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Geez, after tonight I'm starting to wonder if anyone is going to make it out of this show alive. o.O Now Widmore and his henchlady are dead, I really wasn't expecting that to happen. What the hell are you doing, Ben? I mean, I can understand him not caring about killing Widmore but I thought he had turned over a new leaf and wasn't a bad guy anymore. And now he's teamed up with Locke after all? He'd better have some kind of double-crossing plan. He did give Miles that walkie talkie though, hmm...

And I guess poor Richard is out of the picture now too. :(

Oh Jack, I so knew you were going to take up the mantle... I don't know how the hell you're supposed to kill something that doesn't have a body though.

Maybe flashsideways!Desmond's plan will somehow help our heroes in the real timeline? They're definitely leading up to something with that but I have no clue what it could possibly be.

Only two hours left, I can't wait!
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Woot! We get answers! Well, sort of anyway. ^^; So Jacob and Smokey are twins then. Makes sense, given their relationship and the whole darkness and light thing they have going on. Although of course they throw a new question at us too... who the heck is that woman and how long has she been there anyway? I guess protecting the island is an endless cycle then... And it's interesting that she seemed to prefer Smokey and wanted him to be the protector, and Jacob knew it too. But then he accepts the job anyway.

And we finally found out where the heck that wheel came from and who the skeletons in the cave were too. :) And of course the references to games and rules, and the reason why Jacob and Smokey can't kill each other directly. It also makes sense now why Smokey wants to leave the island so badly. And he was right, his mom was kinda loopy... o.O

So that cave though... she said it was the heart of the island, the source of light, life and death. And if people tried to take it away not only would the light go out there but everywhere. So maybe the cave isn't just the island's heart, but the heart of the world itself? The source of all life everywhere? Hmm...

Also, after all this time I should really probably have known better than to randomly surf the journals of complete strangers and read their reactions to the episode. All it was was "Bitchbitchwhinewhine-Whydon'twehaveanyanswers-whinewhinewhiiiiiine". We may not yet have the one Major Defining Answer of What The Hell is Going On, but there were plenty of things revealed in the episode that we didn't know yet and that helped to further define the Man in Black's motives. And there's three friggin episodes left (next week and then the two hour finale). A hell of a lot can happen in three hours. These people need to just cool their damn jets, sit down, and shut up. :\

Or maybe I'm just the crazy one who cares more about the journey and the enjoyment I've had in watching things unfold than about what the ultimate answer will be. Of course, I care about that as well. But it's the whole that matters most, not the parts.
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I... I can't believe they just killed Sayid, Sun, Jin, and Lapidus. ;_; Damn it Sawyer, why do you have to be such a jackass? If you had just listened to Jack then no one would have died! Idiot.

Although, Locke needing to kill the Candidates in order to leave does make more sense than him needing them alive. It certainly explains better why he told Richard to tell time traveling Locke that he needed to die. Not just so he could take on Locke's form, but because Locke was a Candidate too. And of course he can't kill them himself, just as he couldn't kill Jacob, because apparently that's against the rules...

One thing I wonder though... where the heck did Richard, Miles, and Ben get off to? I think they were going to go find explosives or something? I wonder if we'll see them again before the end... Also Desmond is apparently still alive but stuck down the well. I hope Jack will go get him out soon.

The thought of Locke and his dad actually having a good, loving relationship is kinda freaky. o.O Even stranger than seeing Desmond and Widmore being all buddy buddy in flashsideways land. And Locke was mumbling about pushing the button... I guess that's why Desmond hit him with a car, to try and jog his memory. And maybe so he and Jack would meet again too?

Geez, between this episode and Days I am so very depressed now. There better not be anymore major deaths or I'm going to have to hurt someone. :\
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Episode's not over yet, but I just have to say that I knew that there must be something more to these flashsidways than met the eye. That moment when Jack noticed his appendix scar and didn't remember where it came from always struck me as being rather odd, for example.

And leave it to a Desmond episode to make things even weirder. ^^: That moment when he saw "Not Penny's boat" on Charlie's hand gave me chills. And it was great seeing them interacting again. And Eloise is as friggin cryptic as ever. And now Daniel wants to talk to him... Hmm...

Edited to add: Omg, awesome way to end it! But why the hell did Desmond go along so willingly with Sayid? Is that part of Widmore's plan or what? He did say he needed Desmond to make a sacrifice, maybe that has something to do with it...

Lol, I don't know what it is about Desmond episodes, but they always turn out pretty awesome. And looks like we'll finally have a Hurley episode next week too. :)
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Last week's episode was pretty cool. But geez, could they possibly have made poor Richard's life suck any more? I want to give him a hug now. And I got totally choked up with that scene with his wife at the end. ;_; I'm kinda annoyed there wasn't a pop up version of the episode this week though, I was hoping to watch it again.

And about this week's episode...

Desmond! He's the package! I was hoping we'd see him again. :) And apparently Widmore thinks it's neccessary for him to be there in order to stop FLocke from leaving... Odd...

One thing that was interesting was that FLocke said that Kate's name wasn't on the wall, not anymore. So, I guess that implies that she used to be a candidate and then wasn't one anymore for some reason? I hope they'll explain that one.

It's also interesting how most things in the alternate universe are the same, but there are big differences in the Losties lives as well. Like Sun and Jin not being married and Sawyer being a cop. And Jack and his son.

Ahh, the subliminal message room. We haven't seen that place in quite a while. Also if I'm not mistaken, that was Eyepatch Guy who took Sun to the bank. I'm pretty sure Jin even shot him in the same eye he was blind in on the island. Heh, I love how all these people from the past keep popping up. :) Although seeing Ethan as Claire's doctor in the hospital really weirded me out. ^_^;
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Wow, I would never in a hundred million billion years have guessed that Sawyer would be a cop in his alternate life. o_O Not a completely upstanding cop though, since he had no issue with shielding Kate at the airport even though he saw she was in cuffs...

I really hope we'll find out more about Smokey's past before the end. I want to know who the heck this crazy mother of his was and how he became a pillar of smoke if he used to be human. At least we'll finally be finding out more about Richard next week though. Woo! :)
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Ugh, I hate being sick. :( At least I'm feeling better today than yesterday though.

I'm also getting rather frustrated with my guild in WoW. We've lost three people from our raid group in the last two weeks and haven't been able to make any progress or even get back to Sindragosa at all since sometime in February. I'm starting to think maybe we're the problem. :\ The guild leaders have had some valid concerns about people being whiny whenever we have a short night or not wanting to help gear new members up, but I don't think addressing it in front of the entire raid and basically chewing people out on vent is the right way to handle it. I think that might be part of the reason why one of our tanks /gquit today. I'm starting to wonder if it's even worth it to bother to continue trying to raid at this point...

Anyway, on to other things. Lost this week was pretty cool. If anyone had told me years ago that I would one day cry for Benjamin Linus, I would have said that they were crazy. But I really did get choked up during his confrontation with that lady, and then when she said "I'll have you" I had tears in my eyes. Ben's done a lot of horrible things, but he was really completely sincere in his regret I think and he's definitely changed since we first met him. He's been broken by the whole Jacob thing and finding out Locke wasn't really Locke.

And Widmore has come to the island! This should be interesting, especially if he and Ben meet up again. ^_^ The pop-up of last week's episode reminded me that Widmore told Locke last season that a war was coming to the island and that if Locke didn't go back then the wrong side would win. I wonder what he meant by that, especially considering that Locke is dead now and all. Did Widmore know that the smoke monster would take his form or is he on Jacob's side?
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Claire is scary and freakin' insane. o_O I guess the Smoke Monster's been screwing with her head so much that she doesn't remember that she's the one who abandoned Aaron in the middle of the jungle. I really hope Sayid doesn't end up going insane and evil too. But he's apparently been infected, so chances are good that he might. :(

It was rather nice to see the caves again and the brief trip down memory lane. The Losties have come a long long way since those early days after the crash. I can't help but wonder now if maybe those skeletons in the cave are Bernard and Rose... That would be really sad if they are. :\

The lighthouse mirror thing was pretty trippy too. I wonder who the heck Jacob is expecting to come to the island though?

I was rather surprised that Jack had a son in the alternate timeline. I completely forgot that he used to be married. ^^;
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Wow, heh, I was thinking last season that the bomb would probably throw Jack and the others forward into the same time frame as Sun and all them instead of being a reset, but I wasn't expecting them to end up going with both options. ^^; I don't know where on earth they could be going with the reset stuff, but it'd be interesting to see how all the characters lives would have gone if they had never crashed and never really met each other. Maybe the bomb created some sort of alternate timeline instead of changing the real one or something, I dunno.

But what was with Desmond being on the plane anyway? And then he suddenly vanished without a trace. Jack's father has gone missing again too...

The smoke monster wants to go home? He's a giant cloud of smoke, where could he possible live? I'm rather afraid for poor Richard now... And I hope that Sayid really is still Sayid. Ben said that the island has never brought people back to life, and the Others in the temple seemed just as surprised as everyone else when Sayid sat up. But the note did say they'd all be in trouble if Sayid died, so maybe the island did resurrect him...

Ergh, I'm as confused as always. And sad that this is truly the end. :\


Feb. 25th, 2009 10:12 pm
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... All I can say right now is that I am now more confused than ever about what Ben's motives are. o_O
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Lost )

Anyway, welcome back show! I've missed you. :)
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That's all I'm really capable of saying right now... Just... wow...

I... actually, I feel pretty much exactly like I did after the very last episode of Buffy. I'm just completely stunned.

That was an awesome way to end the season, though. Very, very awesome.

And this icon I'm using suddenly seems like the most appropiate thing in the world...


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