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Okay, I wasn't really planning on saying anything else here anytime soon, but this is just too bizzare not to mention. I commented the other day on [ profile] earth_vexer's post at [ profile] seasonal_spuffy saying that I liked her icons and that I was taking a few. Then today I got an e-mail notice that someone else had replied to my comment with this:

Subject: BUFFY



...Whatchoo talkin' 'bout, Willis?
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Remember how I said over a year ago that I wanted to try and write a defense of Season 7? I've finally decided to just give up. I tried, I really did, but I just can't seem to come up with any kind of coherent essay. My notes have been all over the place, and every time I look at them I get depressed because I just can't get them to make any kind of chronological sense. *sighs* It was kind of stupid of me to even try in the first place, because I've always hated writing essays. Guess I'll just have to leave the job to those of you who are much more eloquent and analytical and can, y'know, actually write.

Still, it kind of seems a shame to let what I did do go to waste. So, if anyone's curious, here's some scans of my notes. Cookies to anyone who can actually figure out what the heck I'm trying to say in them, because I'm not sure even I know anymore.

Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

And for those who might not want to look at a bunch of jpgs, I'll just summarize what I like about Season 7 here:

1. Buffy and Spike

Okay, I guess this one goes without saying. There's really not much left to say that hasn't already been said a million times before.

2. Xander and Anya

Their relationship in Season 6 ended almost as badly as Spike and Buffy's did, so for me it was wonderful to watch them slowly begin to warm up to each other again throughout the last season. Xander's fears were still standing in the way, and he never did really resolve them, true, but that's not the sort of thing you can suddenly just get over in one year, in my opinion. What mattered most to me is that they were both eventually able to put aside their anger and resentment over the breakup and perhaps became a bit closer and wiser for it. And even though I would have been much happier to see Anya live, her death was not meaningless. She made the choice to fight for something she believed in and knew full well what the consequences could be. To me, that can never be a meaningless death. If you want to talk meaningless, then look at Tara who died simply because she happened to be standing in the wrong place at the wrong time. You can't get much more meaningless than that.

3. Caleb and The First

I admit that I think the First should have been a bit more aggressive and consistant with its psychological scare tactics, but overall I think it worked rather well. Because when the First does use its scare tactics, it does so very effectively. I also like how it kind of paralled the Master's situation from the first season, a big bad entity who can't do the dirty work itself and so has to rely on others instead. I thought Caleb's relationship with the First was rather interesting, too, although a bit on the creepy side. I'm also not sure why people are so confused about what the First's plan was. I mean, they spelled it out for us in the show after all: destroy the Slayer line by killing the Potentials, thereby tipping the balance to the side of evil which would give the First enough power to become corporeal.

4. The Potentials

Okay, so there really were way too many people in that house by the end of the show and it probably would have been better if they had just stuck to having a couple of new potentials instead. But still, I do like the whole concept and how Buffy tried her best to teach the girls how to stay alive and give them the ability to protect themselves when she couldn't be there to do it for them. And even though they may not have had much respect for her most of the time, you could see quite clearly that they did learn from her and put what they knew into practice. And I think the whole point of the empowering spell is that the old shamans got it wrong, it doesn't have to be just one girl in all the world. The Slayers can now make that choice for themselves instead of just being the sacrificial lamb.

That's all I can think of to say for now. Discuss. Or don't. Whichever you prefer.
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The funniest thing I've read all day, a post made to the "Godawful TV Characters" thread at the Godawful Fanfic forums several months ago:

Since someone brought up Buffy I'm surprised no one mentioned Spike. The Stu-iest Stu who ever did Stu. For one season he was a badass. After that he was a sensitive tragic poet who pined after Buffy. He was so tragic and sensitive that Buffy forgave him for his violent attempted rape of her, which the writers somehow retconned into a sign of his true love. That's what a Stu he was. Oh, and he got to die to save the world and then come back as a hero to continue saving it. Spike was Super-Stu.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Spike? A Stu?? Well, that's original at least, I guess. I've seen plenty of people hate him for all sorts of things, but I've never seen him accused of being a Stu before. Somebody obviously needs to try watching the show with their blindfold off next time.
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Okay, I wasn't going to say anything myself because [ profile] swsa and [ profile] sweet_ali have already pretty much summed up how I feel about these kinds of stories. But then I went to look at it, just to see who the author was, and there was one part that bothered me so much that I just have to comment on it.

And I'll point out now that this isn't meant as an attack on the author. I think she really does have a talent for writing in general, but her fics just aren't my cup of tea because her versions of Spike and Buffy are people I can't recognize at all. Just so you know where I stand.

Read more... )
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Spoilers for tonight's Lost )

Also, about Joss' recent post to Whedonesque, well, I'm actually quite relieved. I mentioned in a comment on [ profile] elisi's journal that the thought of there being a comic continuation in addition to a Spike movie makes me feel a lot better than the movie alone would have. I guess I must be thinking about this in the opposite direction that most people are, 'cause I could see Joss doing a movie first about Spike off doing something, without Buffy or Angel around, and then release a comic starting with Buffy in Rome and then eventually having her and Spike meet again in a way that ties in with however the movie ends. And I still trust Joss to do that in a way that would make me happy, even though I doubt he'd end it with them riding off into the sunset and living happily ever after. But I do think he would still leave open the possibility for that, and that's enough for me.

And umm, if he does end up completely closing the book on Spuffy, I reserve the right to get upset because I'm still a lot more irrational about my pairing than I like to pretend I am. :)
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  • What the hell? Okay, that was downright bizarre. When I tried to access my livejournal a few minutes ago, I ended up getting a journal dedicated to Lord of the Rings RPS instead. ::backs away slowly from teh crazy::

  • I just thought of a couple fanfic pet peeves of mine that I don't think I've seen anyone mention before. Why is it that so many fanfic authors are obsessed with having Spike wear reading glasses? Am I the only one who thinks he'd look stupid wearing them? Plus, we've seen him read a couple of times on the show and he didn't need glasses then. So I don't really see why he suddenly needs them in fic. Unless people think it's sexy for some odd reason. *shrugs*

  • Also, what's up with Buffy enjoying how Spike smells of cigarettes? I don't see this one come up quite so often these days, but whenever I do it makes me think that the author is a smoker and therefore doesn't realize that most non-smokers find the smell of burning tobacco to be rather nasty. I know I do, so everytime I see Buffy actually liking it that just drags me out of the story because it seems like such an unrealistic reaction to me.

  • I came across something surprising while cleaning my room today.... a pair of Mulder and Scully Barbies, still in the box. I had completely forgotten that I even had them. I think I bought 'em to give to someone as a present years and years ago but then never got around to giving them away for some reason. I'm very forgetful like that sometimes. So, would anyone like to claim them now? You wanted a pair, didn't you [ profile] molly_may?
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I was thinking about this last month when I was in NC and then forgot about it later. While I was flipping channels in the hotel room, I came across one that was showing a rerun of "Hellbound". I didn't watch it all the way through, 'cause I was staying in the room alone and it was night and I didn't really want to have visions of armless women and people with glass sticking out of their eye chasing me all night. But I did watch the end because it's so very cool and contains one of my favorite moments. Well, two actually, the second one being when Spike gives up his best chance to be corporeal again in order to save Fred. But the first one is just one of those little moments in the Jossverse that makes me want to jump up and down and yell "YES!!!!!!" with a stupid grin on my face because they're just that cool. So, in no particular order:

My Grin Inducing Moments )

Also, I've been extremely super lousy at commenting lately. I've been feeling rather anti-social for weeks now and it doesn't seem to be fading very fast. So, I'm sorry that I haven't been leaving any fic feedback.... or anything at all really. :(
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So, FX happened to be showing Becoming 1 & 2 this morning and the scene where Spike knocks Drusilla unconscious by grabbing her in a choke hold made me wonder if people back then complained about it like they did about the water torture in Bring on the Night. Because of course the reason why a choke hold would work in the real world is because you're cutting off the person't oxygen supply. Vamps obviously don't need to breathe, so why would it have worked on Dru?

There's also an odd choice of camera work that I've always wondered about in Part 1. Right after Buffy realizes that Angelus luring her out to fight was a trick and she takes off for the library, he's shouting after her and for some reason the camera moves past him towards the right of the screen to look at the scenary. The first time I ever saw that, I thought that maybe there'd be someone behind him watching the whole scene, but I couldn't see anything out of the ordinary. So what's up with that, anyway?

And damn, that sword fight is just so cool no matter how many times I watch it. And I love the scene where Buffy tries to stake her first vampire, and I still always get teary when she finds Kendra's body and runs the sword through Angel. Damn you, Buffy/Angel Love Theme for being so beautifully sad!

I would also like to know why I can't seem to stop posting lately. Four days in a row must be some kind of record for me. Must have something to do with me working the night shift now and wanting some kind of diversion. Like right now, I'm dead tired and yet I'm still going to be stuck here for a long time yet trying to finish all these stupid articles. A nap is sounding like a lovely idea right now, though. Maybe I need to drink more caffeine. Where's JM and his endless supply of Red Bull when I really need him?
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Since everyone seemed to enjoy my post of favorite sexy Spike moments, I thought I'd do a Spuffy version as well. I feel like these are probably all the obvious ones, but it's so hard to try and narrow it down to just five (plus the Honorable Mention) that I ended up going with the moments I think about the most. Again, feel free to add in your own favorite moments if you'd like. :)

My favorite sexy Spuffy moments, also with pictures )
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Wow, it's been really quiet around here lately. That can mean only one of three things: (A) everyone has been kidnapped by aliens (except apparently for [ profile] sdwolfpup); (B) that pesky thing called Real Life has reared it's ugly head for everyone at the same time; or (C) I apparently need to add more people to my friends list.

Anyway, I had a sudden strange urge to do this several days ago, and I finally decided to go through with it. It's kind of embarrassing, really, since I don't let my inner drooling fangirl out very often. But hey, I had nothing else to do today but clean my room, so I figured I could have some fun as well. :) It was really hard to narrow it down to just a top five, though. Also, I borrowed the general idea for the picture layout from [ profile] awmp's latest poll. It certainly helps in cutting down the number of pictures I have to upload.

My favorite sexy Spike moments, with pictures )

So, anyone else want to share some favorite moments? :)


Feb. 17th, 2005 06:34 pm
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Well, since there's absolutely nothing to do here at work, I might as well jump on the Buffy meme bandwagon with everyone else.

My answers )
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I had fun taking [ profile] swsa's quiz, so I thought maybe I'd try making one myself. I suck at coming up with questions, though, so they're all pretty basic things. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned all the answers at some point or another, either in my own journal or in my comments on other people's journals. I am rather forgetful, though, and I get confused easily so I may or may not have changed my mind about some of the answers. :)

My Buffy Quiz
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Do you think that the Jossverse is sexist? I've seen the claim that it is made quite often before, and I honestly just don't understand where the idea comes from. I think that certain sectors of the fandom could be considered sexist, in that they're willing to accept darkness in the male characters and forgive them for anything, but those same characteristics in the females somehow make them cold-hearted bitches and unworthy of forgiveness. But I've never once seen any sign of the show itself taking this attitude. I've seen people say that Joss is much meaner to his female characters, too, but again I'm just not seeing it. It's true that he does have a tendancy to kill them off a lot, but the men usually don't end up fairing much better. They usually end up getting tortured instead, which is something that's never happened to any of the women, at least not on screen. Well, except for that one female vamp Buffy tormented in 'When She Was Bad', but no one cares about her. It's also not like that many more major female characters have died than the men. I think it might actually be fairly close to even. (Jenny, Joyce, Buffy, Darla, Cordelia, Fred, Tara, Anya, Lilah VS. Jesse, Doyle, Wesley, Lindsey, Spike, Jonathan, Snyder)

I should probably mention that even though I've been wondering about this subject for quite a while, my post was mainly triggered by a mini-rant from [ profile] jennyo here. Don't ask me why I was actually reading her journal, because I don't really know. Call it temporary insanity. :p I'm not really trying to single her out or anything, it's just the latest example of an attitude I've seen in plenty of other places and I thought that I would finally ask about it.
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Whining )

Buffy )

Lost )

Blah )
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Ah, it's good to have LJ back! I wasn't really at the point of panicking yet, but if the downtime had lasted more than a day or so I probably would have. I did find that the internet is a lot more boring without you guys, though. *hugs flist*

So, to pass some of the time I started reading some of the old Buffy wanks over at Fandom Wank. It's strange, but I actually kind of miss the insanity of the die-hard Ducks. Dude, those people were delusional enough to give the radical right "Christians" a run for their money. I think my favorite Duck-related kerfluffle was the time they were part of a campaign to raise money for an ad that was supposed to be about asking the network for more BtVS/Angel crossovers but instead turned it into all about B/A 4eva. Makes me wish I had been a fan of the show at the time, just so I could have seen that one go down firsthand. Hoo boy, did that ever piss a lot of people off. And then of course there was that lovely Duck rant from several months ago where s/he was going on and on about how Spuffies were cult followers and Joss/Marti/Jane/whoever were wrongwrongwrong when they said that Buffy loved Spike, but of course SMG/DB/whoever are always rightrightright when they say that Buffy loves Angel. And then my favorite part about how Spuffies are always painting ducks on a wall and knocking them down. I still haven't figured out how you can knock something down that's painted on a wall, or what it really has to do with anything at all. Isn't insane troll logic fun? :)

There was also a newer thread on FW that I looked at, too. Remember that kerfluffle over the [ profile] fanfic_hate community awhile back? Well, this one is similar except that it's an anonymous thread for posting hates about fandom stuff in general. And to be honest, I probably shouldn't have read it because some of the things people were saying about the Buffyverse, and Spike in particular, started bringing out my nastier side and I'm sorely tempted to go there and make a post that basically says "All Spike haters are morons and capable of seeing only what they want to see instead of what's actually on the screen". I won't go through with it, since I don't really want to fall into the trap of nastiness, but damn is it ever tempting.
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I noticed on [ profile] sdwolfpup's wishlist that she said she wanted Faith/Wood fanart or fanfic. So since I rather like the idea of F/W together and I've haven't really done any art with them before, I thought I'd give it a shot. Well, okay, and also just because I wanted an excuse to finally use the screenshot of Wood's thumbs up gesture from 'Chosen'. It cracks me up everytime I see him do that. :)

800x600 | 1024x768

Also, even though [ profile] molly_may, [ profile] st_salieri, and [ profile] wisteria_ have already mentioned many of my favorite Jossverse moments in their lists, I want to do this meme too just because it's such a terrific idea.

Read more... )
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I did this meme almost a year ago (Nov. 29th, 2003, to be exact) on my old journal, but I suddenly feel like doing it again now, since I've seen it mentioned a couple other places recently. And also because I'm still stalled on other things that I should be doing instead of this. *sighs*

10 Unpopular Fandom Opinions )

Well, at least I actually made it up to ten this time.

ETA: I just realized that the first two sentances of #4 are almost exactly the same as the first two sentances of #8. This amuses me for some reason. I obviously need to go to bed now.
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Is it just me or has it been unusually quiet around here the last couple of days?

Anyway, after months of forgetting to catch the Angel reruns on TNT, I decided to turn it on today and was surprised to see that they're showing Season 5 now. Woo! I'm excited! I've never actually seen the season on the t.v. screen before. We don't have a WB station here, so I had to download the episodes as they aired and watch on my computer. And for some reason most of the time the picture was so dark that I had a hard time seeing what was going on. So hopefully it will be much easier to see on the actual tv. Now, if I can only remember to tune in every day....

My Season 7 rewatch is coming along slowly but surely. Just finished "Help" last night, so maybe I can get up through CWDP tonight. Except that I don't think I want to watch that one at night again. Once was enough, thanks. Every other time I've watched it has been during the day, 'cause the stuff with Dawn in the house always creeps me out. *shudders* I've had lots of thoughts for my Season 7 post, but I'm having a hard time trying to think of how to say them. Erghh... This is turning out to be much more difficult than I thought it would be. :(

And I still have to finish watching Firefly, too. Whenever I have the ability to watch something at my leisure, I always end up being a slowpoke about it. Hence all the DVDs I still have yet to watch. But I'll get to it soon, hopefully.
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Reading all the comments on Fer's latest post has got me thinking again about trying to write out a defense of Season 7. I've thought about doing this before, since I am the world's biggest S7 fan, but there are two problems. (1) Analyzing things for a deeper meaning has never really been my strong point, and, (2) I don't know that I could stay objective and not end up sounding like I'm berating everyone for not seeing things the way I do. But I may just go ahead and give it a shot anyway, since I'm rather tired of seeing it get bashed all the time.

I was going to say something else too, but now I don't remember what it was. I think I need a nap, since my brain has apparently already started without me. :p
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If there's anyone who hasn't read it yet, I highly recommend checking out [ profile] tallgent's lovely Spuffy manifesto here.


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