealing the family trees of nobility. I told Oboro about it, and he told me that he had caught Raven before, so he would help me catch him again. We used Egbert's family tree as bait and trapped him in the storeroom, and then he said he would join only if Oboro begged him to do it. So Oboro did, without any hesitation. That took the wind out of Raven's sails. :) Oboro said he had no use for shame, so begging wasn't humiliating to him at all. Hee!

I also found out more about Oboro, Sagiri, and Shigure when I took them to see Nakula in Sable. Nakula was a captured Armes soldier who was looking to avenge the death of his father, who was murdered by Nether Gate. It turns out that Sagiri was the one who killed him, and that Shigure and Oboro are former members of Nether Gate as well. Now I really want to know more about their backstory, and how they eventually quit the cult. That would make a great fanfic, I think.

So anyway, the night before the Queen's Campaign, I ran around and talked to everyone who was left in the castle. Kyle asked me where Sialeeds was, which disturbed me. I found out where some of the others were from by talking to them: Cius is From Doraat; Roy, Faylen, and Faylon are all from Rainwall; Takamu is from Sol-Falena; Marina was born in Stormfist (and Egbert too, of course); and poor Belcoot doesn't know where he's from since his earliest memories are of being a slave.

Roy and Lyon had a scene together too, where he told her she should come with his decoy group instead of the real Prince, so it would be easier to fool the enemy. Poor boy obviously has a crush on her. :) He definitely wasn't too happy when she turned him down.

And this part when Zerase said she'd go with Roy's group made me laugh:

Roy: I guess I'm glad for the help, lady, but how about a little respect here?
Zerase: Try earning it.


And then, when I had the Prince go to bed, I finally found out where Sialeeds was. Dolph appeared in the castle grounds and she told him that it was working just like he said it would and asked what they should do next. ..... Oh Sialeeds..... why? Why do you have to turn against me like this?! ;_; I just don't understand. She's been solidly on the Prince's side all this time..... what on earth could Dolph have said to her to make her work with him at all?
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Hee! Georg was eating a piece of cheesecake in the cut scene with Boz after we got back from Nirva Island. That's too awesome. :)

So, the Godwins went through with the coronation, and now Lymsleia is Queen. And I tell you, watching Gizel walk with her down the aisle towards the throne and holding her hand was more than a little creepy. Both Lym and Miakis looked devestated, poor girls. They were obviously hoping the Prince would be able to save them before it came to this. And Gizel needs to stop wearing that Commander of the Queen's Knights uniform, because it looks rather good on him, and since I hate his guts I don't want to find him attractive in any way. Also..... I really hope that they're not actually married now as well. That would be way too much for me to handle. *shudders*

I ran around and collected Stars for awhile after that, and had another run-in with Euram in Haud. He had hired Isabel and Mathias of the Maximillian Knights to kill me, but fortunately Isabel was smart enough not to believe his version of events and turned against him. What's up with Mathias and his obsession with dumping corpses into bodies of water, though? He's one really weird guy.

After that, Lucretia suggested our next move would be to keep pushing westward and take Doraat, which was the Godwin's second greatest stronghold. She sent Taylor, Oboro, Shigure, and Sagiri ahead to spread the truth about the Lelcar fire amongst the townspeople and get them worked up about it. Then, when we came to attack the town, Oboro and company sent up a big plume of smoke, which made the townspeople think that the Godwins had betrayed them just like they did to Lelcar, and they all started fleeing and scattering the enemy troops. One thing I didn't expect, though, was that Alenia had the Twilight Rune. As soon as she used it on us, everyone was like "Oh crap!". Zerase was furious that someone so unworthy was in possession of it and insisted on coming with me to confront Alenia once we got inside the city.

Actually, the battle with Alenia wasn't quite as bad as I expected, which I'm grateful for because I couldn't find a save spot anywhere and didn't want to have to do the whole thing over again if I lost. And I'm extremely glad that I put Belcoot at the head of my formation, 'cause that man can block and counter like nobody's business. :) I panicked when Alenia used the Twilight Rune again, but all it ended up doing was putting Lorelai to sleep. Whew! I guess she couldn't use the full power, like Zerase said, because she chose the rune and it didn't choose her.

Dolph came swooping in out of nowhere before we could capture Alenia and carried her away, and when we chased after them we found Miakis guarding the door. She wouldn't let us pass because she said all she had left now was being a Queen's Knight, and I ended up having to duel her. I misjudged some of her attacks and came close to losing, but managed to pull through. I just about lost it during the scene afterward, though, when Miakis was crying and apologizing to the Prince for failing to protect Lym, and he just hugged her. So very sad. ;_;

And, umm, also Sialeeds ran into Dolph in Doraat (she had gone around the back of the fortress to try and make sure no one excaped), and then back in our castle afterwards she seemed rather distracted. I wonder what exactly happened in that encounter?

I've got to talk to Zerase now to try and find out what she knows about the Twilight Rune. She seems to be the all-knowing Leknaat replacement in the game. Or heck, she could actually be Leknaat in disguise for all I know. Hopefully I'll find out soon.


Apr. 19th, 2006 10:17 pm
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So, Leknaat finally showed up. Apparently the use of the Twilight Rune has kicked the destiny of the Sun Rune into motion, which is what caught her attention. And she got Zerase to give my my Star Stone, so now I finally have the list of everyone's names. Those two seem to know each other, too. I wonder what their connection is?

On our way back down, we ran into Georg in the hallway and Miakis tried to attack him. It seems that she actually saw him kill Arshtat. That was.... hard to hear, even though I already suspected as much. I had figured that that was what Ferid asked him to do back in the beginning, if Ferid couldn't do it himself. He must have been afraid that someday the Sun Rune would take his wife over completely and he would have no choice but to stop her before she destroyed everything. But....if Georg killed Arshtat, then how did Ferid die?

And Lym.... Oh, Lym...... She's going to fight against her brother herself now to try and end the war. She feels that now that she's Queen, her first duty is to ensure peace for her people, even if it means helping the Godwins to win. Poor girl. ;_; And unfortunately Gizel confirmed that they are indeed husband and wife now. Although.... well, okay my immediate reaction to that is "Yuck!", but it could certainly make an interesting fanfic told from Lym's perspective. I mean, what would it feel like to by 10 years old and suddenly find yourself married to a 23 year old man and being the queen of an entire country as well?

ETA: I just remembered something else... Both Kyle and a random guy in the castle have mentioned that Bernadette looks familiar, but they can't place where they've seen her before. The random guy thinks he might have seen a painting somewhere that looked like her..... Hmmm..... I wonder if Oboro can dig up anything about that...... She is from the Island Nations, so maybe she's related to Ferid somehow?
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So, I wasn't sure what else I should do, so I headed up to the war room and found that Georg was back. He had brought the news about Lym's upcoming coronation and how the Godwins had invited delegates from the neighboring nations to attend, hoping to get their support. Lucretia said that we should try to get to the Island Nations ambassador first, because since it was Ferid's homeland it would be a tragedy if the Prince had to fight against them. (And by the way, Sialeeds was there in the war room, so I guess I don't have to worry for now. Whew...)

So Georg decided to come with me (YAY! It's about time!) and Boz provided us with a ship to get to Nirva, which is a halfway stopping off point between the islands and Falena. The scene on board ship with Lyon and the Prince looking extremely ill was hilarious! Ahh, Georg, how I've missed your snarkyness. :)

Admiral Skald Egan is quite funny, and he certainly knows how to use reverse psychology effectively against his daughter. When dealing with the pirates who have barricaded themselves in the lighthouse, he tells her they'll negotiate and stall the pirates until nightfall, because the lighthouse will be much more impressive if it's on fire at night. Bernadette is horrified by this and says she'll handle things instead, and then when she can't come up with a plan immediately the Prince volunteers to help and she has to accept, which is just what Skald wanted in the first place. And then later, he says that even though the official position of the Island Nations Federation is neutrality in regards to the Falenan war, he'll sail day and night until he gets to Godwin and defeats him. Bernadette once again objects and offers to go with the Prince and help him, which, again, was what Skald wanted her to do. He's a sly old fox all right. :)

I was quite happy to see a lot of references to Suikoden IV. One sailor mentioned the war 150 years earlier when the King of Obel had been instrumental in forming the Island Nations Federation. Ever since then, every flagship of the Federation navy has been named the Lino En Kuldes. :) Another sailor mentioned the Rune Cannons, and there was that puppet play starring Princess Flare and Pirate Brandeau. Although apparently everyone has forgotten that the pirates helped form the Federation as well. And I wonder if anyone still remembers the boy who bore the Rune of Punishment and saved them from Kooluk?

ETA: I just wanted to check first and make sure, and I was right. The music during the fight with the pirates is a remixed version of the Suikoden IV battle music. Very cool! I wouldn't be surprised if the town music and Skald's theme were from SuikoIV as well. I really like the town music, btw. Very bold and adventurous sounding.
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Those Godwins just get more and more disgusting the further I get into the game. They sent Nether Gate to set Beaver Lodge on fire in the middle of the night, and Dolph told me that Lord Godwin wanted a Falena solely for Falenans, which means exterminating all the undesirable races. Of course, as I found out a bit later, the fire was also probably meant as a distraction for us, so we wouldn't be able to go to Rainwall's aid. Godwin's forces attacked it as we were dealing with the fire.

And, umm, I'm also extremely worried that I couldn't find Sialeeds when I returned to the castle in the daytime. She wasn't in her room or the war room. I really, really hope that she was just still asleep, since Lyon mentioned it was still early in the morning. But I keep thinking about what Sorensen said, and I have a sinking suspicion about what those spoilers about Sialeeds I've seen mentioned in threads on some boards might be about. And I really, really hope that I'm wrong, because it'll break my heart if it turns out to be true. She can't possibly betray us, can she? Her hatred of everything Godwin has done, and her support of the Prince seem completely genuine to me. I just can't see how she could possibly be faking it all this time. Or will something happen later to change her mind about things? I just don't understand, and I like Sialeeds far too much to want to think badly of her. ;_;

Anyway, it looks like Lym's coronation is drawing near. And Gizel hinted that Miakis would come to harm if Lym didn't cooperate with him. He is such a complete and utter slimeball.
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Hee! I knew Euram would be behind it all! He wasn't actually the imposter, but Roy and his friends admitted that a noble put them up to it because he wanted to "sully the Prince's name". Sialeeds says she has a plan to teach Euram a lesson. I can't wait to see what it is. :)

Roy was probably the trickiest duel I've fought so far, 'cause he faked me out a couple of times with his words and I chose the wrong command. I also got a bit confused telling which was which, since he really did look exactly like the Prince. I totally bought his story he gave me when I came in, how unfair it was for one of us to be well off and the other not when we look so much alike. Turns out he was just wearing a wig, though, and he really has brown hair. Still, that duel was really cool, though, and I liked the Prince's finishing move when he took Roy's weapon away from him.

ETA: BWAHAHAHAHAHA!! Oh jeez, that was awesome! From Lyon, Sialeeds, and Dinn's "acting" all the way to Euram's attempts at heroics.... that was just way too funny! And the tooth sparkle! Hee! Turns out his plan was to swoop in and defeat the "Prince", thus making himself the hero and redeeming his family name. Of course, when we kicked his ass instead, he went and inadvertantly spilled the beans. Oh Euram, you really do suck so very, very much. But you're still hilarious in your ineptness. :)
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Y'know, I'm still too steamed from my last post to feel like writing this up properly, so I'll just say that Wasil greeting us by repeatedly calling the Prince "Your Royal Highness" when we were supposed to be incognito, and Kyle's reaction was very funny. Also, apparently Kyle was a lady killer even when he was a kid. :) Zahhak disgusts me, though. Way to totally betray the citizens of Falena by SETTING FIRE TO THEIR TOWN, dude. That's an excellent way to win the support of the people. ::rolls eyes:: But hey, it worked out well for me, since Lelcar is my ally now.

Oh, and it cracked me up how after Orok found us in the mansion and called Nikea to fight us, Kyle was totally trying to hit on her. :) I thought she looked familiar at first, and then I realized she was that girl I met back in Stormfist who wanted to enter the Sacred Games but didn't realize that the winner would marry the Princess.

Not too much to say about the Revolving Bridge sidequest, except that Lu is completely insane, and Babbage talks in run-on sentances. Must be a genius inventor thing.

Next I'm off to Sable to find out who this bandit who's posing as me is. Maybe it's Euram again? I don't know who else would want to discredit me so badly.

ETA: Oh, there is one thing in the Revolving Bridge subquest that I found odd. Right after Sorensen and Babbage joined my party, I talked to Sorensen and he said that he wondered what Sialeeds and Gizel were talking about. Umm, what? Sialeeds hasn't seen Gizel since we escaped from the castle, and she hasn't been sneaking off anywhere that I'm aware of. I don't know what on earth he could have meant by that, but now I'm starting to seriously worry. I hope they're not going to hit me upside the head with a huge betreyal later on, 'cause that would break my heart. ;_;
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HA! I knew it! The mysterious seer was Euram! I had thought it was strange that he said "What is HE doing here?" when I first came into the room, and then all his flamboyant descriptions when he was going on about horrible my fate was made me suspicious. He also mentioned about how I had ruined a wealthy friend lately, and I thought, "Now how did he know about Barows?" When I came back with that guy I met in Rainwall later, the one who had been looking for a cursed book, I found that the book was draining the life from the seer. After we saved him, he revealed himself and told me that he had found the book in his father's library, and wanted to use it to get revenge on me. When I returned the book to him, he opened it to see why the curse hadn't worked, and that's when it began draining him.

Oh Euram, Euram, Euram... you're a useless ponce, but I actually feel kinda sorry for you because you really aren't all that bright, and you fail at life so much. It's weirdly endearing, in a way.

Also, Georg finally returned! But then he said he had to leave again. ;_; Oh, Georg, why can't you just stay put for awhile so I can bask in your awesomeness? *sighs* Well, at least Belcoot goes a long way towards making up for the lack of Georg. So far that guy has successfully dodged and countered more attacks than all the rest of my people put together. :)
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BELCOOT! WOOHOO! Ahh, how I've missed you, my dearest Belcoot. Although I still wish you could be my brother-in-law. ;_; Poor Marina's been carrying a lot of guilt around with her, though. I'm still kinda annoyed with her for what she did, but Belcoot's right. Gizel would have won the tournament no matter what, so even if she hadn't used the drug, he still would have had a back up plan because he's rather frighteningly smart like that. And apparently she's feeling too guilty to confess her feelings to Belcoot, too. And he's still adorably clueless when it comes to women. :)

The citizens of Lordlake have allied with me now, but the beavers still don't seem to want to get involved. Also, I finally found a hammer in Lordlake and gave it to the smith at the dwarf town, but it turns out that he's still just an apprentice, so who knows when he'll be able to join me. And then there was this really weird guy in one of the inns at Yashuna who gave me a strange book after telling me that my fate was to have many horrible accidents and never achieve prosperity or love in life. That was bizarre. o_O

ETA: I've just recruited Wilhelm and Mueller, the mercenaries I met way back during the last battle I fought at Rainwall. And I didn't think it could be possible, but Wilhelm really is even more of a perv than Kyle! I'm sure the two of them will get along swimmingly. :) Poor Lyon, though. Wil hasn't given up on his desire for the "bangin' bodyguard". *sporfles*
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Okay, back to Suikoden 5 now. So, I went to the ruins at Ceras Lake and met Zweig there, and also Lorelai. Turns out that they were Sindar ruins, and that the Dawn Rune was the key to opening and operating them. Which means that the Sindar obviously must have been in possession of the Dawn Rune at some point. I wonder why they decided to use it in that manner? Anyway, the ruins were an ancient sluice gate, and that was Lucretia's plan, to open the gate and let the flood of water from Ceras Lake destroy the fortress. But first we had to have a naval battle to get all the enemy ships out of the way, and then Logg set a boat on fire and rammed it into the fortress to scare the soldiers stationed there. Then they sent a whole bunch of decoy ships towards the fortress, to make it seem like they would start even more fires, and the soldiers cleared out.

Once the water flooded out of the lake, the Prince and his group saw that there were more ruins out in the water, and decided to go and investigate. Lyon suggested making them into our castle, and everyone moved in. The arguement over what to name the castle was quite hilarious. Boz's suggestion was "Mohawk Head Castle" and Lucretia wanted to call it "Castle of the May Sigh Shimmering on the Pale Blue Water". BWAHAHAHAHA! Lyon flat out refused to use those suggestions. :) Like Sialeeds said, she can be quite the little tyrant when she wants to be.

There was also a cut scene back at Sol Falena with the Godwins, and Gizel ordered Zahhak to put an end to my army's continued expansion. He also told Alenia to go to the West Palace with Jeane. I think I forgot to mention that earlier on, Gizel had Lym try to equip the Sun Rune, but it didn't work for her. He didn't seem too surprised by this. Apparently the Sun Rune needs some specific requirements met before it will work for anyone. My guess would be that you would have to be the official ruler of the country before it would do anything. Originally I thought it would only work for a Queen, but in my new castle, Zweig discovered a sealed room, and when the Dawn Rune activated we all saw a vision of some sort of city being destroyed by the Sun Rune. Zweig said that long ago, even before the Sindar, there had been a monarchy, and the King went insane, which caused the Sun Rune to destabalize and destroy everything. So I guess you don't have to be female in order to use it.

Anyway, I'm off to Lordlake next to see how things look now that they have water again. By the way, I wonder where the hell Georg is? He's got a room in the castle reserved for him, but I haven't seen him in what feels like ages. :(

Oh, and also, these are the names I've chosen so far: Prince Sorin, the Sun Army, and Medoroa Castle.


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