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Heh, you know it's kinda funny. My raid group has spent so much time wiping on Cho'gall but we finally managed to get him down last Sunday for the first time, after wiping at 1%. On Friday we went in again to kill him, and it was a perfect one-shot. :) I think having two Boomkins in our group now has made a big difference in our ability to control the adds. Before they would start rampaging through the melee group at about the third or fourth wave, but now it's so much easier for the ranged to get them down and keep them from hitting anyone.

And being able to successfully two heal that fight makes me rather happy. I've been feeling rather down about priest healing because I'm always way below our shaman and druid on healing done in Recount. Although it seems like everywhere else I read they're always saying that priests outheal most other healers, so apparently I must be doing something horribly wrong to suck this much. But the Cho'gall fight does make me feel a bit better about myself in that regard. I may be mediocre overall, but at least I'm not bad. ^^;

As for anything else going on... I dunno. I saw today that Portal 2 is available to buy on Steam, so I might do that. The first game was pretty cool, although some of those puzzles got frustrating at times.
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