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So I had birthday dinner and watched Tangled with the family tonight. I had never seen it before but it was really great. The animation was stunning and I love all the various expressions the characters go through. Computer animation has come such a long long way since the early days and the range of expressions it can produce now is so lifelike that it's wonderful. There were even a couple of moments where it almost looked like it actually was real. The horse definitely stole the show, but the movie was really funny overall. Especially those scenes in the tower when Rapunzel was trying to stuff Flynn in the wardrobe. XD

The songs were really great too. Especially that reprise of "Mother Knows Best" in the forest, when the mother was challenging Rapunzel to give the crown to Flynn. I was like "Wow, well that was powerful and evil. o_O" And the whole lantern scene and the song there was really beautiful. Heh, kinda made me wish I could experience something like that too. Anyway, yeah, I really liked it a lot. I'll have to get it myself one of these days so I can watch it again.

Also, I'm convinced that Maximus must be related to Prince Phillip's horse, Samson. The two have pretty much the same build and such similar expressions. ^^;

I also got an XBox 360, which I wasn't expecting at all. I have no idea where I'm going to put it though. My room's still a wreck and I don't really feel like trying to figure out what the crap is going on with all the connections I already have in here just to hook up another system. Maybe I'll just put it on the tv downstairs, that might be easier. It's a better tv than the one in my room anyway. Mine is like from... 1993 I think. -_-
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