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So I got the original Dissidia a couple of weeks ago and only really got around to actually playing it this weekend... It's kinda an odd game. Not really sure what to say about it either. The story seems to be pretty much "find crystals so you can save the world". You know, typical Final Fantasy stuff. :p

The battle system seems... really friggin complicated though. I'm not sure I really understand it at all. Break and the HP hit I think I get, sorta, but mostly I just kind of push buttons and hope I don't die. :\

I've played through Cecil's story so far, and that was pretty cool. I like how he can easily shift back and forth from Dark Knight to Paladin depending on the kinds of attacks you do. Dark Knight is for ground attacks while Paladin is for air attacks. He should totally be a KH character, using darkness and light in balance like that. :) I like the design of his Dark Knight armor too, it looks really cool. I like the confrontation between him and Golbez throughout the scenario too. Golbez has been called to fight for Chaos's side, but he's obviously not a stone cold villain and still has a connection to Cecil as his brother. Good grief, is he ever tall though. Like a frickin giant. Well okay, granted, he was a giant in FFIV as well but still... o.O

Also, I thought Exdeath was supposed to be a tree or something? But he was a guy in armor when I fought him. I dunno, I never actually got all that far in FFV because it bored me, but I thought I heard that he was a tree... *shrugs*

I'm almost to the end of Cloud's scenario now, and he'll be facing Sephiroth of course. Cloud's been looking for a reason to fight and being his usual emo self about it. I mean seriously, the things he says after every battle... are you ever happy about anything at all, Cloud? -_-; Still, his moves are pretty cool though.

I like how the music for the battles so far has come from the previous Final Fantasy games. I definitely recognized some of the boss battle music from FFIV in there. And the music for each map in Cecil's stage was the overworld theme from his game. Likewise, the map music for Cloud is from his game as well. And his maps seem to have the whole Lifestream thing going on too.

I'm confused about what happened after I finished Cecil's story though... There was suddenly a cut scene and everyone had found their crystals already, and then Cosmos lets Chaos destroy her apparently? What the heck was that about?

But holy crap, Chaos is the same guy who did the voice for Goliath in Gargoyles! That man has the greatest voice ever. <3<3


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