Jan. 11th, 2011

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Personally, I fail to see how, while knowing Vanitas was out to get Ventus, leaving Ven behind when he finally wanted to come with her shows that Aqua's acting with Ven's interest in mind. If she wanted to protect him so much, then not taking him back to LoD, but staying with him, wouldn't that have been the best course of action? I realize it was done for the sake of the individual character gameplay but regardless, Aqua left Ven behind when she needed to stay by his side the most. It paints her in a bad light, both with the concern for his safety as well as how she sees Ven

Aqua on the other hand steps beyond the line of being over protective. She's suffocating and that also shows how she sees Ven - she doesn't believe in him. I mean, he survived up to that point and helped you and Terra take down that huge Unversed, didn't he? Can't you believe he'll manage just a bit on his own without you holding his hand?

... So Aqua is a bad person for not staying with Ven and protecting him and yet she also needs to stop smothering him and give him space to manage on his own. I just... what? These are two completely opposite viewpoints! I guess in this chick's mind Aqua is damned if she does, damned if she doesn't. Lovely.

I also love how she's basically complaining about Aqua leaving Ven behind at RG and yet conveniently ignores the fact that Terra did the exact same thing. And it's probably worse in his case because at this point in the game he's the only one of the three of them who knows that Vanitas was created out of Ven. But I guess it's a-okay to do that if you're a guy and horrible if you're a woman. Or something.

Bah. I really should know better than to read any post this chick makes. She always gets on my nerves and her arguments rarely ever make any sense at all, at least IMO. I mean, there's nothing wrong with not liking a character but her reasons for not liking certain characters just don't seem to have any real basis in the actual facts of the games. She seems to just completely misunderstand stuff and twist it to her own liking, and then never actually admit it if someone points out to her how exactly she is wrong...

Urgh, alright, I'm done. I guess it's not really nice of me to go on bitching about other fans. :\
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My copy of Re: Coded came today and I was just playing for awhile until my battery ran out. And something occurred to me, which I'm sure is nothing new. I'm rather slow after all. ^^

So the first platform in Sora's Station of Awakening in both KH1 and this game is a picture of Snow White. Dwarf Woodlands was the first world Ven visited, where he met Snow White. And it's green, which is Ven's color. Yeah, I just think it's really neat that something as minor as this has more meaning now since BbS. :) Plus, I think that the mysterious voice Sora heard there in the original game was Ven's.

Anyway, I haven't really gone further than the first world so far in Coded but it seems pretty decent so far. I'm happy to have a Command Deck again. :) The Skill Tree thing is a bit confusing to me right now, but maybe I'll get it as I play more. The level up system is pretty much the same as Days I think, where you have to equip your levels, only now they're chips that you plug into a circuit board.

Not too much to say about the story yet. Since we're rediscovering the lost data in Jimminy's original journal digitally, it stands to reason that it's pretty much a rehash of the worlds in KH1. Destiny Islands was first, and then everything broke apart just as it did when the Heartless came and Sora ended up in Traverse Town. With Pluto waking him up again. ^^

One thing that's different though is that instead of using little portraits to express emotions during text dialog, like in Days and CoM, the characters appear in full body stills against a background and they change as the action plays out. I just thought that was an interesting way of doing it.


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