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  • What the hell? Okay, that was downright bizarre. When I tried to access my livejournal a few minutes ago, I ended up getting a journal dedicated to Lord of the Rings RPS instead. ::backs away slowly from teh crazy::

  • I just thought of a couple fanfic pet peeves of mine that I don't think I've seen anyone mention before. Why is it that so many fanfic authors are obsessed with having Spike wear reading glasses? Am I the only one who thinks he'd look stupid wearing them? Plus, we've seen him read a couple of times on the show and he didn't need glasses then. So I don't really see why he suddenly needs them in fic. Unless people think it's sexy for some odd reason. *shrugs*

  • Also, what's up with Buffy enjoying how Spike smells of cigarettes? I don't see this one come up quite so often these days, but whenever I do it makes me think that the author is a smoker and therefore doesn't realize that most non-smokers find the smell of burning tobacco to be rather nasty. I know I do, so everytime I see Buffy actually liking it that just drags me out of the story because it seems like such an unrealistic reaction to me.

  • I came across something surprising while cleaning my room today.... a pair of Mulder and Scully Barbies, still in the box. I had completely forgotten that I even had them. I think I bought 'em to give to someone as a present years and years ago but then never got around to giving them away for some reason. I'm very forgetful like that sometimes. So, would anyone like to claim them now? You wanted a pair, didn't you [ profile] molly_may?
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Has anyone else ever experienced a change in their fic reading preferences, where you used to love something and then one day you look at it and realize that you're now rather bored with it? I've had that happen to me before, a long time ago in another fandom, but it's happened again recently with [ profile] spikewriter's stories. I used to love them, but now I look at them and kind of go 'ehhh'. I still think that she's a good writer, that hasn't changed, but lately I've realized that I don't really like some of the situations she's fond of. For instance, she's a Ganya fan and she likes to have Spike show more scholarly qualities and sometimes get involved with working for the Council or just doing research in general. Unfortunately for me, I just don't find those things all that interesting. I've never cared much for the idea of Ganya as anything other than the one time joke it was on the show. And I really don't like the idea of Spike turning into Giles Junior. Yeah, the two of them do have a lot in common and Spike is a pretty smart guy when he actually bothers to think with his brain instead of with certain other parts of his anatomy. But I just can't see him as having the patience to sit down and do research the way Giles does, unless he absolutely has to, or write dissertations or thesises or whatever. Spike is a doer not a sitter and one of his skills is in using the things he already knows out in the field.

Like I said, though, that's just the way I see it. So I tend to get mildly annoyed when I see these things in stories, not just spikewriter's but stories by other people too. But you know, different strokes for different folks and all. *shrugs* Just be glad that I didn't decide to go off into a rant about how much I hate the sequel to Crossing into Unchipped Country. :)
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Lately I've been thinking about fanfics again and considering making another post like I did before about stories that I have problems with. The one I'm thinking of right now is bugging me a bit too much, though, to the point where I don't think I could say anything about it that wouldn't sound like an attack. So it's probably for the best if I say nothing at all and just wait and see if the story gets any better.

So instead, I'm going to talk about the "What if?" stories I'd like to see. I have no idea whether anyone has actually written about any of these before or not, but if ya'll know of anyone who has I'd love to hear about it.

What If.... )

Well, that's all I've got for the moment. Does anyone else have any 'What ifs" that they'd like to see?
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Well, I see that everyone's got their hackles up over [ profile] fanfic_hate lately. Personally, I think the whole thing is rather hilarious. Between the weirdos who post fake flames about fake fics and the people who are attacking all the anonymice for being anonymous the fun just never stops. Also buried in there somewhere are some valid criticisms of certain popular ficcers that I agree with and some that I don't. And to top it off, all this activity has pushed the Buffy thread over 1400 posts, which blows all the other threads on the journal so far out of the water. *wipes away a single perfect tear* I'm so proud of my fandom. It's teh wankiest one evah! Well, okay, maybe second wankiest since the LoTR fandom obviously has us beat in the insanity department. ;)

Seriously, I agree that it is cowardly to bash fics and their writers anonymously. Some people seem to be taking this a bit too personally, though. I've seen some LJ folks say that they don't care about the opinions of the fanfic_haters, but then they apparently feel the need to go over there and say so and try to shame the ranters into stopping. *snorts* Yeah, right, I'm sure that will make them repent and change their wicked ways. :P Wouldn't the better option be to simply just ignore them?

ETA: Hee! This is the first time I've had the chance to use this icon. I just wish I could remember where I got it from so I could give proper credit. :(
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All this talk about fanfic lately has made me want to talk about it myself. Specifically, it's made me want to talk about stories that I have a problem with. I'm not talking about bashing fics or authors, like those people on the anonymous fanfic list have been doing because I really don't like saying mean things about people. Also, I don't consider the authors I'm thinking of to be bad writers at all. Actually I think they're pretty good. It's just that there are some things that don't sit well with me and I have a very strong urge to talk about why, and I'm going to do it here because I don't really have any other outlet to do it in. Unfortunately, no ever seems to discuss fanfics anymore. I really miss the days of the TWOP fanfic thread and the similar threads in other message boards I used to visit. There used to be a lot of great discussions and I really enjoyed reading what other people thought about a story, whether I actually agreed with their analysis or not.

Anyway, please don't take anything I'm about to say as bashing. But I don't think it's wrong to say when you don't like something. We all do it all the time when talking about the Jossverse, and we all know that ME has an online presence and that they're aware of the complaints that people make, so I don't really see why talking about fanfics should be any different. I'm not trying to change anyone's mind or say that anyone should rewrite their fic to suit my tastes. Just trying to get some stuff off my chest that's been weighing on me for awhile.

Okay, enough with the disclaimers. Let's get this show on the road.

Read more... )

Whew. There was a bit more that I wanted to say, but I'm so tired that I've forgotten what it was.
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I stayed up way too late last night catching up on Echidna's "Too Close for Comfort". I'm enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would, too. Normally I don't really care for AU-everyone's-human stories, but this one somehow manages to keep the characters personalities pretty much intact and doesn't screw around with the relationships, like making Darla Buffy's mom or Spike and Xander brothers or weird stuff like that.

I think the real reason why I like this story so much, though, is that I went through a similar situation to Buffy's and know exactly what it's like to have a roommate whose boyfriend is hanging around almost all the time. Except in my case it was even worse, since we had to share one small dorm room together and they would have sex while I was trying to get to sleep. Well, I don't think it was actually full-blown sex, but there was definitely moaning and odd noises and I really didn't want to know exactly what it was they were doing. So I can't help but laugh when I read about Buffy going through the same thing and shake my head in sympathy. Although if my roomie's boyfriend had looked like Spike, I probably wouldn't have minded so much. :)


May. 5th, 2004 09:50 pm
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My boy George didn't make the cut on American Idol tonight. Damn. It was really hard to see him go. I've been rooting for him ever since his very first audition, and I thought he might have a shot at making it to the final two. At least he managed to make it this far, though, but it won't really be the same without his constant cheeriness. ;_; Anyway, now that there's only four left, my prediction is that LaToya and Fantasia will be in the final two, with LaToya being the winner.

I've been seriously stressed out all day, what with trying to think of something to get for Mother's Day and my little cousin's birthday party this weekend, having to pay $450 to get the brakes on my car fixed, having to mail out 39 freaking articles at work, worrying about what's going to happen on Angel tonight, and panicking about whether I have everything I need for my trip next week. Thankfully, I finally managed to calm down and am feeling much better now. Of course, finding some new stories to read helped a lot. Yes, it's fic rec time again! :)

Tonight's offering is two fics by Kelso:

Cancellation Notice - Angel and the gang take on the task of trying to save their own show
SpikePuppet - Spike inadvertently gets turned into a puppet and decides to visit Buffy in Rome. Definitely not one of his brighter ideas. :)

Both of them are still WIPs, but worth reading and very funny IMO.
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I thought for sure that Fantasia, Jennifer, and LaToya would be the safe group this week on American Idol, and obviously poor George did as well. Maybe the voters really do think that this is a popularity contest instead of a singing competition. I like John Stevens, and I think that he can sing, but there's no way that he's good enough to remain in the competition. And Iooking at his reaction each time someone else is booted off the show, I think he knows it, too. And although I think that George is good enough to win, he's been kinda off the past two weeks, so much so that I was afraid he might get the boot this week. But Fantasia, Jennifer, and LaToya... they were excellent last night, and I just can't think of any reason why all of them would end up in the bottom other than America is judging solely on how much they like the contestants, not on how well they can sing. *shakes head sadly* Such a shame.

Anyway.... I was originally going to post about something else tonight, but my brain is too fried from work and I just don't feel like making the effort right now. So instead, I think I'll reccomend a fic that I just finished reading. It's not very long and is set in Season 5 shortly after 'Intervention'.

The Naked Truth by Spring Summers

I highly recommend reading her Spikecentricity episode reviews too. She has some pretty interesting insights on the show and its messages.


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