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Dang, I really need to break my habit of buying doujinshi lately. I just got some more Dai ones in the mail today, and now I see two more doujinshi at Yahoo Japan auctions that I'd really like to buy. Errghh... I really need to stay strong and remind myself that I'm not made of money, but the artwork looks so nice and I want to know what the stories in them are like... If someone else bought them then I'd never know... ;_;

*sighs* Maybe I should just go back to looking at fanart online instead. Like this one, for example, which has to be the most adorable picture ever. Poor Dai's getting squished into the corner there. Hee! I really like this one of Maam and her parents, too.

And speaking of Maam, I also discovered that there are indeed other Hyunckel/Maam shippers out there. :) And apparently the ship is referred to as HyunMa in the fandom, which for some reason just cracks me up everytime I see it spelled like that. Anyway, I like the art on Ever Green a lot (especially that image on the main page, which is just too cute). She's got some nice generel art with the other characters, too. Nalashika's art is pretty cool, too.
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Y'know, it's kinda funny.... I just noticed today that someone has put some of the Japanese episodes up on YouTube, but when I watched some of one, the voices seemed... wrong. I've gotten so used to the Spanish voice actors, since that was the only version of the anime I could find up to this point, that the original seiyuu now sound strange to me. ^_^;;

The Spanish voices actually sound pretty good for a dub. At least they have some emotion to them, and most of the voices fit the characters very well. I especially like Dai's voice (or Fly, I guess I should say), since it's very young sounding. In the Japanese, his voice actually seems a bit deeper, but still young. Still, I'm glad the Japanese episodes have finally surfaced somewhere, as I've been curious to see how the actors there would handle some of the scenes. And I want to know if Baran's voice sounds as deep as it does in my head.
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Wow, it's been a really long time since I last posted here. I ought to say something new, I guess, but I don't really feel up to making detailed gaming posts right now. I have been playing DQ8 recently though... well, it was a couple of weeks ago anyway. I really love this game and the graphics are beautiful. Really helps you feel like you're actually in the world if you can see it spread out before you as you travel instead of the old dinky mountain and tree tiles they used to use.

Anyway, I'm getting near the end. Just have to fight Rhapthorne now. I already fought him once when he was a tiny little thing with a really annoying voice, but now he's got his full body back apparently, and it will probably be a much harder battle this time around. And with my luck he'll probably use the damn Ice Wave thing about 20 billion times in a row. :p


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