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So, I saw the final Harry Potter movie tonight with the family and it was pretty awesome! I thought they did a good job of keeping most of the important stuff from the book in. Although I was afraid for a moment there that they were going to change Neville's big moment in killing Nagini, since they moved it back a bit and he got knocked out at first. I was like, "NOOOO! Harry's not supposed to kill it!" and "NOOOO! Ron and Hermione aren't supposed to either!" And then Neville swooped in and whacked its head off and looked really awesome while doing it, so I was happy. :)

And thankfully they also kept in Mrs. Weasley's line to Bellatrix, and the whole scene with Harry realizing he had to die and the Resurrection Stone made me tear up again. The whole battle at Hogwarts was pretty awesome and definitely worth the wait, and so was the final confrontation between Harry and Voldemort. I kinda wish they would have kept it with everyone gathered around watching them instead of them being alone out in the courtyard, but it was still very effective anyway.

So overall, yeah, great movie and a great way to end the series. :)

Edit: Just looked at my post about the first part of the movie from a year ago and realized that my first sentence in both posts is almost exactly the same, word for word. LOL!


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