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I just found out tonight from my dad that someone in our extended family died suddenly. I didn't know him very well and only saw him maybe a couple of times a year whenever there were birthday parties or holidays at my aunt's house. But I still thought he was a pretty nice guy and he was always friendly to me so this is just such a shock...

It's even worse that his mother was the one to find his body... I don't think anyone knows yet what the actual cause of death was. There's supposed to be an autopsy at some point. From what my dad told me though about the events leading up to finding him, it seems like he might have just gone to sleep and never woken up. He has a wife and a young son too... I can only imagine how they must be feeling right now. :(

It's just... scary when this sort of thing happens to someone who wasn't even that old I guess. I don't know if he had any medical problems, but he always seemed pretty healthy to me. And for it to happen with Christmas only a few weeks away... I just feel so badly for that side of the family now.

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Feb. 5th, 2005 10:35 pm
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Hmmm.... Apparently people rarely have anything to talk about over the weekend. Including me. :)

Hey [ profile] sdwolfpup, if you have the time to do it I could use some help with screencaps again. Specifically the scene from 'Afterlife' when Buffy goes to Spike's crypt and they sit down across from each other. And also Spike's reaction shots during his "every night I save you" speech.

Finally, I have the proof of something I noticed a long time ago. I'm probably in the minority on this, but I've always loved Spike's hair from shortly after he was turned. I thought it looked really good on him, and there's a small part of me that's kind of disappointed that he didn't keep it that way. But there's another reason why I like it, too. Because it looks exactly like Jack's hair in Titanic. See? They're hair twins! :)

Yes, I do have very strange thoughts sometimes.

Also, here's a couple more wallpapers, another LJ banner, and an icon behind the cut. The icon is actually a remake of an animated one I did awhile back. I didn't realize it at the time, but the animated version ended up exceeding LJ's file limits by a lot and I couldn't really figure out how to fix that. So I just made a different one instead. And I really wish I could be more like the people who can churn out dozens of icons at a time and have them all look beautiful, but unfortunately I just rarely ever get any icon ideas. Then there's also the fact that I just like working in the larger mediums better. Oh well.

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We also got a visit today from the husband of one of my dad's cousins, Marleen, who lives in Canada. She was going to come down too, but some meetings that cropped up at the last minute kept that from happening. Her husband came down on his own because he was being given some kind of award from one of the universities here, and so he stopped by to have lunch with us. One of the interesting things I learned is that Cousin Marleen is working on a project that's been getting a lot of attention. Something about using robots to help train nurses, especially those who come from other countries and whose licenses aren't recognized in Canada.

Anyway, she's been invited to fly out to the Sultanate of Oman next month and give a talk at a conference there. My family isn't generally known for doing big, huge things or being world travellers, so I thought that this was really cool. She'll be staying in the capital at Muscat for a few days, and the people who invited her are paying her way. I don't remember whether her husband said what hotel she'd be staying in, but I looked up one of the expensive ones on the web here and damn is it ever posh. I'd love to be invited to stay in a place like that!


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