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birth by sleep is love
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Yes. Yes, it most certainly is. :)

Oh my...

Mar. 7th, 2011 10:55 pm
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I just came across this fanart today. It's, um, rather hot... )

*sigh* Why is there always so much more good fanart than good fanfic? Is writing really that much harder than drawing? I wouldn't know since I can't really do either. :\
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I've been very slow in playing this game for some reason. I don't really know why. I mean, it's fun to play and all but... yeah, I have no idea why I keep putting it off. Oh well.

So anyway, finally beat that Wonderland boss awhile back. Now that was a truly bizarre fight. o.O He ended up having three stages, the first two were pretty much the same but once you get to the third that when things really go wonky. Quite literally, since the action on the screen will suddenly turn sideways and upside down and down becomes up and up becomes down. Of course only in Wonderland would this ever happen. -_-; Made for a pretty crazy boss fight but I finally managed to get it after several tries.

I think the cutscene after this world was back to Mickey and the others who were trapped in the library and couldn't get out for some reason, and also Heartless had somehow appeared in the castle. Which of course shouldn't have been possible as long as the Cornerstone of Light was still working. But anyway, on the computer screen Sora had chased off after the mysterious person in the Organization coat and suddenly there's a banging on the library door. And then, Sora bursts into the room... Wait, what?! o.O

Mickey and everyone are more than a little surprised because Sora is made of data and therefore should not be there at all, but suddenly the Organization guy appears and reveals himself to be... Riku?! Hunh, I did not see that one coming at all...

But it turns out that this isn't the real Riku either, he's apparently actually the personification of Jimminy's journal, created to protect the data from the bugs that invaded it. And he tells them that he transported all of them into the journal to help, which would explain why Mickey and the gang couldn't leave the room and where those Heartless came from. Because they weren't in the real world anymore. But then Riku discovers that someone from the outside is interfering with things and he can't send Mickey, Donald and Goofy back. So the only thing to do is keep going on and trying to get rid of more bugs, so Sora heads off to the next world which ends up being Olympus Coliseum.

... I think Olympus is one of the only worlds to have been in every KH game to date. >.> Radiant Garden might be another, but I don't remember if that's actually in Chain of Memories or not.

Anyway, the bugs here have turned the Coliseum into a maze and Herc apparently went in there and got himself lost. So Sora tells Phil he'll go get him out, which Phil is rather skeptical of.

The new gimmick once you get in the maze is that the battle system has now turned into Final Fantasy-esque turn-based combat. You also get... umm, I forget what they're called but they're basically like power up items you can use to boost your defense, attack, auto block, heal over time in battle, etc. You can also press A at the right time during combat to attack more than once or Y at the right time to block attacks. It's a pretty simplified system so it's not too hard to get the hang of.

Bleh, I'm still sick so I think I'll just stop there.


Feb. 6th, 2011 10:26 pm
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*is bored and randomly looking at the SquareEnix online shop*

Sidebar: Dear Terra, at last you are available for purchase in Trading Arts form...

Me: Whoawhoawhoa wait, what?!

*clicks on link*

Me: Oh, her. Way to get my hopes up there, guys. Damn it. ;~;

Yeah, they were talking about FF6's Terra in Dissidia not BbS!Terra. Dagnabbit, who the heck do I have to bribe to get some Birth by Sleep figures up in here? :\

The lack of any KH merchandise at all on the site is worrying me though. Not that they had a whole lot there to begin with, but at least it was something. I dunno, maybe they did it because the fandom seems to be dying out slowly. Which makes me rather sad, but I guess as long as they keep making games that ought to be enough...
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I'm only at the end of Wonderland right now, but man these worlds seem to take quite a long time. It felt like I was running around in Traverse Town forever too. ^^; I'm actually rather enjoying it though, just because the levels are all so different from each other and each time you go into one of the debugging portals there's something new to do there. They introduce different blocks that do different things, like green ones that turn transparent or blocks that explode when you touch them or ones that you can bounce on. And then they started introducing challenges where you have to wager some of the points you earn too. For instance, one of them is to kill a certain number of Heartless, and if you pass the challenge then you get extra points as a reward, but if you don't then you don't get anything. Keeps it interesting I guess. :)

All my time in Traverse Town was basically spent just looking for Huey, Dewey, and Louie and then they give me these strange block things that turned into a keyhole when they were put together. Mysterious Organization Guy who's been hanging around gave me one too. So Sora does his thing on the keyhole and runs through the door that opens and suddenly we're... in a sidescroller game? I love what Sora says here though: "What just happened?! I feel... flat." XD

I completely suck at sidescrollers though. I lost track of how many times I fell into pits or got gobbled up by the ever moving screen when I was too slow. :\ And you also can't use any of your regular moves either, but instead can collect crystals that allow you to do certain special moves. Those only have a limited number of charges though, and you can only have one at a time. I think I died once when fighting the Guard Armor at the end, but he wasn't too bad overall. Just Dodge Roll when he jumps, block if he shoots his hands at you and stay out of the way of the massive energy beam of doom.

In Wonderland, everyone seems to have lost their memories due to the bugs and so Sora has to go around finding them so Alice will remember where she saw the keyhole at. Also the hedge mazes from Days have returned, along with having to sneak past the guards. :\ I finally got a Cure spell from one of the bug portals there though, so at least that's something. :)

I only managed to find 14 out of 16 memories, but apparently you don't need all of them to get Alice to remember where the keyhole is because I was able to move on to the next area. But there's no chance to save after you start talking to her though... Anyway, it was in the birdcage in the Queen's courtroom, and after I went in it turned into... well, I'm not sure how to describe it really. It's kinda like you're constantly running forward on a track while enemies come in from behind you. You can move to the left and right, jump, and also Shotlock them (they don't call it that but it's totally what it is xD). Again, can't use any of your normal moves in this, only the crystals you collect.

And then that annoying accordian Heartless who's name I always forget shows up at the end. I haven't been able to kill him yet because he keeps hitting me with stupid fireballs and I can't heal myself. :( I finally just gave up, so I guess I'll have to do the whole thing over again tomorrow. Bleh.
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My copy of Re: Coded came today and I was just playing for awhile until my battery ran out. And something occurred to me, which I'm sure is nothing new. I'm rather slow after all. ^^

So the first platform in Sora's Station of Awakening in both KH1 and this game is a picture of Snow White. Dwarf Woodlands was the first world Ven visited, where he met Snow White. And it's green, which is Ven's color. Yeah, I just think it's really neat that something as minor as this has more meaning now since BbS. :) Plus, I think that the mysterious voice Sora heard there in the original game was Ven's.

Anyway, I haven't really gone further than the first world so far in Coded but it seems pretty decent so far. I'm happy to have a Command Deck again. :) The Skill Tree thing is a bit confusing to me right now, but maybe I'll get it as I play more. The level up system is pretty much the same as Days I think, where you have to equip your levels, only now they're chips that you plug into a circuit board.

Not too much to say about the story yet. Since we're rediscovering the lost data in Jimminy's original journal digitally, it stands to reason that it's pretty much a rehash of the worlds in KH1. Destiny Islands was first, and then everything broke apart just as it did when the Heartless came and Sora ended up in Traverse Town. With Pluto waking him up again. ^^

One thing that's different though is that instead of using little portraits to express emotions during text dialog, like in Days and CoM, the characters appear in full body stills against a background and they change as the action plays out. I just thought that was an interesting way of doing it.
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Personally, I fail to see how, while knowing Vanitas was out to get Ventus, leaving Ven behind when he finally wanted to come with her shows that Aqua's acting with Ven's interest in mind. If she wanted to protect him so much, then not taking him back to LoD, but staying with him, wouldn't that have been the best course of action? I realize it was done for the sake of the individual character gameplay but regardless, Aqua left Ven behind when she needed to stay by his side the most. It paints her in a bad light, both with the concern for his safety as well as how she sees Ven

Aqua on the other hand steps beyond the line of being over protective. She's suffocating and that also shows how she sees Ven - she doesn't believe in him. I mean, he survived up to that point and helped you and Terra take down that huge Unversed, didn't he? Can't you believe he'll manage just a bit on his own without you holding his hand?

... So Aqua is a bad person for not staying with Ven and protecting him and yet she also needs to stop smothering him and give him space to manage on his own. I just... what? These are two completely opposite viewpoints! I guess in this chick's mind Aqua is damned if she does, damned if she doesn't. Lovely.

I also love how she's basically complaining about Aqua leaving Ven behind at RG and yet conveniently ignores the fact that Terra did the exact same thing. And it's probably worse in his case because at this point in the game he's the only one of the three of them who knows that Vanitas was created out of Ven. But I guess it's a-okay to do that if you're a guy and horrible if you're a woman. Or something.

Bah. I really should know better than to read any post this chick makes. She always gets on my nerves and her arguments rarely ever make any sense at all, at least IMO. I mean, there's nothing wrong with not liking a character but her reasons for not liking certain characters just don't seem to have any real basis in the actual facts of the games. She seems to just completely misunderstand stuff and twist it to her own liking, and then never actually admit it if someone points out to her how exactly she is wrong...

Urgh, alright, I'm done. I guess it's not really nice of me to go on bitching about other fans. :\
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... I am such a hermit nowadays. I almost never leave the house anymore except to go to work, and I wouldn't even bother doing that if I didn't need the money. Sometimes I think I should go somewhere on the weekend, to the bookstore or something, but then I'm like "Meh, too much effort" and I don't. I really do need a haircut though, so I guess I'll have to force myself to make an appointment for next weekend.

I am also currently bored and feel like doing a meme, so here we go.

Kingdom Hearts meme, cut because I get way too wordy )

Geez, why do I write so much about video games? That took longer than I thought it would...

Game stuff

Sep. 7th, 2010 09:55 pm
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So, Birth by Sleep came out today I guess... Haven't got a copy yet, but I probably will one day this week, if I can work up enough energy to go to the store after work. I'm going to have to buy a PSP too though, since I don't already have one. That sucks. :\

I'm a little afraid of playing this game though, mainly for one reason. Ventus. Given the fact that we already know that he looks and, presumably, sounds exactly like Roxas, I'm worried that they're going to end up revealing that Roxas actually is Ven. And that would really bother me on some level. I dunno, it feels almost like it would be diminishing Roxas in some way if he turned out to be someone other than Sora. It's weird and kind of stupid on my part, and maybe there's really nothing to be afraid of. I'm just speculating really, since I've been avoiding spoilers and know nothing at all about the plot of the game. Hopefully it will all make sense once I actually play it.

... Wait, this is Square I'm talking about. Of course it won't make sense. ^^; Oh well, I'm sure I'll enjoy the game overall anyway though.

And speaking of enjoying things, I was rather surprised to find out that Blizz finally released the Echo Isles and Gnomeragan events today. Especially since I hadn't heard a peep anywhere about when they were going to do it. They're going all ninja stealthy on us now apparently...

The Gnomer questline seems to be bugged at one point, so I haven't finished that yet. Taking back the Echo Isles was really cool though. It reminded me of the whole Battle for Undercity, back at the beginning of Wrath. And there were a lot of people there doing it too, so it was even more epic looking :) I couldn't tell what the heck was even happening half the time once the attack began, but it was a lot of fun!
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That was the first time I've cried at the end of a video game in quite some time. I mean, I went in knowing that there wouldn't really be a happy ending for anyone, but I wasn't expecting it to be quite that sad. :( I really want to give Roxas and Xion a hug now. Those poor kids desperately need one. Axel does not get one though, since he dug his own damn hole by refusing to tell the truth. I do kinda feel sorry for him, since he really did care about them in his own way, but he still has serious possessiveness and inability to let go issues.

Also, seeing Roxas using Oathkeeper and Oblivion is rather sad now that I know that one of them came from Xion. ;_; His going around killing things with three health bars in one friggin hit was pretty badass...

I don't care what Namine says though, I refuse to believe that Xion has been completely erased from existence. Maybe nobody remembers her anymore, but she still had memories and a personality of her own that had nothing at all to do with Sora. I just can't believe that all of that is gone too because it would be way too sad. She must still exist somewhere in Sora's heart. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. :p

Anyway, I really love this game. It was a lot of fun to play, with a lot of funny and touching moments. I think it may even be my favorite of the series now, even if it is just a filler game.

And as long as I'm talking about games, we finally managed to kill Sindragosa this week after way too long of a delay in our progression. That made me very happy. Now all that's left is to get Arthas down. It's probably going to take awhile before we can learn how not to wipe to Defile though. That spell is really annoying. :\


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