Apr. 4th, 2011

the_abcs_of_justice: (Dual Limit <3)
Geez, LJ sure has been borking up a lot lately. Would be nice if they could get that fixed. :\

Anyway, not much going on as usual. I've been buying LJ Vgifts and sending them to RPers whose threads I've enjoyed lately, and it's actually kinda fun trying to find something that seems appropriate. I thought about sending them logged in but then chickened out and went anonymous instead. ^^; I dunno, I guess I didn't really want to weird anyone out by them seeing some random journal they've never heard of sending them gifts. But it made me smile to do it anyway, and I hope maybe they enjoyed them too.

Raiding tonight in WoW... I don't really feel like it but I have to go. :\ We're trying to get Cho'gall down, but coordination on that fight is kinda hard. Doesn't really help that I have to dps, which I'm not used to doing at all. I hate priest dps... so boring.

Also, the weather's being really weird lately. Last week it was cold enough to snow and this week it' feels like it's in the 80's. Make up your mind already, Mother Nature.


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