Jan. 20th, 2011

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Geez, as if my excitement after watching the 3DS and BBS:FM videos wasn't enough, now there are videos out for the No Heart and Eraqus arena battles as well as the playable footage from the Secret Episode. Since I can't possible keep up with the explosion of talk that's happened on the forums, I'll just blab about my own reaction here. ^^;

So, Secret Episode seems to be mostly just Aqua running around in the RoD and fighting Heartless. Not particularly interesting to watch someone else do it, but it would probably be pretty cool if I was playing it myself. But holy crap, when that thing with the freaky red eyes showed up it really creeped me out! Especially when we see Aqua through it's eyes and it's all freaky and red and distorted and creepy.... o.O What the hell was that thing anyway? When it finally came out in the open, I don't think it really looked like any Heartless we've seen before...

The No Heart fight is... pretty damn epic looking. This guy seems like the equivalent of fighting Terra, Master Xehanort, Xemnas, and Ansem all at the same time, with some Lingering Sentiment thrown in for good measure. All while a combination of Forze de Mal and The Darkness of the Unknown is playing in the background. He's got Dark Volley and loves to abuse Dash and Sonic Impact, he can throw storms of keyblades at you and apparently transforms his Keyblade into several different things. He also does kicks and pools of darkness and ground slams and God only knows what else. o.O

Honestly, I really hope that they'll bring him back in KH3 as one of Xehanort's final forms. 'Cause that would be super awesome and epic.

The fight with Master Eraqus' armor looks pretty awesome too. The music there is basically a more epic version of the happy playful music from the tutorial when Ven was attacking those rings on his way to the summit. He can shoot out chains like the ones on the Land of Departure castle and of course still has his light attacks, although they look much bigger than the ones we've seen before. Actually, the way the beams of light move around in one of them kind of makes it look like he's doing some kind of strobe light performance instead of trying to kill you. ^^; He also glows different colors sometimes, although I'm not quite sure what that does. And at one point it looked like he summoned a tornado... So yeah, pretty cool. :)


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