Jan. 26th, 2012

Gif meme

Jan. 26th, 2012 09:55 pm
the_abcs_of_justice: (dork)
You are going on a quest to find the Holy Grail. The 7th gif in your folder is the monarch that asked you to get it, the 8th gif is your trusty steed, the 16th gif is your companion on the quest, and the 9th gif in your folder is your reaction to being successful.

Had to change the numbers since I don't have that many gifs in my folder. Anyway...


Well, this quest is certainly off to a lovely start. Way to show confidence in me there, Your Majesty. ^^;

Trusty Steed

Lol, even Ghirahim wants nothing to do with this quest. Or maybe it's just the idea of being used as a horse substitute that pisses him off...


Yes indeed, we're all so enthusiastic about this mission. Can't you tell?


Lol, that's pretty much the perfect reaction to top it all off.

And another one, just for fun. Changing the numbers again for this too.

Imagine you're back in school! The 6th gif in your folder is your P.E.-teacher, the 20th is your secret crush, the 12th is your prom date, the 34th is the school-bully and 45 is the classclown!
P.E. Teacher

At least he's epic! :D

Secret Crush

...Apparently I'm crushing on all of them. At the same time. o.O

Prom Date

*coughs* Well, he may be jail bait but I can't say I mind at all. >.>

School Bully

Totally the most squishy, adorable "bully" ever.

Class Clown


Your school dance party is coming around!
Your 3rd gif is the trustworthy friend who helps you choose a dress. Your 11th gif is the chauvinist guy who first asked you to go to the dance with him but you refused. Your 19th gif is the shy boy who could never muster up the courage to ask you. Your 29th gif is your actual date. Your 2nd gif is your friend with whom you end up getting really drunk and make out with.

Trustworthy friend

Well, that certainly must have been an interesting shopping trip. XD

Chauvinist Guy

Commander Sisko does not approve of this role.

Shy Boy

...Or monkey, as the case may be. ^^;

Actual Date

...I'm afraid to ask which of them it is.

Made out with

Again, I"m afraid to even ask. XD


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