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Bought Portal 2 recently on Steam and it's been pretty fun so far. I enjoyed the first game and the second one has some interesting new additions to the puzzles, like the bridges of light and that spring thing on the ground you can bounce off of up into the air. And it's pretty cool seeing how different the facility looks now that it's all destroyed and overgrown, and being able to recognize some of the rooms from the first game. Like the final chamber where I killed GLaDOS, for example. I walked in there and was like "Hey, I know this place!" :)

I also tried out one of the new heroics in WoW today. Well, okay, it's not actually new really, since it was just Zul'Gurub. But the fights are different than before, so I guess that counts as new. I've been having horrible framerate problems since the patch though, to the point where I tried queueing for a dungeon twice before and as soon as I would get in there and a fight would start, my frame rate would drop to nothing and I couldn't do anything at all. Which is not a good thing when you're the healer. -_-;

I disabled some of my addons though, and I guess one of them was the problem because things are working much better now. But anyway, it was pretty interesting seeing the changes in Zul'Gurub but I was also in there for a really freakin' long time too. I ended up in an incredibly patient group though, where miraculously no one started screaming insults or obscenities when we died multiple times or when people died to stupid things like the fire gauntlet. More than once. Or facepulled stupid things, which I was guilty of a couple of times. ^^; But we somehow were finally able to make it to the end and beat the last boss.

It was exhausting being in there for so long, but overall not too bad I guess.


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