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Random Stuff:

As if I don't do enough coding at work, I've now decided in what little spare time I've had lately to try and make a website for my bookmarks. Using Cascading Style Sheets, no less. I've apparently completely lost my mind. :p

And finally, the songs I like to listen to lately. Just because I feel like sharing.

Apostle - Very nice, slow piano music. Definitely worth a listen, imo.
Evolution - A lovely piano piece, very soothing and classy. Almost kinda old-fashioned, really.
Chopin Prelude no. 15 opus 28 - Even though I like classical music, I don't listen to it very much for some reason. This one's one of my favorites, though. Even more piano music.
Superman Theme - No pianos here, but this is the music that always makes me smile everytime I hear it. Best Superhero Theme Ever.
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Well, I finally know the answer about the work situation. Turns out that I'm still not working quite fast enough or accurate enough to be considered for full time yet. They say that I'm doing fine for a part-timer, but I'm still making a few too many mistakes and forgetting to do things that I should. Which is frustrating since I have been trying to improve my accuracy for months now, and yet there always ends up being something that I forget, no matter how thourough I think I'm being. And the other part of the problem is my own fault really, because I've found that it's way to easy for me to get distracted while working from home. I need to start trying to concentrate more and put in more hours, and then maybe the rest will eventually fall into place.

Also, I've started entering icon contests lately, just for fun. I've finally gotten to the point where I think my skills are good enough for the challenge, even though I still don't have the ingenuity a lot of other icon makers have. I haven't won anything yet, but there are still two that haven't ended yet so we'll see. But mainly I did it just to see if I could, not because I really thought I'd win. :)

And finally, a music meme from [ profile] sharelle, with added song links because I like sharing things regardless of whether anyone else is interested or not. ;)

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