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Opening Credits: The Prayer - Josh Groban and Charlotte Church
Waking Up: Life and Death - LOST Soundtrack (... this would be much more appropriate for the death scene :\)
Falling in Love: Riding with Private Malone - David Ball
Fight Song: Final Battle - midi from Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
Breaking Up: Theme of Love - Final Fantasy IV Piano Collection (lol, not very appropriate for a break up >.>)
Prom: Lufia, The Final Reunion - Sonic Blade (fan remix)
Life is Good: Ebay - Weird Al Yankovic
Mental Breakdown: Reflection - Mulan Soundtrack
Driving: Cecil's Jinn and Juice - SquareDance (Project Majestic Mix)
Flashback: Don't Let Go - Breaking Point
Getting Back Together: Crazy For This Girl - Evan and Jaron
Wedding: Melodies of Life - Final Fantasy IX Soundtrack
Night Before the War: Iris - Goo Goo Dolls
Final Battle: Charlie Hangs Around - LOST Soundtrack
Moment of Triumph: Savages (Part 2) - Pocahontas Soundtrack
Death Scene: Ultema, The Perfect Body - Final Fantasy Tactics Soundtrack
Funeral Song: Main Title/Rebel Blockade Runner - Star Wars: A New Hope (Disc 1)
End credits: The Skies of Alexandria - Final Fantasy IX Soundtrack

... I obviously have way too many soundtrack on my playlist. >.>
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