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::waves to [ profile] sweet_ali:: Hello there! I've got to say that I was really very surprised to see that you had friended me, since you're a rather popular poster and I'm pretty much a total unknown. Not that I'm complaining, though. It's actually a funny coincidence. I've been lurking pretty regularly at your journal for awhile now, and I was just thinking recently that I should go ahead and friend you. :)

Anyway, in other news, my ATS Season 5 Spike action figure finally came this month. Now Australian!Buffy won't have to be so lonely. :) Although she did at least have Giles and Bunny!Anya to keep her company. ActionFigure!Spike comes with a rather interesting choice of accessories, though. There's the amulet and the Cup of Perpetual Mountain Dew, of course, but they also included some things from BtVS like the cross from 'Beneath You', the giant goggles from 'Spiral', and the Kiss the Librarian mug. My favorite thing though? They also gave him a kitten for kitten poker. Hee! That's just awesome!

I've also been extremely happy this week because Disney has finally released my favorite animated movie ever, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, to DVD. Damn well took them long enough. They bought the rights to the Miyazaki movies years ago, but they're certainly taking their sweet time in releasing them. I had just about given up all hope of ever getting a good quality copy of the film and resigned myself to be contented with my crappy bootleg version, when I found out by chance that it was being released this month. So of course I bought it the day it hit the stores. :) Patrick Stewart is the voice of Lord Yupa! Hee! Awesome! And Mark Hamill is in there, too! He's a really great voice actor. I'll never forget how astonished I was when I found out that he was also the voice of the Joker on the animated Batman series. :) The dub was really very good, and I'm glad to see that they stuck closely to the original dialouge. It was kind of strange watching it, though, because I was comparing it in my head to both the original dub from the 80's and the Japanese version at the same time.

Oh, and also GIP! Have I mentioned how much I love that shot?

Okay, I'm going to shut up now.


Nov. 7th, 2004 05:01 pm
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From [ profile] whedonesque:

Angel Puppet up for pre-ordering

Is it just me though, or does that puppet look more like Abraham Lincoln than Angel? Just give him a hat and a beard and he'll be all ready for his speech at Gettysburg. :)

I really, really want my own Puppet!Angel, but I can't decide whether to just give in and buy this one or wait and hope that a better version will come out.
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Whew! Man, I haven't had this much excitement in months! I'm still riding on a high from all the praise people have been giving me and still amazed that my art was such a big hit. Woo! I don't think I'd want to deal with excitement like this all the time, but I did have a lot of fun. :)

Heh. Don't mind me. I'll calm down eventually and then everything will be back to normal. I finally finished replying to all the comments I received, so now I just have to get caught up on my FL for the last couple of days.

Also, my first two Buffy action figures arrived in the mail this week! I'm now the proud owner of Giles and Australian!Buffy. She has short hair, but I can't really tell if she's supposed to be from Season 2 or Season 6. I think she might be Season 2 Buffy disguised as Season 6 Buffy, just with a blue shirt instead of a white one. She does have a cool jacket made of real leather, though, so it's all good. :) I don't have a Spike for her yet, so she'll have to settle for Action!Seifer instead. He sorta looks like Spike, if you squint real hard.
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I've suddenly become addicted to buying Buffy and Angel scripts. I know, I know.. what could I possibly want those for when there are transcripts available online for free? Blame it on the Star Trek mini-con I went to once where I won a signed copy of the script to "Q Who" as a door prize. My mom also fed my interest by buying me scripts for Columbo and The Princess Bride. And just recently, I bought the scripts for "Crush", "Destiny", and "Hell Bound". Honestly, I just think it's kinda neat to have an actual physical copy of them, just like the actors and writers did. Plus, they're not actually all that expensive, which is more than I can say for most collectible merchandise.

I've been buying them off of e-bay, but today I discovered that the official Buffy and Angel fanclub is selling scripts, as well. And they've got quite a lot of them for season 5 of Angel, which I'd like to get. Especially "Smile Time", "Not Fade Away", and "The Girl in Question". I'd like to see what kind of scenes or dialogue might be in there that didn't actually make it into the episodes, because of course there's always something that they had to cut out. I'm also kinda tempted to buy that Wolfram and Hart coffee mug that's on the site. Since there's no way I could ever afford actual props or anything, I'll just buy the cheapass stuff instead. ;)

And action figures. I have the sudden need to start buying action figures, too. That started when I noticed that they were re-releasing the Bunny Suit Anya figure this fall. I really, really want a Bunny Suit Anya. And a Fiesta Giles, but I don't think they make that one anymore. :( And of course I must have a Buffy and Spike, too. I noticed over at Whedonesque that there are some new Spike figures coming out. Is it wrong of me to find it funny that one of them is a shirtless version that comes complete with a church cross, just like in "Beneath You"? I rather like the black-shirted version, so I'll probably get that when it comes out.


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