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Well, quite a bit has happened plotwise in KH2 since I last posted. I revisited all the worlds after the events at Hollow Bastion and met some Organization members there. The battle with the Heartless Dragon in Mulan's world was pretty cool, and the fight with Xaldin at the Beast's Castle was pretty hard. He killed me the first time I tried, but then I finally figured out what the Learn command was all about and I beat him the second time. Still some close calls, though. And I like how Belle elbowed him in the gut and grabbed the rose from him. :)

Luxord showed up in Port Royal and stole some of the cursed treasure, so we had to get that back again, and then the battle with the Heartless at the end was pretty neat. I had to hit it with magic to make it drop the coins it had, and then deposit them back in the chest, and once all the coins were back, it would lose it's cursed form and be much easier to attack. And the boss in the Pride Lands was easily the biggest one of them all.

But anyway, I'm tired so I'm trying to keep this short. I went back to Twilight Town and found that the alternate Twilight Town, where Roxas was in the beginning of the game, could be accessed from the mansion basement, and through the alternate town I could get to the World That Never Was. After entering the darkness portal in Alternate Twilight Town, we were attack by a bunch of Nobodies, and Axel of all people came to our rescue. He used all of his power to clear them out, but it ended up killing him. He told Sora that Saix had Kairi at the Organization's castle, and that he had just wanted to see Roxas again because Roxas made him feel like he had a heart. Awww.... ;_;

On the way to the castle, Sora actually ran into Roxas, although Sora was the only one who could see him. That duel between them was pretty cool, and even despite Roxas' duel Keyblades, Sora still won. Once we finally got up to the castle, there was a cut scene of Kairi in prison, and Namine helped her to escape. Saix eventually caught up to them, but then Ansem showed up to save them. Except that Namine called him Riku.

And here's where things from back in the beginning of the game finally make more sense. It turns out that Diz, the guy who was working to revive Sora, Donald, and Goofy, and who had captured Roxas and stuck him in the alternate Twilight Town, was none other than the real Ansem the Wise. And the Ansem/Xehanort look-alike who was helping him was actually Riku. I was seriously confused there for awhile, because Goofy and the others kept saying that Riku must have given King Mickey the pouch and gem from the alternate Twilight Town but I remembered that the guy who looked like Xehanort took them from Roxas. That part makes a lot more sense now! Anyway, Riku apparently lost to Roxas when he first tried to capture him, so then he decided that he needed to use the power of darkness in order to help Sora, and so he took on Xehanort's appearance and started calling himself Ansem. Riku didn't want Sora to know about any of this, so that's why he asked Mickey not to say anything.
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Wow, where to even start.... A heck of a lot just happened plot-wise, and now I finally have some answers about what the Organization is up to.

I finally managed to get past the lightcycle stage in Tron World after I visited Agrabah and the Pride Lands, which I had skipped before. And like I said before, LionCub!Sora = cutest thing ever. :) Anyway, so once I finished with Tron and Sora, Donald, and Goofy tried to access the information in Ansem's computer, but it kept saying that the data was corrupt. All it could do was pull up the picture of some guy. Mickey came in and said that it was Ansem the Wise. Then he explained that the guy we fought last time was actually the Heartless of Xehanort, one of Ansem's research assistants who continued to do experiments on darkness and eventually stole Ansem's name and used it for himself. When Xehanort became a Heartless, a Nobody was created who became the leader of Organization XIII. This Nobody's name is Xemnas.

Then suddenly the room started shaking, and when we all ran outside, we found a massive army of Heartless marching on the town. After that came a whole heck of a lot of fighting, and then I ran into Demyx again and had to fight him. OMG, I hate you and your stupid geyser walls, Demyx. ;_; Those things would keep hitting me forty billion times and it was damn hard to get away from them and try to heal or do anything. It was also damn hard to get anywhere near Dem 'cause he kept throwing balls of water at me. Geez, for someone who supposedly isn't good at fighting, he sure was kicking my ass. :p

After I finally won, Goofy pushed Mickey out of the way of a large flying rock and got hit in the head. And... I swear for awhile there I was afraid that they had actually gone and killed Goofy off. Thankfully, he turned out to be okay, though.

And then I had to fight through a giant mass of Heartless with just Sora alone. That was pretty cool actually, because I could use the Reaction command to grab a spellcaster and use it to mow down a bunch of enemies with a beam of light. And then there was another one that let Sora divebomb through the air. So it didn't turn out to be too hard of a fight. :)

Then Axel reappeared and told us that we had played right into the Organization's hands. And he actually apologized about taking Kairi, but then retreated when Saix appeared. It was Saix who told us what the Organization's goal was. Everytime Sora destroys a Heartless with the Keyblade, the heart that had been consumed is released. All of these hearts gather together and form Kingdom Hearts. And.... urgh, now I can't remember what his exact words were, but basically the Organization is collecting these hearts in order to take control. So by using the Keyblade, Sora has been inadvertantly helping them.

So, umm, yeah, that was a lot to absorb. But it was all really cool while it happened! :)
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OMG, lion cub Sora is the most adorable thing ever! And he holds the keyblade in his mouth when he fights! Heehee! I want to play the entire game as a lion cub now, because that's really just too cute for words. :)
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I finally played some more of Kingdom Hearts 2. Sora and Donald's eagerness to see Santa Claus in the Halloween Town World was adorable. :) I fought some at the new Underworld colesium, too. The fights weren't too hard, or at least they weren't until they threw both Leon and Yuffie at me in the final round. You and your teleporting suck, Yuffie. Hold the hell still so I can actually hit you. :p

Twilight Town suddenly reappeared after I completed Halloween World, so I went there next. Actually, the reason why it reappeared is because there was a cut scene before where Axel tried to kidnap Kairi. She managed to escape through another portal that suddenly appeared and ended up in Hayner and the gang's hideout. When Sora, Donald, and Goofy arrived, there were a whole bunch of Nobodies threatening Seifer and his posse. Those were pretty tough, and those stupid sword things actually killed me once and I had to start over. Bleh.

Another member of Organization XIII showed up after the fight. His name was... ummm... Saix, I think. He actually seemed concerned with Sora's well being, which was rather odd, and said that Axel was working against the organization's interests now. He wants to try to turn Sora into a Heartless, since that would be the only way to get Roxas back.

After that, we went to the train station and found out that Axel had showed up in town and finally managed to grab Kairi and take her away. When we left town, we noticed that Hollow Bastion was covered in darkness for some reason, so we went there to see what was up. Cid and Yuffie told us that Ansem's computer had been found at the castle and that we should go there to see what kind of information it had. We ran into Cloud in town, too. He's still looking for Sephiroth, natch.

Turns out Ansem was apparently using the Tron system as his OS, and the MCP ended up sucking us into the system just like in the movie because Donald didn't get off the keyboard fast enough. :) We had to repower a terminal in order to get back to the real world and look for a password that Tron needed so he could take back control of the system. King Mickey finally showed up again, and apparently has a lot to tell us, but won't say anything until after the Tron situation is resolved. Right now, I have to race light cycles, and dude, it is fricken' hard. Stupid opponents keep making me crash, and I keep having to go back to the last save point outside of the computer and do the whole sequence all over again. Grrrrr.
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Not much to say about Mulan World, except that it was pretty cool. There was a new element where I had to collect orbs that the enemy dropped, or that I would drop every time Sora got hit, in order to keep the morale meter up during certain segments. If it ran out, it was game over. And I liked how during the final fight with Shan-Yu, when I had to protect the palace gates, he and Sora would lock swords every once in awhile and I'd have to pound on the triangle button to overpower him. Things like that certainly keep the gameplay from getting boring. :)

So next I hit the Coliseum. It was nice seeing those tournament trophies again, after all the hard work I went through to win them. I still can't believe that I actually beat the Hades Cup. That thing was completely insane. o_O Anyway, I got to visit the Underworld this time around. Hercules's friend Megara wanted us to go talk with Hades and ask him to stop sending so many monsters for Herc to fight, because it was starting to wear him down. Which, of course, was what Hades wanted in the first place. Pete suggested that Hercules would have a hard time killing an opponent who was already dead, so Hades summoned up one. Who turned out to be Auron. :) Auron refused to help Hades, of course, and joined Sora, Donald, and Goofy when they arrived. Then we had to fight through a whole lot of enemies, and Hades himself, to escape. And I must say that Auron and Sora have the coolest limit break together. I love how at the end of it, they put their swords together and spin them around to create a whirlwind. That was awesome!

Anyway, we finally reached the doors to get out, but then Cerebrus appeared and Auron and I had to fight him. Auron is a one-man wrecking crew on his own, as always. :) After we got out, though, he suddenly vanished without warning, so I'm not sure what's up with that. Maybe he can't leave the Underworld, since he's dead? Anyway, then we went to see Hercules and he told us that the only way to prevent the Underworld from sapping your strength was to used the Olympus Stone. He went to get it while we trained with Phil, but then came back to report that someone in a black robe had stolen it. Then Hades appeared to announce that he had kidnapped Megara, and sent a Hydra to keep Herc occupied. So we had to go save her.

Hades's plan was that he wanted to trick Sora into unlocking the Underworld Coliseum with the Keyblade, so that's why he had kidnapped Megara. When we eventually caught up with the guy in the robe, he called Sora "Roxas", which confused Sora of course. The guy's name was Demyx, and he was pretty funny. He's not much of a fighter, so instead he created a hundred clones of himself which we had to defeat within a time limit. Also, his weapon is a guitar. Hee! I rather like him. :) It seems that the Organization wants Roxas back, but I don't know how they think they're going to separate him from Sora now.

After getting the stone and rescuing Meg, we went back to the Coliseum and found that the Hydra, which Hercules had thought he had defeated but apparently hadn't, had destroyed it. That fight was pretty hectic, cause the thing is huge, but finally Sora cut off all the heads.

After that, there was a cut scene to Disney Castle, where Queen Minnie is informed that there's trouble in the Cornerstone Room. When we got there, there were endless Heartless all over the place. Sora and Queen Minnie went to the Cornerstone Room, which was under the throne, and it was filled with thorns. The Maleficent appeared and said she wanted to take over the castle for herself. The Queen asked us to go ask Merlin what to do, and when we got back, he created a strange doorway. He said that in the world beyond it, there was another doorway that the enemy was probably using, and we needed to shut it. He also warned Sora that he might be tempted to do something dark in this other world, and to be careful. I wonder what he meant by that?

so I stepped through, and now I'm in Steamboat Willy World! Everyone looks so cute drawn as a 1930's cartoon. Hee!
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I had been wondering how Roxas could be a separate person, and yet also part of Sora, but now it's clear. Yin Sid told me that Nobodies are created when a person with a strong heart, whether for good or evil, becomes a Heartless. The shell they leave behind takes on it's own sort of life and becomes a Nobody. So Roxas must have been created back in the first game, when Sora briefly became a Heartless after using his heart to free Kairi in Hollow Bastion. I think I remember someone calling Roxas Number 13, so he was the last to join the Organization, which makes sense. Now I'm wondering who all the other members of the Organization are Nobodies of. And didn't they say that Namine was a Nobody, too? I'm not sure about that one, though.

Anyway, now instead of sealing keyholes, I have to open them to open new paths between the worlds to travel on. Hollow Bastion has a town now that Leon and the others are rebuilding, and on the Beast's world, one of the members of the Organization was preying on his fears and anger. I'm still not sure what exactly their plan is, but Goofy suggested that they wanted to turn the Beast into a Heartless and get control of his Nobody.

During the boss battle, something neat happened. Sora ended up dying, but then when I chose to continue instead of giving up, King Mickey suddenly appeared out of nowhere to fight. I eventually figured out that if you charge his Drive meter all the way up and hit the triangle button for the Reaction command, he'll bring Sora back to life to finish the battle. That was pretty cool. :)

I must say that I really like these new Reaction commands you can use during battle. At a couple of points I used them to jump up to the chandelier, bring it down, and swing it around to hit the enemy and make him visible.

I'm getting more used to Sora's voice now, and I'm warming up to it. And now I can tell that it is the same voice actor as before.

ETA: Oh, I almost forgot. I've got two Ansem special reports now, and when I read number 2, it mentioned something about how out of all the original Ansem reports, he had only written #0, and someone else had written the rest. Bzuh? So..... was the guy I fought in the first game not the real Ansem, then? Hmmm... he is dressed in the black robes now, so maybe he's actually a Nobody too? I'm confused!

KH2 again

Apr. 8th, 2006 09:52 am
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Ouch.... oh, poor Roxas. ;_; Apparently he used to be a member of Organization XIII, and it's made up of Nobodies, who are only half-people. Roxas's other half is Sora, which I'm guessing is why he was able to use a keyblade as well. After fighting Axel for a second time (OMG TWO KEYBLADES AT ONCE!11!1!1), I met with Diz, who's the mysterious guy in red. I forget what exactly he said, other than he wants to destroy the Organization. Then Roxas merges with Sora, and Sora wakes up and reunites with Donald and Goofy.

And I have to say that I miss Sora's cute little voice. It was absolutely perfect for him. I'm not sure if it's still the same kid doing his voice or not, but if it is I guess it's understandable that his voice would change, since it has been a few years since the first game came out. And Sora is a year older now as well. Still, it makes me a bit sad, is all....

It doesn't look like Sora and friends remember anything about Castle Oblivion, although their memories of everything before that have returned.

I'm still sad over Roxas, though..... And when Sora was saying goodbye to the other kids in Twilight Town and he started crying but didn't know why..... ;_;


Apr. 8th, 2006 01:56 am
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ANSEM?! ANSEM IS THE HOODED GUY?!?!?!?! Oh my God, what on earth does it take to kill this guy?! He's like the Ganon of the Kingdom Hearts world!

More KH2

Apr. 8th, 2006 12:38 am
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Wow, that fight with the gigantic silver thing was a lot harder than the fight with the giant Heartless in the beginning of KH1 was. I love the Reversal command, though. It lets you dodge around attacks and looks really nifty, too. :)

Anyway, I'm now at the Struggle Tournament on Day 4. Vivi turned out to be possessed by silver things, and then after I defeated him, Axel from Chain of Memories showed up and wanted to take Roxas with him somewhere. I had to fight him, and then the mysterious guy from the command center appeared. Axel seems to be working against that guy, but I don't know whether that's a good thing or not.

Y'know, Namine asked Roxas if he remembered his real name earlier... and it's interesting how his battle stance is exactly the same as Sora's. In fact, Roxas even looks kinda like Sora. Same bright blue eyes, except that Sora's hair is a darker brown. Could Roxas be Sora, or at least a part of him? Hmmmm......


Dec. 12th, 2005 06:30 pm
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As if this game wasn't going to be cool enough already for giving us:

Captain Jack!
Cloud and Squall fighing back to back!
The Lion King!
Steamboat Willy!

But now I've just discovered that Tron will be in there as well! Tron! I love that movie, even though it's special effects look horribly cheesy nowadays. Dude, there better be some light cycle riding in there somewhere.

And I am totally in love with this screenshot. That's a really freakin' cool looking move. Why is this game not out yet? Whyyyyyyyyy!?!!


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