May. 5th, 2011

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So, just beat Portal 2 this morning. That was a lot of fun and seemed a lot longer than the first game. And I beat Wheatley by shooting a portal onto the friggin' MOON! How awesome is that? xD

It was interesting how many twists and turns there were this time. First GLaDOS comes back to life when I try to escape and puts me through more test, then Wheatley helps me escape from that and we make it to GLaDOS's chamber and perform a core switch so that he's now the one in charge. Then the power goes to his head and he puts GLaDOS in a potato battery and throws us both down a pit into the bowels of the facility. Then I have to rescue potato GLaDOS from a bird while doing more tests from way back in Aperture Science's past. We make it back up to the surface and now have to do Wheatley's tests while trying to get to him so we can do yet another core replacement and put GLaDOS back in charge. Because while she's a sociopath, at least she's not stupid and will stop the facility from exploding. xD

It was really weird having her as a companion when we're mortal enemies, but she pulled me back from the moon and actually kept her word and let me finally escape for real. Although for a second though I thought she double crossed me when I was riding the elevator and it stopped and there were turrets standing there pointing their lasers at me. But then they started singing and everything was okay. ^^;

I feel sorry for Wheatley though... it's not really his fault he went mad with power, and he did his best to try and help me early on. He's rather stupid, but hilariously so. So yeah, overall it was a pretty cool game.


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