Feb. 27th, 2011

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I've been very slow in playing this game for some reason. I don't really know why. I mean, it's fun to play and all but... yeah, I have no idea why I keep putting it off. Oh well.

So anyway, finally beat that Wonderland boss awhile back. Now that was a truly bizarre fight. o.O He ended up having three stages, the first two were pretty much the same but once you get to the third that when things really go wonky. Quite literally, since the action on the screen will suddenly turn sideways and upside down and down becomes up and up becomes down. Of course only in Wonderland would this ever happen. -_-; Made for a pretty crazy boss fight but I finally managed to get it after several tries.

I think the cutscene after this world was back to Mickey and the others who were trapped in the library and couldn't get out for some reason, and also Heartless had somehow appeared in the castle. Which of course shouldn't have been possible as long as the Cornerstone of Light was still working. But anyway, on the computer screen Sora had chased off after the mysterious person in the Organization coat and suddenly there's a banging on the library door. And then, Sora bursts into the room... Wait, what?! o.O

Mickey and everyone are more than a little surprised because Sora is made of data and therefore should not be there at all, but suddenly the Organization guy appears and reveals himself to be... Riku?! Hunh, I did not see that one coming at all...

But it turns out that this isn't the real Riku either, he's apparently actually the personification of Jimminy's journal, created to protect the data from the bugs that invaded it. And he tells them that he transported all of them into the journal to help, which would explain why Mickey and the gang couldn't leave the room and where those Heartless came from. Because they weren't in the real world anymore. But then Riku discovers that someone from the outside is interfering with things and he can't send Mickey, Donald and Goofy back. So the only thing to do is keep going on and trying to get rid of more bugs, so Sora heads off to the next world which ends up being Olympus Coliseum.

... I think Olympus is one of the only worlds to have been in every KH game to date. >.> Radiant Garden might be another, but I don't remember if that's actually in Chain of Memories or not.

Anyway, the bugs here have turned the Coliseum into a maze and Herc apparently went in there and got himself lost. So Sora tells Phil he'll go get him out, which Phil is rather skeptical of.

The new gimmick once you get in the maze is that the battle system has now turned into Final Fantasy-esque turn-based combat. You also get... umm, I forget what they're called but they're basically like power up items you can use to boost your defense, attack, auto block, heal over time in battle, etc. You can also press A at the right time during combat to attack more than once or Y at the right time to block attacks. It's a pretty simplified system so it's not too hard to get the hang of.

Bleh, I'm still sick so I think I'll just stop there.


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