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Kingdom Hearts 2 is love. :)

Although I'm kind of annoyed how they had to go and release it within a week of Suikoden 5, because now I'm drowning in videogames that need to be played. So, umm, yeah, that's pretty much all I've been doing lately. No worries, though. I won't be spamming everyone with my useless blather. I've already made a separate gaming journal for that.

Also, my kitten turned a year old this month. I ought to put some more pictures of her up one of these days, just to show how big she's grown.
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So, I put up my new snow-themed banner last night and when I woke up this morning I discovered it was snowing! In fact, it's been snowing steadily all day. Maybe I developed weird psychic powers like Walt overnight. Anyone else want me to make something happen with the power of my mind? ;)

We tried to get Mia to go out in the snow, but she wasn't really sure what to make of it. She likes watching it from the window, though. Sadly, it will probably all be gone within the next day or so. But it's nice to finally have some winter weather around here. Just last month, there were days when the high would still hit 70 degrees. :p
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While I'm killing time waiting to receive my next job, I thought I'd post some kitty pictures, since I haven't in awhile.

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Still slowly trying to catch up. 'Twould be a lot easier if you people didn't talk so much. :P

If anyone wanted to get a Puppet Angel but missed out the first time around, there's now another version that's come out, complete with werewolf induced scarring and best of all a detachable nose! The cost is $50 and the details are here if you're interested.

And for my 200th post (w00t!), I also have kitten picture spam! Well, okay, it's only two pictures actually and they're in black and white. Although that doesn't really make a difference since she's grey anyway. :) The only color she has is that her eyes are yellow.

Mia on her favorite perch )

Also, Mia has developed the strangest habit recently. She, ummm, sucks on her own nipples and purrs and makes kneading motions with her paws like she would do if she was nursing from her momma. I have no idea if this is normal behavior for a kitten, but I never saw any of the four other female cats we used to have act like this. Well, she's still very young so I guess I should just wait and see if she'll grow out of it. It's just really bizarre looking is all.


Jul. 6th, 2005 12:45 pm
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We have a kitten! She's about 3 months old and gray with tabby markings. Her name is Mia and right now she's laying in front of my computer watching me type this. I got her on Sunday and haven't had much time for anything else since then because she's so energetic and wants to play all the time. And she's starting to follow me wherever I go, too. :)


Err... Mia says "Hi everybody!". She obviously doesn't know how to type very well yet.

Anyway, I didn't really get the chance to do it before, but here's the answers to the Guess the Movie meme. That was really a lot of fun, and it was interesting to see who could recognize which movie. :)

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Thank God!

Nov. 27th, 2004 03:48 pm
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My cat gave me a serious scare today. She went out last night but never came back in, even though we kept looking for her. She's a very skinny cat and doesn't have a very thick coat, so we don't want to leave her out in the cold weather for long. I have no idea how cold it got last night, but when I woke up at 8 this morning it was 33 degrees and the cat was still nowhere to be found. I went out and looked everywhere in the yard where she could possibly hide and couldn't find her. So I've been upset all day, afraid that she might have frozen to death or was hurt and I'd never find her. And then half an hour ago she suddenly showed up on the front porch and came in to eat like nothing had happened! Stupid cat. I'd yell at her if I wasn't so happy to see her. Now I need to go take a nap and try to recover from that ordeal. :p

But before I go:

For [ profile] elisi, since it was her wallpaper, and [ profile] fer1213, since she mentioned making an icon of it and I hadn't thought of that before.
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So, recently I joined the [ profile] kittenbreak feed which posts a different cat picture each day. This has suddenly made me want to post my own pictures, so I'm taking a break from writing to spam everyone with pictures of my cats. Unfortunately, all of them except for one are gone now. But at least we've been lucky that they all lived very long and happy lives. We're also lucky we managed to survive having six cats at one time. :)

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