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Jan. 26th, 2012 09:55 pm
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You are going on a quest to find the Holy Grail. The 7th gif in your folder is the monarch that asked you to get it, the 8th gif is your trusty steed, the 16th gif is your companion on the quest, and the 9th gif in your folder is your reaction to being successful.

Had to change the numbers since I don't have that many gifs in my folder. Anyway...


Well, this quest is certainly off to a lovely start. Way to show confidence in me there, Your Majesty. ^^;

Trusty Steed

Lol, even Ghirahim wants nothing to do with this quest. Or maybe it's just the idea of being used as a horse substitute that pisses him off...


Yes indeed, we're all so enthusiastic about this mission. Can't you tell?


Lol, that's pretty much the perfect reaction to top it all off.

And another one, just for fun. Changing the numbers again for this too.

Imagine you're back in school! The 6th gif in your folder is your P.E.-teacher, the 20th is your secret crush, the 12th is your prom date, the 34th is the school-bully and 45 is the classclown!
P.E. Teacher

At least he's epic! :D

Secret Crush

...Apparently I'm crushing on all of them. At the same time. o.O

Prom Date

*coughs* Well, he may be jail bait but I can't say I mind at all. >.>

School Bully

Totally the most squishy, adorable "bully" ever.

Class Clown


Your school dance party is coming around!
Your 3rd gif is the trustworthy friend who helps you choose a dress. Your 11th gif is the chauvinist guy who first asked you to go to the dance with him but you refused. Your 19th gif is the shy boy who could never muster up the courage to ask you. Your 29th gif is your actual date. Your 2nd gif is your friend with whom you end up getting really drunk and make out with.

Trustworthy friend

Well, that certainly must have been an interesting shopping trip. XD

Chauvinist Guy

Commander Sisko does not approve of this role.

Shy Boy

...Or monkey, as the case may be. ^^;

Actual Date

...I'm afraid to ask which of them it is.

Made out with

Again, I"m afraid to even ask. XD
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So I thought that icon meme going around looked like fun, so I went and did it too. There are blank spaces though because I don't really have any icons that could count as flaily, clever, or celebrities. :\


Default IconOldest IconNewest IconHappiest IconSaddest Icon
Angriest IconCutest IconSexiest IconFunniest IconCleverest Icon
Prettiest IconSilliest IconFlashiest IconFlailiest IconBest WTF Icon
Best LOL IconBest Text IconBest Art IconBest Stock IconBest Cropped

Best Animated

Best B/W Icon

Best Coloured

Favourite Shippy

Favourite Single
Character Icon

Favourite Celeb

Favourite Fandom
Favourite Non-
Fandom Icon
Most used Icon
(Not your default)
Favourite Icon

How many icons do you have total? 45

How many can you have? 50

If you could buy space for more, would you? I dunno, maybe. I think I've got enough for now though.

Do your icons make a statement about you? That I like video games and anime a lot?

What fandom do you have the most icons out of? Kingdom Hearts, mainly because Birth by Sleep ate my brain. >.>

The second most? Buffy the Vampire Slayer, strangely enough. I've still got four icons from it and I haven't been in that fandom for years.

What ship do you have the most icons out of? I have more BbS friendship icons than anything else, really.

Break down your icons for us. Err, break them down how exactly? I guess I tend to focus more on stuff from videogames or anime/manga than live action, if that's what you mean. I also have not really come across many non-fandom icons that I like.

How do you categorize your icons? How do I identify them, you mean? I just tend to use a couple of words that will let me know what the icon is about when I see them in my list, and then the name of the icon maker in the field under that. Nothing fancy or catchy because I suck at coming up with interesting keywords.

Are your icons mostly made by other users? By other people. I've made some myself that I still use, but I was never as good at it as a lot of other people are.

Animated icons are... Fun. :)

I tag: No one, because my friends list is super tiny. If there's anyone who hasn't done it and wants to, go right on ahead.
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Hunh... I've been posting a lot more here this month than usual for some reason. Eh, I'm sure it'll blow over soon.

Anyway, nicked the pairing meme from [ profile] sweet_ali. Although I'll warn you now that the majority of ships I love are from various anime series. I've always been far more of a cartoon girl than a live action fan.

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Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following...They MUST be real places, names, things...NOTHING made up! If you can't think of anything, skip it. Try to use different answers if the person in front of you had the same 1st initial. You CAN'T use your name for the boy/girl name question.

Your Name: buttersideup

Famous Music artist/group: Brittney Spears

3 letter word: ban

Color: blue

Gifts/present: balloons

Vehicle: BMW

TV Show: Batman: The Animated Series

Country: Belgium

Boy Name: Brad

Girl Name: Brenda

Alcoholic drink: Bud Lite

Occupation: bricklayer

Flower: bluebell

Celebrity: Bob Barker

Food: brussel sprouts

Something found in a kitchen: breadbox

Reason for Being Late: err... can't think of anything.. pass

Something You Shout: Blimey! (well, okay, I don't actuall ever shout that, but I'm sure someone somewhere does.)
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Because I'm bored, I'm going to do the iTunes stat meme that I last did a year ago again. I wonder how much has changed since then....

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Hmm... not all that much different. I still don't listen to as much music as everyone else in the world.

ETA: Ahh... what the heck, I might as well do the iPod shuffle meme again too. It's always fun to see what songs will randomly come up.

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Just because I randomly feel like doing a meme tonight. I got this one from.... err, well, I can't remember where...

MP3 Shuffle )

Well, that... wasn't all that enlightening, really. Good time-waster, though.
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Go to Wikipedia. Type in your birth date (but not year). List three events that happened on your birthday. List two important birthdays and one interesting death. Post this in your journal.

1791 - The May Constitution of Poland (first modern constitution in Europe) is proclaimed by the Polish Diet
1937 - Gone with the Wind, a novel by Margaret Mitchell, wins the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.
1999 - Oklahoma City is slammed by an F5 tornado. The tornado was part of a storm system that produces 66 tornadoes. The Oklahoma City tornado kills 42 people and injures 665, and causes $1 billion in damage. (see The Oklahoma Tornado Outbreak)

612 - Constantine III, Byzantine Emperor (d. 641)
1903 - Bing Crosby, American singer (d. 1977)
1975 - Maksim Mrvica, Croatian pianist

1758 - Pope Benedict XIV (b. 1675)
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Well, I finally know the answer about the work situation. Turns out that I'm still not working quite fast enough or accurate enough to be considered for full time yet. They say that I'm doing fine for a part-timer, but I'm still making a few too many mistakes and forgetting to do things that I should. Which is frustrating since I have been trying to improve my accuracy for months now, and yet there always ends up being something that I forget, no matter how thourough I think I'm being. And the other part of the problem is my own fault really, because I've found that it's way to easy for me to get distracted while working from home. I need to start trying to concentrate more and put in more hours, and then maybe the rest will eventually fall into place.

Also, I've started entering icon contests lately, just for fun. I've finally gotten to the point where I think my skills are good enough for the challenge, even though I still don't have the ingenuity a lot of other icon makers have. I haven't won anything yet, but there are still two that haven't ended yet so we'll see. But mainly I did it just to see if I could, not because I really thought I'd win. :)

And finally, a music meme from [ profile] sharelle, with added song links because I like sharing things regardless of whether anyone else is interested or not. ;)

My Recent Song Interests )
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Interest meme )
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Happy Birthday [ profile] skylee! I hope you had a wonderful day and that your new job won't keep you away from hanging out with us too much! ::smooshes you::

Also, [ profile] aycheb tagged me to do this meme:

i• d • i • o • syn • cra • sy
1. A structural or behavioral characteristic peculiar to an individual or group.
2. A physiological or temperamental peculiarity.
3. An unusual individual reaction to food or a drug.

List five of your own idiosyncrasies and then tag five friends to do the same.
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As for tagging.... umm, how about [ profile] nzlaura, [ profile] sharelle, [ profile] skylee, [ profile] petzipellepingo, and [ profile] sdwolfpup.

And lastly, a big thank you to everyone who left me anonymous love over at [ profile] luna_k's love meme last month. You're all so very sweet! ::hugs FL::


Jul. 6th, 2005 12:45 pm
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We have a kitten! She's about 3 months old and gray with tabby markings. Her name is Mia and right now she's laying in front of my computer watching me type this. I got her on Sunday and haven't had much time for anything else since then because she's so energetic and wants to play all the time. And she's starting to follow me wherever I go, too. :)


Err... Mia says "Hi everybody!". She obviously doesn't know how to type very well yet.

Anyway, I didn't really get the chance to do it before, but here's the answers to the Guess the Movie meme. That was really a lot of fun, and it was interesting to see who could recognize which movie. :)

Results )
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Since I'm bored, I think I'll copy [ profile] sweet_ali and do the 'guess the movie' meme. Although mine probably won't be too difficult since I don't watch as many movies as most other people do. Heh.

1. Pick 10 movies that mean a lot to you and choose one cap from each movie.
2. Post those caps in your LJ and screen all comments.
4. No looking at my user info or cheating in any other way, you don't have to comment with all 10 titles!

And away we go! )

That was fun. :) And a lot harder to narrow it down to just ten than I thought it would be. I was going to put Star Wars in there somewhere, but I couldn't think of any scene that wouldn't immediately give away what it was to anyone who hasn't been hiding under a rock for the past 20 years. Also, please forgive those stupid purple lines in #10. I still don't have a DVD drive for my computer and that's the best I could get from WebTV. :(

It's also possible that we may be getting a kitten this weekend. Mom and I are going to go and look at the very least. I hope we'll find one. *crosses fingers*
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Dude. Duuuuude. I want a full size replica of Buffy's scythe so very badly. That would be an awesome collectible to have. But $300? Yikes! Maybe I need to start playing the lottery. I'm also really tempted to get an Orb of Thessulah too. It makes a great paperweight, after all. :)

Also, gacked from [ profile] sdwolfpup:

Post your very first icon that you made (if you have it, if you don't, the OLDEST one that you have) along with your newest icon. This will allow you to show how you have improved in iconning skills and tag five friends to see how they have improved.

Image hosted by

Not my very first icon, but certainly one of the earliest I made. Wow. What the heck was I thinking using colors like that? Not to mention that the screencap itself looks a bit odd.

Definitely much more complicated and better looking. :) Although I still think that text placement is my biggest weakness and I'm never really entirely happy with the fonts I choose. Oh well.

Heh. I like this meme. It's nice to be able to have some proof of how much I've learned since I first started using Photoshop. :)

Meme time!

Feb. 24th, 2005 06:38 pm
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Since that 10 things meme has been all over the place lately, I thought it might be fun to try my hand at it too. Of course, compared to a lot of other people, I've led a pretty quiet life on the whole.

10 things that I've done that you may not have )


Feb. 17th, 2005 06:34 pm
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Well, since there's absolutely nothing to do here at work, I might as well jump on the Buffy meme bandwagon with everyone else.

My answers )
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Your Silver-Age Superhero Career
LJ Username  
Your alias first-name is: 
Your alias last-name is: 
You can turn.... 
You team up with... molly_may battle: vampire rabbits
You petition to join: a gym
Their response: they agree, but only if you let them paddle you
You are best remembered for: losing to a fifth-grader on Superhero Jeopardy
Your heroic level: - 66%
This cool quiz by sigma7 - Taken 25090 Times.
New! Get Free Daily Horoscopes from Kwiz.Biz

Hee! I guess Anya was right, bunnies really are evil. Or at least some of them, anyway. :)
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I noticed on [ profile] sdwolfpup's wishlist that she said she wanted Faith/Wood fanart or fanfic. So since I rather like the idea of F/W together and I've haven't really done any art with them before, I thought I'd give it a shot. Well, okay, and also just because I wanted an excuse to finally use the screenshot of Wood's thumbs up gesture from 'Chosen'. It cracks me up everytime I see him do that. :)

800x600 | 1024x768

Also, even though [ profile] molly_may, [ profile] st_salieri, and [ profile] wisteria_ have already mentioned many of my favorite Jossverse moments in their lists, I want to do this meme too just because it's such a terrific idea.

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I did this meme almost a year ago (Nov. 29th, 2003, to be exact) on my old journal, but I suddenly feel like doing it again now, since I've seen it mentioned a couple other places recently. And also because I'm still stalled on other things that I should be doing instead of this. *sighs*

10 Unpopular Fandom Opinions )

Well, at least I actually made it up to ten this time.

ETA: I just realized that the first two sentances of #4 are almost exactly the same as the first two sentances of #8. This amuses me for some reason. I obviously need to go to bed now.
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Saw this at [ profile] fer1213's journal and thought I'd see what would come up for my name:


Name Origin: German
Number of Syllables: 2.00
Gender: Female

More interesting facts about the name Cheryl:

Lucky Number: 8
Ruling Planet: Saturn
Element: Earth
Primary Color: Rose
Traits: Inclined to be cold and pessimistic. Not much sense of humor. Often slow getting off the mark but usually ends up ahead of the game. Successful, especially where money is concerned. Frequently connected with mining, real estate and the law. Also with cemeteries and pawnshops. Believes that hard work never killed anyone. Often prepossessed with thoughts of the past.

Oookay.... that doesn't really sound like me at all. Although I guess I do come off as cold sometimes in real life, but that's just because of my extreme shyness. I almost never speak unless spoken to and then trying to have a conversation with me is about as pleasant as getting your teeth pulled without any novacaine. I don't look at people when I walk by them, either, for fear of having to say something if I do. So yeah, I guess that can make me look pretty cold.

And why am I associated with mining, real estate, the law, cemetaries, and pawnshops? That's kind of an odd combination of things. It's also odd that they say my name is German in origin. Every name book I've ever seen always says that it's French.

Hmm.. I've been posting here quite a lot lately, even though I've been feeling kind of sluggish and depressed overall. Hope I get over that soon. Although seeing this yesterday did cheer me up immensely. It's just hilarious 'cause it makes no sense whatsoever. I so want to make that into a banner for my journal, except I have no idea how to configure the S2 system for that. I've tried reading the documentation, and all it does is give me a headache and confuse me even more. Crap. Guess I'll have to switch back to the old way, then. :(


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